Chapter 150 – 2nd Year Student Counsel

Chapter 150 – 2nd Year Student Counsel

In a moderately sized room with upgraded furnishings, a large table drew the attention of any who walked through the only door. In the middle of the room that large round table was clearly set up to be the focal point of the room and sitting around that table were 8 students.

The moment that Marcos was lead to through the door way, the girl beside him and he himself became he complete attention of the 8 students inside.

The two new students stood there being stared at, slightly uncomfortable in the situation until the teacher behind them spoke up “These two are the new recruits to the 2nd Student Counsel. Treat them well.” Without much regard or importance to the matter, the teacher left almost immediately.

The atmosphere was tense and Marcos and the student beside them could feel the air in the room getting thicker. It was getting harder for them to breathe at a noticeable rate and both of them could tell that the root cause was one of the youths sitting down staring them down.

A girl who could only be described as an absolute beauty slowly stood up and introduced herself “Well, this is a rate occasion. I can’t remember the last time new students were added to the 2nd counsel.”

This was especially true of the scenario currently occurring. It was rare, but it happened every so often that a new student in his first year might be added to the 2nd counsel, but a new student much less two of them being added even before the newcomer tournament was nearly unheard of in recent days.

Marcos and the youth next to him had already been given a short explanation of what the 2nd counsel was. The 2nd counsel is a grouping of the top 10 most important students of each of the five years. The 2nd counsel for 2nd years, 3rd counsel for 3rd years, 4th counsel for fourth years and 5th counsel for fifth years. The first year students themselves did not have a counsel, and so on rare occasions a new student may be given the opportunity to enter the 2nd counsel to grow quicker and to have a voice for the students of his/her year.

The importance of being on any of the five counsels was monumental as these counsels more often than not dealt with all issues, directions and topics of their own years. In an academy where the teachers rarely thought, where most students were forced to self-teach using the resources and materials provided, entering one of the student governing bodies was akin to being given great power in the academy!

All of this was something Marcos and the youth had already been told, but they had NOT been told how meaningful it was to be added before the newcomer tournament, nor how dangerous it would be for them…

Immediately after Gwen stood up and introduced herself 5 of the other students stood up following her lead. Three of them introduced themselves “Good to meet you, I am Vlad the 26th of the Vlad clan” an 16 year old or so youth said. His pale skin and handsome features with very dark eyes could make any normal girl swoon.

“I am Julien Strathmore. This is my sister Sasha” the both of them had blonde hair, fair skin and flawlessly clean features.

“Alex.” Another one of them said in a gruff but amiable enough voice. He was the man who had been staring them down the moment they’d entered the room.

After he spoke the other three didn’t even acknowledge their presence. The other man who’d stood up with the others had seemingly only done so in following Gwen’s lead.

“Do you have anything for us?” Gwen said with a smile on her face.

Her smile made Marcos falter for a second before Karla’s face flashed through his mind and a small pang of guilt quickly overcame him for a moment.

Marcos immediately took a few steps forward and handed her a letter. It was something the teacher from before had mentioned they would need, but had said nothing else.

“I see.” Gwen said while reading the introduction letter. Her eyes had grown slightly larger for a split second, something that did not go unnoticed by Alex.

“Let me introduce myself again. I am Gwen. 2nd year student, Head of the 2nd year counsel and disciple of Elder Zilith.” Gwen spoke again, her voice equally sweet as before.

There seemed to be an under current in the room but it seemed to go unknown by Marcos and the youth beside him.

Marcos was all smiles, although he felt a little tense he responded with an equally large smile “Good to meet you. My name is Marcos Mill, and this is Thomas Mill.”

“Oh, brothers?” Gwen asked.

“No no. Pure coincidence.” Thomas responded next to Marcos. His smile was as large and as friendly looking as Marcos’s but something about it seemed less genuine.

Alex was staring daggers at the two new comers. ‘Why is Gwen paying them this much attention?’

“Well there is nothing on the docket today. We’ll be able to meet once a week from now on to discuss any matters that need to be addressed. In the meantime, I hope you focus on your training and don’t slack off There are a lot of people that are going to be focusing on your development and growth. You represent everyone in your year now you two.” Gwen said with smiles.

“You are commoners?” Julien asked with some surprise.

“Don’t forget, he’s a commoner too.” Sasha commented as he gaze looked at two of the students who hadn’t stood up.

