Chapter 158 – Unfazed (Part 3)

Chapter 158 – Unfazed (Part 3)

Immediately the crowd broke out into conversations!

The entire fight despite the entertainment for the crowd had ended after only two blows!

The whispers and murmurs of the crowd were angry at seeing such an outcome. Virtually none of them could understand how the fight could end in a draw. Few either had the understanding and experience in battle to understand or the ability and skill. Zachary was top ten within the 2nd years after all, and by a notable margin.

Most of the students in the crowd were the 2nd year students. It was rare for a higher year student to bother watching the fight of a junior. Especially since the main headliner was supposed to be a 2nd year student fighting a 1st year student. It was akin to hazing!

Zachary’s eyes flared with the anger he was currently trying to suppress. He looked in front of him and Leo was feeling much the same. One word could be used to describe both of their feelings: Dissatisfied!

Damien turned to Daichi and spoke for the first time “He had really bad luck.”

Daichi didn’t look at him but nodded thinking much the same thing. ‘Leo’s good points are his natural battle sense, sword technique and skill. Unfortunately for him he came across one of the few opponents where all of that was null and void.’

Both of them were some of the few watching the fight that had fully understood.

Leo’s skill was above Zachary’s. That was evident in Zachary’s inability to hurt him throughout most of the match, and although it had seemed like he was pressuring Leo and he was, it was only due to Leo’s inability to counter. Leo was also fighting with a sword… Considering himself a true swordsman he’d taken his sword out of his sheath because he was ready to use it, but he wasn’t willing to kill Zachary over a spar.

Zachary on the other hand had understood that his advantage was his defense, one that was neigh impenetrable to most students within the entire academy. At least to the point where few students could take his life in a frontal assault. Even with his defense, perfect strategy and better speed he couldn’t beat Leo.

Anyone who understood this much understood that Leo was the better fighter. He’d simply had the worst possible match up. Unless someone had absolute strength, there was no certainties. Everyone has strength and weaknesses and far too often they are the deciding factors in a battle or life and death struggle.

Both of them stared at one another, unwilling to simply drop the fight altogether with their emotions so riled up but understanding of the situation to know that they were unable to continue either.

A slight shiver crossed over Leo as Zachary’s eyes went wide as he immediately desired to run away as all the hairs on his body raised to attention. A primal reaction as his body and mind instinctively reacted!

Zachary’s eyes started scanning the crowd and after a few seconds his gaze landed on a clear figure. A blonde boy with wave medium length hair and piercing blue eyes stood in a dress shirt and slacks. Embroidered into his shirt were several emblems of the Lumea Academy and Family. He’d been surrounded by several students, either taller or seemingly more intimidating the entire time but suddenly everyone had parted and moved away from him.

He was looking at Zachary in disdain. He slowly made his way down as more and more eyes started to focus on him. It wasn’t long before people started to recognize him.

“It’s Alex!”

“I haven’t seen him make an appearance since the yearly selection! What’s he doing here?”

“Do you think he was impressed by these newbies?”

“What if he wants to fight!”

“That would be so amaaaaazing! I didn’t get to see his last fight because of training.

“Are you dumb? There’s no way he would bother to fight first years, it doesn’t matter how impressive. I’ve heard he’s as strong as some of the top 10 3rd year students…”

“BULL! I call bull! No way I believe that!”

“Is it that crazy?”

“Of course it is!”
“I mean didn’t we just see some newbie end a fight in a draw with Zachary? A top 10 2nd year?”

“Uhh… I mean…”

“It’s not the same. There’s a huge gap between the 2nd and 3rd years and 4th and 5th.”

Most of the conversations were spreading out and Damien and Daichi were more than glad to hear. They’d been deprived of too much common knowledge due to their ‘special guidence’ from the moment they’d been accepted.

Daichi especially found this newcomer interesting. While everyone was moving out of his way, and Zachary was hearing his own heartbeat he recognized the feeling he was giving off quite well. ‘That’s killing intent… He has bloodlust even though he’s so young…’

Daichi no longer had access to the system from the world he was born in, but he could still use the skills he’d amassed to this point. He still remembered the day he’d nearly lost his mind and developed a skill that exuded his lust for blood and desire to kill. ‘This is weak… But for him to develop this… It’s either personality or experience.’

Daichi’s lips were curved into an unusual smile.

Alex walked up the edge of the arena and then spoke as if Zachary was the only one there. “On behalf of the counsel, I renounce your position within the top 10. You are an utter disgrace.”

Zachary’s eyes flashed with anger as he yelled back “You can’t do that.”

“I can and I just did. This was a pathetic showing.” Alex wasn’t seemed completely unconcerned as he gazed at Zachary so very derisively.

