God’s Trials Chapter 76 Release

Chapter 76 has been released!

Chapter 76 Lumea City – Leo (Part 1)

This is my first week releasing chapter in two weeks and since creating the website, talking to artists etc

Therefore the schedule for the releases will be differently today. Instead of Mon/Wed/Fri

I will release one chapter Tue/Wed/Thur/Fri (One extra this week)

Book two will contain a lot of big changes, and will also introduce some of the important characters in the series as well as begin to develop the overarching plot to come 🙂

Everyone, please show your support and “Follow” the site! Thank you! 🙂

9 thoughts on “God’s Trials Chapter 76 Release

  1. Hey so I’m all for you doing your own thing and posting on WordPress… But can you do one of two things, or both, for me? One increase the text size by a ton, because this shit is too tiny for me to read by far. Two enable the reader mode that most websites have for safari on mobile. That way you working towards one is less necessary. Anyways as it is I can’t read anything on this site without seriously straining my eyes. I’m already blind enough dammit.


    • I actually considered that (reader mode) due to the content on the site, but it seems that additional plugins aren’t allowed

      As for the font size, it’s actually already at 19. That’s huge lol

      Might I suggest (cmd & +)? I am an avid online reader so I actually have the same issue regardless of what website I read on, so I always have to enlarge the text (or prefer too) so that it covers the entire screen as long as it’s centered. (That should fix the font issue for you) Assuming you are using a mac (since you mentioned Safari).


      • Yes I do use Mac but I’m on mobile most the time when trying to read online stuff lol. Although for some reason the reader mode is now available? And the text doesn’t look as tiny as before. Anyway now I have a few chapters to catch up on. 🙂


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