Chapter Schedule

.. For the week.

Okay so by now (those of you who check daily) know that I didn’t hit my Sunday chapter.

I had a long trip and I had plenty of time to think, and unfortunately/fortunately it meant I ended up coming up with the full outline and plot for the first book of DSoF. I’d already come up with a story before but now I’ve come up with a more traditional format. Annnnd… I got really inspired and focused on that for a while.

It’ll probably be a lot different than what I’ve written so far, and follow a western format of a YA novel.

I’m still semi side-tracked but I do want to knock out a few GoT chapters.

I can’t say what days, but I’ll likely stick with my previous plan and try to get 5 chaps out. I’ve finished today’s chap but I don’t want to release it until I’ve written the next chap so I can make corrections. I will likely release one today and tomorrow, and then Fri/Sat or Sun.

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