Chapter 142 Release

So here you have it:

Chapter 142 – Leo’s Turn

Second release of the week!

So here’s what’s happening. I’m going to release another chapter during the weekend instead of tomorrow.

Next week… I’ll solidify my plans by Sunday but my goal will be 6 chapters, with a minimum of 3.

0 thoughts on “Chapter 142 Release

  1. Seriously pace up the story a bit every chapter is like a drop of water in the wast ocean.Please
    Also although I know she is trying to teach a lesson but I can’t help but feel she is bullying him after all she has much more fighting experience than him also his knowledge comes from himself not copy pasted and taught like others so he has a reason to be proud I can’t wait to see his strength to soar after getting proper resources
    but still the story is too slow paced and every chapter is a cliffhanger and no fixed time for next chapter makes me want to tear out my hair and build anger and resentment for the story but still I can’t help but look up the site and emails every 2 weeks I am completely hooked to it so do your fan a favor either extend the length of the chapters with no cliff hangers or compress at least 2-3 chapters into one Please I beg you author-sama. And I know I can’t be a good writer because I will take the main characters as my own children and completely spoil them and make them overpowered so I can’t help but admire those who can be strict with their characters but still fix the problem mentioned above.


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