Chapter 135 – Accommodations

Chapter 135 – Accommodations

The surprise was brief as they faced their new living quarters and most of their mouths hung agape at what stood before them.

Before their very eyes was the strangest scene many of them had ever seen. They were in another outdoor court yard with white stone flooring throughout. There were designs carved into each tile of the white stones, each individual and different from the others. The walls of the court yard were much the same as the previous area, except they held an even more refreshing appearance due to the pictures on the walls.

In fact, it was more fair to say that there was a flowing story. A picture followed by another picture that told an infinite number of possible stories as you could begin viewing the pictures on the walls. Depending on where you begun viewing the pictures on the walls, your eyes would be drawn into a different story from a different perspective. It was something magical to these children who’d never seen something so mysteriously wonderful.

The shock of these many things hung in the air, but what these children’s eyes were truly drawn too were their own personal accommodations and not the environment itself. Their spoiled expectations were greatly disappointed as all that stood within the massive courtyard were rows and rows of tents situated above bamboo shoots.

The size of the courtyard was so massive that if they did not already know it was a courtyard they’d have believed to have been a small city or something along those lines. Lied a small section of wood/bamboo cabins. These were the grandest structures within the courtyard that only looked majestic in comparison to the tents.

The first student to speak couldn’t help but voice his confusion “This… Are we in the wrong place or something?”

Another student voiced his displeasure “This can’t possibly be our housing can it? I refuse to believe it!”

“There’s no way this is where we’re staying, this must be the punishment section or something” one of the female students snickered.

“Maybe we’re being shown some uhm… ‘temporary housing’ due to what’s going on at the moment?”

“I won’t stay here! I refuse! My family is wealthy, we have a huge plot of land within Lumea City and if my father hears I’m living like some hobo he’ll disown me!”

“Yeah! There’s no way I can possibly stay in such shabby accommodations! My family wouldn’t hear of it!”

“ENOUGH!” Lydia shouted while projecting her voice and causing everyone’s hands to reach for their ears.


Lydia composed herself for a second before speaking “This is the housing of the new students. You can rest here or you can leave, I don’t care one bit.” She said with a stern voice that matched a look of consternation as she gazed at the crowd of people that had followed her.

Although she’d meant to only lead her group and the group that had been with Marcos. A few other professors had sent their “students” to follow Lydia. Practically everyone that had been within the previous courtyard had actually been sent behind her and she’d only realized too late that she’d been saddled with more than she’d bargained for.

Most of the professors hadn’t found any gems within the exam, merely people who with sufficient luck and training would provide adequate use in the city. Not enough that they would stop their own training to spend their time and effort raising somebody up from nothing. After all, these professors mainly viewed taking these participants into the forest for the examination as a bother. It was a responsibility they had to fulfill to maintain their position and not something they relished.

After making sure no one else was going to speak up in disapproval she continued “This is a place of learning. If you thought you all could come here and live a lavish life-style you were sorely mistaken. If so, leave now!”

She didn’t even wait more than a few seconds before speaking again “You’re here to learn. There are innumerable sections of the academy, most of the time I expect you all to spend time within the library or the training halls. You will come here to sleep and that is all. This is a large space, and it is thusly large because it is not limited to only the new students. These might be your accommodations for the entirety of your stay within the academy. Students are only given different housing once they have proven their merit. This could be through missions, being accepted as a disciple, the yearly tournament or some other noteworthy event.”

Instead of continuing to elaborate she pointed at Marcos, “I’ll give you a minute to say your goodbyes. I will then take you to the infirmary where you will stay until you’ve recovered. After which you will join your fellow students here.” After speaking she stepped away from the crowd and gave them some space.

A lot of students began murmuring their displeasure at the situation. Some of the girls went green in the face once they realized they would be sleeping in the same area as the boys. Some of the boys went red in the face as they lit up with joy when they realized they would be sleeping in the same area as the girls. Different reactions to the same news. The majority of the students accepted were actually male, so when these thoughts started to cross their minds they got a little bit more chipper. There were only a few who came from the elite of the Lumea city circles that still refused to live in such rubble for accommodations.

Damien spoke loudly “I suppose these accommodations will have to do! After all, it’s not as if I’m the first of my family to come to the academy. Naturally if it was good enough for my family members it is good enough for me!” he spoke loudly enough that it quieted down a lot of other students as it made them think “If it was good enough for my parents or family. How can I complain and not do what they did?”

