Chapter 144 – Lumea Prophecy (Part 1)

Chapter 144 – Lumea Prophecy (Part 1)

Five years earlier… Year 110AC (After Catastrophe)…

Unbeknownst to the majority of the people within Lumea City or Academy, even among the majority of the people who either possessed a high reputation or formidable power, the elder professors – the highest position that could be reached within the Academy below the Headmaster/Vice-Headmaster were secretly be convened. Much to their chagrin their  futile efforts to figure out the reason for the sudden call left them befuddled in failure.

One of the newest “Elder Professors” immediately rushed to his former teacher’s courtyard. They’d all received the “message” through Vice-Headmaster’s ability. They knew that something important was either happening or about to happen, something that would require all of their presences leaving them all apprehensive.

Upon reaching his courtyard he waited for his former teacher to come out, he was certain he already knew he was there so he wasted no extra efforts in doing anything else.

Only a few minutes later an older man, looking around his 80s appeared from one of the gates within the courtyard and looked at the apprehensive man before him with a glittering light in his eye. Although he himself was apprehensive about why they were being convened, he wasn’t nearly as bothered as his former student.

“Tywin, keep your wits about you and stop showing everything you’re thinking.” The older man said with concern in his tone that undercut the admonishing words.

“Of course. Of course. It’s only that this is my first time at one of these meetings… I’d heard a rumor about the last time one of these meeting were convened in such short notice as well…” The younger man still looked around 40 or so. He was only young in comparison to the man before him.

“Follow me, and pay attention to the path.”

Tywin followed behind without a single word. He was used to following his former-teacher and his atttitude. Even now that he himself had been promoted to one of the most prominent positions within the academy, he knew that Tyell would only treat him slightly better, but that teacher-student relationship would never change.

They quickly passed through various gates, and Tywin was a little surprised. He knew that it wouldn’t be a simple meeting place, but he didn’t expect that they would have to go through so many “gates” and locations to reach their destination. He didn’t need to ask to know that to reach their destination it was essential to go this exact route.

After 20 different gates they arrived within a section of the academy he’d never been too. In front of him was a a massive gate over 50 feet high, the entrance to a courtyard, but behind it, Tywin could see what could only be described as a castle!

Tyell noticed his pupil’s expression and gently said “We’re at the Headmaster’s residence. All meetings convened involving all elder-professors are held here. Only we are allowed to know the location.

The massive castle before them was large and high enough that common sense would dictate that it should have been seen by people from far and wide, but instead everything within the courtyard would only be visible from inside of the grounds of the court yard and in front of the gate itself. It was only of the magical aspects of the academy grounds.

‘The level of void-control of the makers… Truly incredible.’ He’d lived and breathed the air of the academy for years, but even now he was unsurprised to find a new aspect that boggled his mind and made him stare in wonder.

Just as Tywin’s thoughts were focused on making out the details of the castle someone brushed by him slightly knocking him aside.

Tywin’s eyes opened in anger almost immediately as he yelled out of instinct “How dare you!?”

The man wearing normal if not pedestrian clothes made of leather ignored the retort and continued to walk in front of him to the gate where he stood for a few seconds without moving or making a gesture.

Tywin’s jaw was clenched as he began walking forward ‘I’m an elder-professor now! You can’t treat me like this!’ but even before walking too far he was held back by his teacher.

In a quiet whisper that only he could hear “Shut up now! Under no circumstances are you to say another word!”Even as a whisper his words were firm and the undercurrent made Tywin’s anger disperse as confusion flowed into his eyes.

At almost the same time he noticed that all of the other Elder-Professors seemed to have arrived moments before and had witnessed his earlier outburst. His cheeks turned red and it was a mixture of anger for being disrespected in front of his peers and embarrassment for speaking out of anger so suddenly without taking a moment to realize who was watching.

“Tywin.” Another middle aged man approached him with an expressionless demeanor as he began making small talk with Tyell.

Two different groups formed almost instantly as three professors stood on the left and six on the right. It was at this point that Tywin’s eyebrows rose in confusion as he realized that nine Elder-Professors were already in attendance.

The man in leathers standing before the gate was clearly not an Elder-Professor which boggled Tywin’s mind both as to why he was there, and why no one seemed to be saying anything about it. They were all just ignoring him and pretending he wasn’t there, giving him a wide berth and almost going out of the way not to glance in his direction.

There were only ever 10 Elder-Professors. When one died another received the title, but only ever ten.

