Different Perspectives

Well, I mean by now it should be obvious… But every 5th chapter is a Hannah chapter. There’ll be at least 1 Hannah chapter per every 5 chapters until a few things are developed and her story reaches the “present”.

I won’t discuss whether she will continue to be integral to the story or whether she will become part of Daichi’s story again as you will all find out and it will become obvious (more or less) what direction things will be going towards.

Now, there are A LOT of different perspectives going on since there are A LOT of different characters that have been added into this portion of the story. I did it this way because will I could have introduced one character at a time, it would have made some characters stories longer (due to starting point) and other people biased towards the characters due to when they were introduced. Instead I decided to throw a lot of people in at once and just go from there. Therefore it’s been a little Daichi-absent but that’s a good thing as you’ll understand how things come together quite soon.

I will also let all the readers know, that all of the different perspectives (aside from Hannah) will be merging together quite soon. Things will only progress as they have for the entirety of the exam.


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