GT Chapter 151 Release

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Seems I managed to get things done in time. Meh. Didn’t come out quite like I’d hoped but the transitioning period will make more sense to readers when the Daichi portion comes back into play lol

Chapter 151 – UnNatural Leadership

GT 150 Release

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This is the 1st of 2 GT Chapter releases.

Chapter 150 – 2nd Year Student Counsel

The 2nd will (ideally) be released later today, if not tomorrow.

UPDATE: I also updated the GT glossary to include all latest chapters (someone commented and I noted I would two days ago, but busy-ness prevented as much)

Bloodmoon Destiny Release

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 This is the fifth regular release of the week – BD: Chapter 15 – Slow & Steady

Feast on this might chapter!

 Just so you know, as an author I don’t like to give out spoilers but I do like to inform the readers that start from scratch more alas what my plans are, I am writing the story a little bit differently than I have other things in the past. So far there has been some character development and some salep which will start to take place in shape itself over the course of the next two chapters. Soon you’ll see a little  bit more of the world and start seeing the set up develop as well as more of the characters that will be involved in the story 🙂

GT weekly release

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Out of town, so I can only post BD releases that I’ve already loaded.

Therefore, next week I will release a double release on Mon or Tues. (ch 150 & 151)

Monday Post

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So here’s the schedule for the week:

Mon-Fri 1 BD chapter per day

Sat 1 GT chapter

Normally I would (or planned) to post my GT chapter on Monday but this week will be an aberration.

1st Regular BD Chapter of the week – BD: Chapter 11 – Spark of Brilliance II (Part 1)

Also, I am updating now that I am past the first 10 chapters, any sponsored chapters will be $40 in the future. This has thus far been irrelevant, but in case it ever *does* become relevant.