Motivating Readers & Updates

I’m trying to grow the website an my novel all at once. I know a lot of people can’t afford or don’t want to contribute and I completely understand as an avid reader myself. Thus I’ve set up a free way of motivating my readers to get more chapters!

Previously I’d stated once I get to 150 followers I would start posting 5 weekly chapters for good. I am now changing that to make the goal a bit easier for readers to meet.

Every 20 new followers – I will post 1 additional chapter during the week (on top of the regular 4).

If hypothetically, I get 100 new followers this week, then I will post 5 chapters on top of the regular 4.

Next, I will change the original “150” to “300” followers. I’ll begin posting 5 chapters with regularity once the website hits “300” followers. This shouldn’t be an issue considering the 20 followers = 1 new chapter format I’m instituting.

Readers out there, support the story and this friendly online author by following!

UPDATE: A reader posted asking “How do I follow” 

I think it’s a wonderful question as not every body knows. It’s very easy. If you are a wordpress member and have your own account all you have to do is click on the bottom right “Follow” button and that’s it.

If you do not have an account, no problem! All you have to do is click the same button “Follow” at the bottom right and then enter your email address. You’ll be following through your email instead of your wordpress account.

Update: First Benchmark Reached: 55 Followers

Update: Second Benchmark Reached: 75 Followers

Update: Third Benchmark Reached: 95 Followers


The next extra chapter benchmark is at 125 followers.

14 thoughts on “Motivating Readers & Updates

    • Wonderful question.

      It’s as easy as clicking a button! On the bottom right of the page click the “Follow” button and then all you have to do is enter your email address. If you create your own account with wordpress (you don’t have to make a website) you get some extra benefits, like being able to see whenever anyone has posted on a website your following etc but creating an account is not necessary.


  1. I suggest you stop this kind of encouragement. Ever since you started writing quickly the quality has dropped. E.g. in the first 40 chapters everything was interesting and you couldn’t know what awaits you in the next chapter, but now the plot became linear, you pretty much can say what will happen 5 chapters in the future, characters are shallow, the repeated phrases like “if someone heard Daichi say that they would rip their hair in envy” became annoying.
    Maybe you should slow down a bit or make a pause? I appreciate your effort to produce this amount of content but I’d rather have better content once a week.


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