Chapter 141 – Second Try

Chapter 141 – Second Try

Daichi laid there on the ground stunned and confused. His mind was reeling as he didn’t know what to think about first.

‘How did she hit me? What attack did she use? What did she do to my back? What is she talking about? Why did she slap me? Why is she so mad?’

He didn’t have a single answer to any of those questions.

Lydia’s chest was heaving as her cheeks an neck turned red, off to the side Damien and Haeru were in awe of both Daichi and Lydia at the same time. They didn’t know his control of flames was so advanced, Damien especially was surprised considering it was what he practiced, but only recently had he developed a technique to create a small fireball. Daichi on the other hand had effortlessly and with amazing control released two large roaring flames from his palms!

Then from their perspective he had used some sort of mysterious movement technique, disappeared and within a few seconds reappeared behind Lydia! This was enough to awe them and consider his abilities, but the professor before them had responded to every thing so effortlessly and even slapped Daichi down. The anger she was showing now as only a small confusion to them as they stared at them with awe thinking to themselves ‘How well would I do if I had to fight either of them?’

Meanwhile Lydia was trying to calm herself down as she realized she was staring at Daichi murderously in her anger. His stunned expression finally gave way to her realizing how angry she was and that perhaps she had jumped to conclusions. She continued trying to calm herself down as she stared into Daichi’s eyes and spoke as calmly as she could “Why did you do that?”

Daichi stared back blankly “Do what?”

Lydia clenched her hands into fists “Stop playing around!” but then clenched her fists and closed her eyes counting backwards from ten. She hadn’t had such an outburst since she was a student. She used to be as rowdy as Crimson was, but when she her father had been promoted to the Vice-Headmaster she’d had to change her demeanor. She became too high-profile and her actions became a direct reflection of him, completely changing what she could and couldn’t do or say around the people in Lumea.

When she finally opened her eyes and looked back at Daichi whose expression had turned from one of blank confusion to anger. Lydia finally calmed down enough to express herself properly.

“Your technique. When you stepped into the void before attacking me.” Although it was a question, she said it in the form of a statement.

Daichi’s eyes widened a little but things finally started clicking into place as he felt he’d been too muddle headed up until now. ‘Her father has incredible insights into the void! It’s no wonder she would have been able to pick up that my attack involved void! That’s how she was able to counter-attack so perfectly! But, why the hell did she get so mad?’

Lydia’s chest finally stopped heaving so notably as she steadied herself even further and calmed down. “Who taught you that technique?”

“No one did. I created that technique myself.” Daichi considered the question and thought about whether he should lie or tell the truth, but in the end he figured a lie would be harder to keep up.

Lydia’s eyes finally showed a change and even her expression turned into surprise as she stared at him wide eyed.

‘I thought he was a fire elemental user?? He can use a second element as well?? Even if can, how can his insight into the void be so profound? The number of professors within the academy which can use the void to move around can be counted on two hands…’ she thought to herself.

Daichi noticed her expression turn to one of surprise and a hint of satisfaction couldn’t help but edge its way out from his ego.

After almost an entire minute during which various different emotions seemed to flit past Lydia’s eyes she finally spoke up “The attack you performed is something no one would do even if they could. When you reappear from within the void, that is the moment where you are most vulnerable. If you are pushed back into the void or any part of you doesn’t exit smoothly, your entire body could be extinguished.”

Daichi’s eyes widened in surprise as he considered her words. He wasn’t sure if she was lying at first but then he took into account her previous words, what seemed like genuine anger and her position. She reacted with ease, it didn’t seem like she needed to misguide him, and his back was still aching. ‘It’s probably true…’

Although he’d lost himself in thought for a moment, his eyes quickly cleared up as he made eye-contact again “So it’s impossible to reappear from the void and use that moment to attack?”

He was asking because he wanted to know whether or not it was possible to do what he did. If he simply did it incorrectly, then it was still a valid form of attack. He simply couldn’t imagine that it wouldn’t be possible as it seemed too convenient.

“If your body is strong enough that you can exist while a form of mana is trying to tear you apart it’s possible.” Lydia said smoothly.

Daichi’s heartbeat sped up as he remembered a similar sensation and how well those kinds of experienced had played out for him in the past as he immediately gave up the notion of using the void as a means of attack ‘So that technique can only be used for movement and not attacking… I suppose if I knew the basics to some of these things perhaps I would know that. I guess from her perspective I deserve to be looked at like an idiot for not knowing something everyone who studies here would know. Then again, how is it expected that I would know something without having the chance to learn it!?’

Although his thoughts made sense, so did Lydia’s. It was nigh impossible to do what Daichi had done, and all but basically understand something advanced without learning and understanding the basics. He had done something only those with incredible perception and time could do, and from Lydia’s perspective for someone to reach the level he had, a teacher was a requirement.

Right as Lydia was about to speak Daichi put his hands on the ground and lifted himself up as he brushed off his clothes as if he was completely fine. “Okay no problem! I want to try again!”

The action would have looked smooth and demure if it weren’t for how swollen his right cheek was. It had already begun to swell up making his right cheek notably larger than his left almost making Lydia giggle as she put her hand to her mouth to stop herself.