Recently he himself along with another had been promoted to the position of ‘Elder-Professor’. The highest title a professor could hold in the academy, they were a council that decided on the matters in the academy and direction that the academy itself would normally take unless the Headmaster or Vice-Headmaster ruled spoke out. Tywin was extremely proud as it could already be considered a great accomplishment to achieve such a position in what was now the most elite academy in the world – in their minds quite possibly the last and only. Even more impressive was that he reached the position before turning 50. It was an achievement few had accomplished over the years. He would have been viewed very highly if it weren’t for ‘Lydia Skywater’ the daughter of the Vice-Headmaster and prodigy the likes of which could almost be compared to Headmaster Taeger regarding his ability and growth in his younger days. It was due to her that the respect and accolades he should have received were instead forgotten by his peers.

That was why he knew that she was the only one missing, and that this man could definitely not be an elder-professor himself.

“It looks like your boy hasn’t quite learned everything an elder should know, has he Tyell?” one of the other professors in his circle sniggered while the others smirked in response. Tyell’s face paled a bit but said nothing in response and instead bent his neck towards Tywin and whispered so only he could hear “That man is Headmaster Taeger’s only son. You’ll understand soon.”

Tywin’s eyes grew wide and the professors around him sniggered. Without hearing what Tyell said they knew what Tywin was being told and knew that at this moment he must have been utterly regretting his earlier outburst.

Almost at the same time that Tywin’s expression had become horribly downcast; the Vice-Headmaster and the father of the prodigy of recent years who attained the position of Elder-Professor through talent and skill at the age of 29 Lydia Skywater appeared.

Immediately all of the elders turn their heads and do a short bow in greetings to the Vice-Headmaster but there is a very clear tension in the air as the Vice-Headmaster makes his way forward to the gate. Only the three professors who were by themselves have genuine smiles on their faces as they follow to meet the Vice-Headmaster. The other 6 professors while courteous, stay stock still and make no more effort to greet Stanislas. All of them are actually looking towards Tyell and make their intentions inadvertently quite clear that they are awaiting his instructions.

There is only one person that had no reaction and didn’t even turn his head to look at Stanislas’s arrival and that is the man in leathers, the son of Headmaster Taeger.

That is the man that Stanislas walks towards and greets with a friendly smile on his face. He doesn’t mind Taeger’s attitude, as it’s something he has long been accustomed too. “It’s good to finally be hearing from you Taeger. Although I’d be happier if the circumstances were different.”

“Mmhmm. Where’s the prodigy?” Taeger responds still facing at the gate, his expression ever unchanging, his eyes still closed.

Stanislas smile instantly widened, the pride evident in his expression “She’s outside of the academy at the moment on a recon mission. She will arrive shortly, but will likely miss this meeting.”

Taeger only grunted in response. ‘A true reclusive with no social skills.’ Stanislas thought to himself but not thinking any less of the man before him.

In the back Tywin mutters to the group of professors with him “Why isn’t he turning and greeting the Vice-Headmaster?”

One of the professors gives him an odd look and glances around at the others unwilling to answer, but the gesture is seen by all of them including Tywin.

“He lost his sight when he was much younger in pursuit of his desire to master an ability. He lost his sight, but gained something even more amazing in return.” Tywin whispers back.

Tywin glances at the people around him, finally certain that aside from his teacher none of the others are willing to say anything about Taeger on the off chance that it could be overheard. The effect he’s having on all of them is mind boggling to him. Even though he knows he probably shouldn’t ask, he can’t help himself “What did he gain?”

Tywin gives him a deep look “Most people, professors included. Are unaware that the former Headmaster even had a child. In truth, not only did he have a child, he had an exceptional one. He has the ability to see into the future. He is the prophecy bringer.”

A questioning and disbelieving look crosses Tywin’s face as he hears the words and an almost imperceptibly look of guilt and fear crosses the eyes of the other professors around them as they hear Taeger’s voice.

It’s neither loud nor soft. As if speaking to someone standing right beside him, but all of them hear his voice quite firmly “Not former. My father is still the Headmaster of these premises. Don’t you get ahead of yourself and forget your place Tyell.”

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  1. Thank you for the chapter   🙂

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    He was used to following his former-teacher and his atttitude.
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    After 20 different gates they arrived within a section of the academy he’d never been too.
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    The highest title a professor could hold in the academy, they were a council that decided on the matters in the academy and direction that the academy itself would normally take unless the Headmaster or Vice-Headmaster ruled spoke out.
    => either: ruled that out
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