Some of the less fortunate students stopped complaining once they realized that Damien had spoken as if he didn’t mind. They also figured if Damien Knight who came from such a huge background could live in these conditions where did they have the right to complain?

Although in reality… Damien had only spoken out to quell the discontent in the group. He had already heard Lydia say that those who were disciples of a professor lived in other accommodations and therefore he already figured he wouldn’t be living here with the others. ‘Worst case scenario I also get a tent but at least I’ll likely get more privacy and won’t have to share my space with so many people. My status will still be better’

Karla looked at Marcos teary eyed. It was obvious to Leo who stood off to the side that they’d really made a connection during the exam. Whatever experiences they’d truly shared had really brought them together and for a moment he was envious before the happiness he felt for his friend won out.

Karla and Marcos shared a chaste hug in front of a group of people cheering them on as he told two of the friends he’d made and trusted during the exam to keep watch over Karla.

While they were saying their goodbyes a few of the older students had come over to say their introductions as well as a group of girls. The group of girls quickly explained that they’d actually formed an alliance so that they wouldn’t be bothered by the boys, and most of the girls slept with their tents near one another to prevent the boys from trying to take advantages of them.

After saying their goodbyes Leo helped Marcos walk over to Lydia.

“Good good. I would’ve gotten annoyed had you kept me waiting too long.” Lydia said with a smile.

“No problem Master. So the infirmary now?” Leo asked.

“Yes. Damien, Leo, Haeru… And Daichi. Follow me.” She said while walking to another wall and opening another door-portal.

Daichi didn’t dawdle and followed behind her.

They all glanced at Daichi for a moment wondering why he’d been called too seeing as he hadn’t been chosen as a disciple but didn’t question it as they followed behind.

They appeared within a building this time that looked clean and sterile. Once again it was white-marble floor with white walls and gold trimmings everywhere. While the others were slightly impressed by the opulence and size of the hallways and ceilings, Daichi had already expected as much after his previous foray with Lydia.

Lydia told them to wait as she walked to a door and knocked on the door “Patient here.”

Leo whispered to Marcos and Haeru who were right next to him “I’m really glad… Finally! A door inside of the academy. I was starting to think nothing about this place was normal.”

Marcos snickered at the comment but Haeru kept a straight face. He was a little intimidated by Lydia to say anything.

Someone opened the door almost immediately and after glancing at them with a stern expression looked at Lydia and suddenly burst into a smile “Professor Lydia! How good of you to visit. You’re clearly not injured, it must be that young man! He must be quite the important character!”

Lydia pointed at Marcos, “Go with her. I’ll be informed when you’ve healed and come get you.”

Marcos gave a dry cough after looking away from the two stern women before him towards Leo. “See you in a bit.”

Leo helped him walk towards the door and then left him with the “nurse” (maybe) he wondered. Taking a few steps back “Rest up hot shot. You’ve got groupies waiting for you when you’re all better.”

Lydia turned without waiting for them to finish and opened another door portal next to the door and walked through it leaving the others only a second to follow behind.

“Good luck!!” they heard the yell coming from Marcos as they walked through the door and ended up in a beautiful courtyard.

It looked the exact same except it seemed like an actual courtyard. It was about 80 feet long and 50 feet wide with four large jade gates facing in four directions. The gates with closed and didn’t seem to have any mechanism to open them and they looked precious. As if a thousands if not millions of jewels were crafted together to force one complete exquisite piece.

Note: (larger but similar to a tennis court)

“I live in the space in the northern courtyard. All professors get a space similar to this. It has four sections for them to do as they will, but all four sections have a house within separate areas. The three of you will stay in the southern section behind me” Lydia gestures with her thumb at the area behind her.

“Daichi, you’ll enter and stay at the western section.”

Damien knew he shouldn’t but couldn’t stop himself from asking “Master… Even though we’re your students… Why is it that all three of us are sharing a home while Daichi gets his own?”

Lydia turned her head and and Damien piped down. The look she gave him made him shudder.

There was no explanation, no more information as Lydia walked towards her home as she passed the gates she merely went through them as she entered her section.

Everyone looked at each other with different expressions.

“Well, I won’t talk about my situation because I can’t. All I can say is I’ll likely be with you all for a while. I hope we all get along well, and does anyone know how to go through the gates?” Daichi said with an even tone as if he wasn’t asking for help.

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