Chapter 128 – Stanislas

Chapter 128 – Stanislas

‘Perhaps he can be a catalyst that will help me turn the tides and convince the others that it is indeed time to expand, to move out, to finally begin our search for the Queen.’

Stanislas was thinking to himself as he walked out of the room and stood behind the door. He paid no attention to the opulence, as if completely accustomed to it. He’d grown up in Lumea Academy. It was already a part of his existence, he’d never lived any other way.

That serene expression that he’d kept up while facing Daichi still hadn’t wavered even after he’d left the room. It completely stood in contrast to the thoughts running through his mind. It wasn’t a mask he’d worn to intimidate a new comer, but a mask he’d come to wear no matter the time of day after he’d come into his current position. Before he’d reached the position of Vice-Headmaster he’d had to worry about the people above him, only to realize once he’d reached the top that he’d have to then worry about the people below him. He’d learned the hard way that once one has something else might covet, he’ll forever be in the crosshairs of others.

He was staying still to steady his thoughts. That serene expression of his might not have wavered but his left hand trembled for a few moments in excitement. The moment he’d laid eyes on Daichi he knew he wasn’t from the city. He’d known the moment that Daichi had crossed the borders into Lumea city.

After taking a few moments to steady himself, and taking a big breath, he turned around and re-opened the door. He walked inside to what should have been the same room, but instead was a large massive hall as he walked towards the first floor of the Lumea Library.

‘Strange… Strange…’ even as he walked towards the library which he’d subconsciously made his destination, he wasn’t entirely sure why. In reality he was focusing his mind on his relief and excitement.

Stanislas had personally created his own formation around the grounds of the entire city which seemingly encompassed the entire space that the barrier protected. One could say, that if he were paying attention he would know any time someone entered or left the city. When Daichi first met Stanislas, he was partially wondering why everyone who mattered seemed to be doing something meaningful while Stanislas, one of the men in charge was sitting around doing nothing with a serene and indifferent expression. The answer was obvious, Stanislas was most aware of the situation, he was already doing everything within his power to monitor the loses and receive the information necessary to piece together what had happened in Bull-Wind Forest.

Four days ago, the lights started going out. Every professor that went out for the Lumea Exam had multiple void scrolls. All of which were created by Stanislas. Naturally those scrolls had a second purpose. If the owner it was given too died, then the formation atop the scroll would signify Stanislas. It was a technique he’d developed over the years to increase the functions and value of the scrolls, if they were originally meant to be a life saving method that turned into a function of practicality as his efficiency and technique improved, he decided that they should serve more than their intended purposes if they could.

After the lights started going out, he’d already come to realize that Lumea had come to face a predicament. The majority of the professors who were sent out weren’t the strongest within the academy. Most of which would not be sent out for such a lowly task because they were the main force of the academy. Not to mention that the majority of the professors standing at the peak of what could now be considered their entire race were far too arrogant to see themselves as baby sitters.

The moment Stanislas had realized that something had somehow gone wrong when over 30 professors had died, he’d signaled for all remaining professors to return. Unfortunately, more and more deaths kept piling on, but he’d remained vigilant for word from Lydia. That was the most important person outside of the barrier of Lumea City to Stanislas at the moment. He’d been focused on sensing her return and the moment she’d entered the city he’d noticed right away and contacted her asking for her condition.

The relief and joy that coursed through him when he realized that she was okay was indescribable. It was only topped in a way he could never expect when she immediately followed it up with news of Daichi. A boy who was somehow not from Lumea City at all. Not some random child born outside of the barrier, but a genuine survivor from another region.

Stanislas was filled with wonder at that moment, but he didn’t dare believe it. If it were true it could completely change his current circumstances so he wouldn’t allow himself to assume the truth before he heard it from the young man’s mouth himself. He’d sat there, calming himself down as he heard Daichi speak about his past and how he’d come to find Lydia and the others. The entire time he’d observed Daichi, looking for lies or any sign of deception. Interestingly enough, he couldn’t read the boy that well. The indifference in his expression beguiled even Stanislas. Only every so often would he gleam some small emotion or thought from a minor expression he would make. The more he sat in front of Daichi the more exceptional he found him, especially when he couldn’t be older than 17.

