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I am currently putting up all of my content for God’s Trials for free. Unfortunately since I do have other responsibilities it takes quite the effort to maintain a steady stream of content coming while fulfilling the other responsibilities in my life.

Therefore I am setting up a donations option for all readers. (Any and all donations will make my life a lot easier).

Reader Incentives:

Sponsored Chapters:

Additionally every $40 will equal an additional “Sponsored” Chapter for the week. (Mon-Sun is my work-week).



  1. $40 per person or total? Wha-?? -When I say every $40 I mean $40 total not $40 per person. If 40 people donate $1 then that will equal $40 and fulfill the requirement for the additional chapter.
  2. Why $40? -Because $40 is what I’ve averaged out will be worth the extra time and effort of writing out a decent chapter and then editing it. It takes a lot more time than you might assume, to write and edit a chapter. Especially with time constraints.
  3. How many Chapters a week are you releasing now and how many more Sponsored chapters *can* you release? -I am currently releasing 1 chapter weekly. I can release up to 4 more sponsored chapters.
  4. Why only 1 chapters a week? -I am currently job searching as income is a must for survival! Unfortunately I can’t keep up the same pace as I was going when I released the first novel.
  5. How come up to 4 more sponsored chapters? -Because they are paid for…
  6. Why only 4 more sponsored chapters? -Because my brain and fingers can only do so much…

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