BD Chapter 10

Early Release, 5th regular BD release of the week:

BD: Chapter 10 – Willpower


The long awaited…

New chapter release of God’s Trials!

Chapter 149! WOO!

Chapter 149 – Basic Improvements

It’s been quite a while since I posted a GT chapter but we’re up and rolling again!

GT fans can expect consistent albeit slow releases until my BD ideas start mellowing out. At which point I’ll give GT a bigger focus, at the moment the BD ideas are coming fairly easily so I’m sticking with it until it changes.

Chapter 5 Release & GT Update

BD: Chapter 5 – First Rate Education

WOO! Yeah. 5 Chapters this week, one per day and we’re getting this last one of the week out on Sunday. I call this a success ^^

HEADS UP: No BD Chapter this Monday. I will instead be posting my first GT chapter in months 🙂

For you tennis fans out there, Aussie Open final about to start 🙂

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