Dark Star of Fate

Dark Star of Fate – Written by Haruimi


A boy is born from the darkest star destined to have the worst luck in the universe. Karma pools around him from the misdeeds of others causing their misfortune to become his own.

In normal circumstances, even the tiniest portion of this karma would equate to a cruel and unavoidable circumstance ending in depth, but the dark karma surrounding Hayden extends past what death can offer.

Born from such a dark star, with fate pushing Hayden to suffer a fate worse than mere suffering and death, can Hayden use his misfortune to his advantage?

Hayden will try to over come his fate and rise amongst men to become a demon or god and challenge the universe that has condemned him to a suffering no mortal has ever experienced before. His path will be filled with suffering, but that suffering and tragedy will become the fuel that steadies his heart as he overturns his fate and finds himself reborn!

Categories: Action, Adventure, Eastern Philosophy, Fantasy, Psychological, Tragedy, Original

Sub-categories: Fighting, Martial Arts, Legendary Beasts


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