Daichi didn’t notice or didn’t want to notice her actions. His thoughts were too preoccupied on his failure. It had been the complete opposite of what he had wanted to happen. Instead of showing off his dominance he had instead used a near fatal move to himself due to his own ignorance and then been slapped like a naughty child.

In fact, Daichi was beginning to take this as a learning opportunity. Even if he meant to do so differently than Lydia had intended. ‘I’ll try out a few things I’ve had in the works while finding their flaws before I beat her.’

Lydia was only a few feet away and so without waiting, Daichi lifted his palms towards Lydia “I’m going to take things seriously this time.”

Lydia’s smile only widened as if she was looking at a cute puppy, her previous anger had already faded away.

This time Daichi began to ignite a wisp of flame that began to grow larger and larger in his palm while pointed at Lydia but it didn’t expand. The red flame only grew larger in front of his palm as it slowly began to go through a visible change as Daichi’s face exuded concentration.

The flame began changing colors as the wisps of yellow within the flame turned orange and the center of the flame grew until the entire temperature in the area surrounding them seemed to grow notably hotter almost instantly.

Before their eyes the flame turned entirely white before undergoing a metamorphosis as wisps began to turn blue and the temperature of the entire courtyard went up a few degrees.

Daichi looked very strain and his expression showed it. Damien and Leo who were off to the side and quite a distance away had beads of sweat dripping down the sides of their faces from the heat and sight before them.

Damien was once again shocked by the sight before him as if he was looking at a demon. ‘He… He can create a white flame…. Oh my god no… It’s… It’s turning blue… The legendary blue flame…!”

Leo could tell whatever Daichi was doing was incredible but he wasn’t as well versed as Damien on the intricacies, temperatures and insights of fire. He briefly glanced at Damien as he considered asking for an explanation before throwing that thought aside, but he did notice Damien’s mouth agape and large eyes which said more than enough.

Daichi’s expression was strained not due to the effort of the attack he was channeling but rather because the instant he began channeling mana his back started to hurt. It was as if he had hundreds of little stab wounds on his back prickling at his skin. The more mana he channeled the more painful it became. It didn’t take him long to realize that the damage he took earlier from being pushed back into the void if-only barely, had left him something other than physical damage. Normally his mind would have been left in wonder as he considered the reasons why, but as of this moment he was completely focusing on tuning out the pain and pinning down Lydia.

Meanwhile Lydia was looking on at Daichi’s building attack with an indifferent gaze. She’d already seen him create a blue flame before, so therefore she didn’t have the same reaction as the others, if anything her demeanor seemed at ease as if she was waiting for something.

Daichi took almost an entire minute but the flames in his palm began to finally condense in front of him into streaks of lightning before his palms as they began to slowly circle around his arms and body into an azure lightning that seemed shocking to Damien and Leo watching off to the side.

The lightning coalesced around his body as Daichi stared at Lydia and tensed his body preparing to attack.

Lydia watched Daichi as he projected his movements to her as clear as day, even before he pushed off the ground with what could have been considered remarkable speed, to Lydia it was as if he was moving in slow motion. The lightning that would sporadically ignite around his body gave Lydia a wary feeling but even that was limited to her.

Daichi ran towards her taking long strides with his speed he arrived in seconds as he punched towards her chest with all of his strength. Lydia watched as she made only a slight movement to the right as his punch hit nothing but air with the lightning around his fist causing a thunderous roar into the air as she lifted her right palm into the air.

Daichi had been staring at her every movement, but even so his body couldn’t keep up with her speed as she evaded his punch and could only watch out of the corner of his eyes as her palm with a white glow surrounding hit came down towards his face.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 141 – Second Try

  1. He should be smarter than this. He could have just flamed the entire courtyard ( not towards the other students of course) and just kept going until she gave up, he already has the highest level of fire known, so realistically he should at least be able to hit her.

    And why didn’t he enhance his speed this time? He said he wasn’t holding back this time, but it still seems like he was holding back.


    • I will explain this a bit in the next chapter.

      Sidenote: Although based on some of the comments, I’ve realized the chapters are progressing a lot slower due to over-introspection which is something I will try to moderate as it made sense to me.


      • I hope I didn’t come off as too harsh ^^, I apologize if that’s the case.
        I do like your story :). I hope you continue writing it. I had accumulated some frustration due to the repeated information and the time you spend justifying your characters thought process. IMO the justifications are a good thing to have, but they’re your author notes/insides about your characters. They keep them coherent, but they shouldn’t leave your head/notes/notebook. Yeah, critics are easy -_-, I realize.

        Anyway thanks for the chapter. 🙂


  2. Thank you for the chapter &nbsp: 🙂

    PS: suspected typos and stuff:
    Lydia’s chest was heaving as her cheeks an neck turned red, off to the side Damien and Haeru were in awe of both Daichi and Lydia at the same time. => how did Haeru show up so suddenly? => Leo

    She used to be as rowdy as Crimson was, but when she her father had been promoted to the Vice-Headmaster she’d had to change her demeanor. => without ‘she’ => …but when her father…


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