Not a single person could feel a hint of the anger Alex was hiding. He wanted to put Zachary and Leo down right then and there but knew he couldn’t. Not with so many spectators and not with an arena instructor still in plain view.

“When I said you can’t I meant the counsel doesn’t have that power! You’ve no right to diminish my standing! I won that position with blood and sweat!” Zachary screamed at Alex admonishing himself for his loses today.

‘This bastard thinks he can ask a favor and then force me into a corner?! He’s got another thing coming! I can’t beat him but I don’t have too…’ Zachary thought to himself staring Alex down. He could feel the prickling feeling on skin increasing in intensity. Alex was giving him an aloof look but he could tell that he wanted to kill him right then and there. It was the instructor’s presence right next to him that gave him the courage to speak back to Alex so brazenly.

Damien and Daichi gave each other a knowing look, but before either of them made a move it was Leo that was the first to speak “Fine. I accept my draw.” Leo spoke to the instructor while pulling his sword out of Zachary in one fluid motion.

A small spray of blood burst out for a moment before the skin on Zachary’s shoulder scabbed over. A grunt fleeting his mouth.

“I challenge you to a battle. Do you accept?” Leo was still angry and as he couldn’t think of a way to beat Zachary figured the next best thing would be to beat the new comer. He had no idea who he was, but the moment he’d appeared a small part of him felt like challenging him. It was almost instinctual, even he didn’t quite understand it as if it were any other time in the past he would have taken the opportunity to make friends with this new comer who seemingly had a poor impression of Zachary.

Alex turned to look at Leo in surprise “You think you even have the right to challenge me? Who do you think you are?”

Leo shrugged “If we fight, I’ll be the guy known for beating you. Otherwise I think I am who I am.”

The wording made quit e a few think it over for a seconds but the confidence in his voice was more than clear.

The crowd was still silent. Most of them shocked at Leo’s ignorance.

“If challenging Zachary had been brazen and surprising then challenging Alex was overly arrogant and ignorant.” One of the students near the first row whispered it without even realizing he was speaking aloud.

Although no one in the crowd thought he could win. They were more than excited at the prospect of seeing another “spar” even more so at being able to watch Alex in battle.

Alex only gave Leo a glance and a smile formed on his face. “Do you really want to challenge me right now?”

That probing glance made Leo uncomfortable and brought all of the pain in his legs back to the surface. Wincing in response he had no desire to back down.

Daichi and Damien jumped down onto the arena and walked towards them “He’s already had a fight. If you don’t mind I’d like to give it a go.” Damien spoke up.

Leo’s eyes widened a little and a smile formed on his face. Outside the arena Marcos jaw opened. ‘Damien is defending him? What the hell is happening?’

No one was more surprised than Marcos at the turn of events. He was surprised that Leo had improved so much in such a short time, but he’d always had faith in Leo being able to become stronger. He’d watched him grow up putting in more effort than anyone else he’d ever known. Under the proper guidance he wasn’t in the least bit surprised to find out that Leo had been more talented than he’d given him credit for.

This on the other hand was way beyond his expectations.

“Who are you?” Alex gave Damien a quick glance about to dismiss him entirely when his eyes landed on Daichi.

The world around him disappeared for a moment and a spark of electricity coursed through his body as he immediately felt something special about him.

“My name is Damien Knight.”

Alex almost didn’t pay attention but the name ‘Knight’ had rung a bell in his mind. He recognized it as the name of several individuals who’d attended the academy before him. It was only then that he gave him another once-over as his mind registered that he was also a legacy much like himself, but his eyes wandered back to Daichi.

Damien noticed he was being ignored and only smiled. ‘Had it been a few months ago I would have lost it based on this alone. Hah’ if he he wants to challenge Daichi… He can go right ahead.’

“I was asking you.” Alex responded staring at Daichi.

“Daichi Seishin”

Alex’s left eyebrow lifted “Seishin? Are you related to Haeru?”

“Haeru?” Daichi’s response showed some confusion and Leo and Damien looked confused as well. It was actually their first time hearing Daichi’s full name and both of them turned to look at him in surprise.

“Are you not related to Haeru Seishin?” Alex asked again. The response from Daichi should have been answer enough but the last name ‘Seishin’ was already a rare one to begin with. There was only one Seishin family he knew of, and only one person in that family of age to be a first year in Lumea.

Daichi turned to look at Damien next to him. “What is he talking about?”

“What are you talking about? Are you actually related to Haeru? There’s only one Seishin family of note in the city as far as I know. Haeru’s family was fairly famous due to his great-great grandfather being being the only one to foresee the great change years ago. Their famous. Are you one of them?” Damien responded in confusion.

Daichi’s normally unfazed demeanor vanished. A look of pure confusion evident on his face as he processed the information and considered the possibility.

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