“You’re a big guy eh” Vlad commented as he looked at Marcos’s robust size thinking he looked like a friendly meathead.

“Regardless of what status they had before, he’s now a member of Lumea Academy. Family connections mean nothing at all here” Gwen said amiably.

“I didn’t mean it as an insult of course. I simply meant that it is quite impressive that as commoners they managed to become the 1st year representatives. That almost never happens.” Julien corrected himself.

“It’s no problem. No problem. I’m not ashamed of my family, I’m even honored to receive this position. That’s all” Marcos responded.

A few of their gazes turned a little strange at his phrasing but no one said a thing.

“Will you be able to keep up with the rest of us? You may be stronger than the other first years, but will you be able to keep that lead? Our positions come with a lot of benefits, but there are a lot of responsibilities that come along with the position as well.” Alex spoke up.

“We will certainly try our best not to let everyone else in our year down.” Marcos quickly said.

“If you don’t mind, what exactly are the benefits of and responsibilities of this counsel” Thomas asked amiably. He’d been mostly quiet and letting Marcos take the lead, this was the first time he asked a question.

Gwen smiled “The counsel gets to meet with certain professors on a weekly basis. Therefore we are more likely to be chosen as disciples of professors or better. We are also lucky in that those of us that do not have a professor to mentor us, can ask any questions that we have to a professor directly. Normally other students are merely ignored when they want instruction. Moreover, we get more access to the library and starting from the 2nd year, we get better living accommodations than the others of our year.”

Sasha waited until Gwen finished before very politely finished what was left unsaid “We’re tasked with keeping the peace in our year, settling disputes.”

“We’re glorified babysitters.” One of the boys who hadn’t said a word until now finally said while not looking at anyone in particular.

“Well. I wouldn’t put it like that, but we certainly do watch over everyone else in our years. WE do what the professors don’t want to have to do, and we get compensated accordingly. The higher the counsel the more perks.” Julien said with a little pride in his tone while shooting a look at the student in his chair.

“Yeah. Students get into arguments and fights all the time. Can’t be helped with everyone being talented in their own way before entering the academy. It’s our duty to stop or solve these situations and if necessary to deal punishments within reason.” Sasha said with the same pride as Julien.

“Anything we have to do today?” Marcos asked. He more or less had an idea now as to what they had to do now. It seemed like a lot of work but he felt like he’d already been doing as much, so perhaps he’d get some benefits from officially having to do it anyways.

“No no. We’ve only convened today to meet with you as we were told something big was going to happen.” Gwen said.

Soon after they continued to make some more small talk. Marcos got some more information about the comings and goings of the counsel and tried to get a grasp of these counsel members while trying to leave a good impression. The odd thing was that the more he and Gwen spoke the more tense the atmosphere in the room became. Even Marcos was not oblivious to the pitying gazes being shot his way from Sasha and Julien and even the students that hadn’t bothered to get up before.

Before long, Marcos decided that the atmosphere was feeling a little too tense and as he didn’t understand why.

Alex’s expression kept falling the more words Gwen shared the new comers until he could no longer bare it. “That’s enough. You two can leave now. The rest will be for 2nd years.”

Marcos gave Alex a look, but immediately let it go. He had no reason to make enemies with new people, but he still couldn’t just leave without making his position clear “I hope we can all get along. As everyone including myself from my year are only getting to know the lay of the land, we’ll take our leave for now.”

Marcos nodded at all of them with Thomas doing the same as they took their leave.

Almost immediately after they left Julien just had to know “What’s so special about them?”

Although nothing seemed out of the ordinary during their small interaction. What Marcos and Thomas did not know was that normally Gwen would not take the initiative to have a conversation with anybody, even some of the members of their counsel. She had quite the important status, not just for a 2nd year but even as a whole in the academy. Not only did she have a strong teacher, but her family was quite well regarded. Normally only the strong or those with no families would introduce themselves by only their first name, and Gwen was clearly not a nobody.

Gwen’s smile didn’t go away but she sat back down with a calm look as she passed the letter she’d been handed over to Sasha who was sitting next to her.

Sasha started reading and couldn’t help but exclaim “Amazing!”

“What is it?” Julien asked.

“He didn’t get the qualification to enter the counsel because of his strength. He did so by being appointed!”


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