Bloodmoon Destiny

Bloodmoon Destiny -Written by Haruimi

Sequel to God’s Trials


Growing up Haru was exceptionally happy, he had parents that loved him and a sister he adored. The only thing he desired was the ability to make their lives better. Living as commoners Haru had long decided that one day he would become strong, and use that strength to give his parents and sister the kind of life they deserved.

Then one day his entire life changes, lies are exposed and everything he knew gets turned upside down. Finding himself in the middle of a war he didn’t know was going on, Haru is left with no other choice but to wonder who to trust and what to do.

Left with no other choice but to move forward, in a world dominated by humans who hide away in but a small piece of the world. A huge world is left the majority of which is unexplored. Containing magical creatures, diferent beings that evolved differently and a wide array of legacies left behind by creatures once heralded by gods; humanity is about to be pushed forward once again.

The world is about to change, and caught in the middle of this and everything else is a young boy named Haru.

Categories: Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Magic , Supernatural , Original , Philosophy themes

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Sub Categories: Romance , Monsters , Mythical Creatures , Age-progession

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