Welcome to 9 Tribulations!

I am the writer of God’s Trials and also the founder of this website. This is my first post as I am finally making the website public and beginning to post new chapters for the story. I’ve come to a few decisions and there are a few announcements to be made, you will be able to see or hear about them on this first page.

5/17/16 – This post is now being turned into a sticky. I will update it with any new or relevant info.


  1. I will be posting 4 regular chapters of God’s Trials weekly.
  2. I will be posting these 3 regular chapters during the week days, likely Mon/Wed/Fri. That way I have time in between to do edits. I will be trying to cut down on overall errors, but they happen. If you notice some, feel free to point them out so I can correct them. The 4th chapter will be posted randomly.
  3. Yes, I will be doing sponsored chapters but this is no problem if no one is interested in sponsoring. I will *not* be pushing my readers or mentioning it non-stop.
  4. Please follow and show support! I am trying to grow a fanbase, and every bit of support is helpful! To those that do show support, I will be showing my dedication by trying to be consistent with my uploads & writing.
  5. I have now decided for sure, that I will be posting every chapter for God’s Trials for free online. I will eventually split up the arcs and post them as books on amazon for those that want that option and want to show some extra support by purchasing them, but regardless I will post the entire story for free.
  6. I do not know how long the story will be… All I know is that the first 75 chapters were literally the prologue of the story. The beginning of the start for what I had in mind.
  7. Yes. There is a clear plot and while some of you can likely figure out some of where it might be going, it has not been clearly revealed. It won’t be until all of the main characters have been established and a lot of what I haven’t written comes together.
  8. Some of you may be wondering “What’s with the name of the website?” Well… First off the title of the name of GT was actually taken by a religious group lol Secondly, I didn’t even know because I didn’t try to get it when I was looking for a name. I actually want to write more than just “God’s Trials” and I think what I will do for some of these novels is put up the first “novel” for free. The others I will self-publish. There are three projects I am very excited to start but I don’t want to distract  myself too much, or overburden myself with trying to do too much. Therefore I will continue to write GT and begin my new story “Dark Star of Fate” and slowly release it.
  9. I have a lot of fans mostly from RRL. I will continue to release there, the benefit to coming here (and likely having it all on a easier to read format. Will mostly be the cover art I will post. I will also post any pictures or references that inspired me to create a character or location etc. Lastly, I will be releasing chapters during the week so you can read them here sooner. I will still release GT on RRL except I will only update there during the weekend.
  10. Cover-art is slow going and I didn’t want to make fans wait months on end for it. Therefore I am launching the site before the art. I think most fans would prefer to have more content to read than just wait for me to get cover art anyways.
  11. At some point I may contact other authors that I like and see if they want to put up their works on here as well instead of having to create their own site.
  12. Currently I have the entire first book and it’s content loaded as well. The content on here has some extra corrections but I know that I did a bit of a shoddy job catching a lot of typos and spelling errors in the back end of the first book. I will eventually comb through it again. I did a count and so far at the end of book one the word count came out to 157,000 words. Craaaazy. I hadn’t realized I’d written so much. It’s a little daunting for me to consider I still have so much left… Hard for me to imagine finishing this tale in anything less than 1 million words.
  13. Lastly, if readers have any comments or concerns etc, feel free to bring them to my attention. If I get too much of the same thing I will post an update addressing that concern.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to 9 Tribulations!

  1. Great story! Well written. Thanks for publishing. The first book holds up well as a cohesive work. I’m looking forward to the rest! Here’s hoping your fan base flourishes!


    • There are a number of characters who have important roles to play once the plot develops. Some are main characters, some are important characters, some of it is simply build up for other characters. Some are side characters. I can only say that I am releasing four chapters instead of three this week for a reason. Although I drop various hints across my work to shed some light on future events for the readers 🙂


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