It was only as he’d mentioned his ‘relative’ that something seemed suspicious. He knew he’d heard the name before, but something wasn’t clicking. It was at that moment he decided to leave the room and reorganize his thoughts as he inadvertently made his way to the first floor of the Lumea Library.

Only as he opened a door while entering the Library which he took as a given while others wished their entire lives to enter. Did his mind piece together the reason why he was there, why the name sounded familiar and why it had sounded suspicious.

He walked with purpose as he moved in-between walk-ways and bookshelves with purpose. The library would have seemed like a maze to any other newcomer, even someone who’d been inside many-many times but Stanislas would have given a third-party the impression he knew where every single book was in the manner of which he moved. There was purpose in every step and turn he made and he arrived quite quickly at the bookshelf he’d been aiming for. He scanned the third row and quickly found the name.

Three books under that name were next to one another.

Stanislas pulled all three from the shelf and then shuffled them until he found the one he was looking for with a strange look on his face as he realized why the name sounded familiar.

Stanislas himself had read all three books. One of the books was a history overture with philosophical points, it was well received for the few who’d read it. It was the other two that had stirred up quite a bit of controversy at one point within Lumea. The second book that had been admitted within the walls of Lumea was a theory of why the calamity that befell Lumea occurred. It was a short book but it contained quite a few theories. It had caused controversy, and while the man Seiichi Seishin was alive had caused his name to be dragged through the mud, so much so that he had died dishonored. It was only years later that his name had gone from being discredited to viewed as a man with great foresight.

One of the theories within that book predicted that sometime within the next hundred years of the barrier being raised, all the inhabitants of the world or at least Lumea would lose their status windows. Obviously when he was alive he was mocked for such a ridiculous theory. After it came to pass though… Someone had remembered that such a thing had once been predicted, and this book then came to be viewed in a different light.

The third book was quite special, and although it was placed within the walls of Lumea it was only done so to prevent others on getting their hands on it. It was blank, completely blank, but the former headmaster had quite accurately guessed that the reason it was blank is because it had some sort of magic imbued into it making it so that no one other than those of that man’s bloodline could read it.

Once an author had a book admitted into Lumea, all of his books would then be admitted without question. Once the former headmaster had come to realize that this book was inside of Lumea he’d made sure no one else got their hands on it. Only special individuals that had some achievements were allowed to try to read it.

The only words that were readable within the book, was the first line on the first page. It was a dedication that mentioned “To my son Daichi”.

Stanislas had been a fan of this man. He’d accurately predicted quite a few things all solely based on his own philosophical beliefs regarding this world. He’d long wished to read this book out of curiosity, so naturally he’d memorized most of what all three said. Now that he skimmed that first page again a small doubt arose as he thought about this new comer with the same name.

Those doubts were soon extinguished as it made complete sense that if this Daichi had survived he’d continue naming his sons after himself. The name mentioned proved he perhaps had a connection, and if he could read what was within the words it would also prove he was a descendant of Seiichi.

Stanislas decided to bring all three books with him. They could not only serve as proof but would be a wonderful welcoming gift that would put him in a good light with this new comer. He had a lot of plans for him, but he needed to get him on his side.

‘Daichi’s very presence will be a catalyst for my side. I need to assure his loyalty now.’ He thought to himself as he walked back. The only thing still on his mind was how much he would tell him.

Daichi was still making small talk with Lydia, when Stanislas walked back in with three books in his hands. He walked over and sat back down in the same seat as before as he spoke in a slightly friendlier tone “My name is Stanislas Skywater. I apologize for my reserved behavior, but Lumea hasn’t seen an outsider in over a hundred years. Perhaps even you don’t understand the importance of your presence.”

Daichi quickly caught on. He’d already guessed that his presence would be important but now he was getting the feeling it was more than he’d anticipated. Moreover he realized that Stanislas had the same last name as Lydia as he looked back and forth in-between them implying the unsaid question.

Lydia smiled at Daichi replying “This is my father. There is no current head of the academy, so while my father retains the title of Vice-Headmaster. He is the head of the academy and in effect, the city itself.”

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  1. Heh and stupified Daichi would said “So you know he was my father?” xD
    But he would denied of course and wouldn’t said such things 🙂
    I really hope that he will ask about what happened to his father after The Change – after all Daichi should be curious about own father


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