BD: Chapter 7 – Spark of Brilliance

Chapter 7 – Spark of Brilliance

Linlin’s expressions changed various times before turning stern again as he got his surprise under control ‘This kid… He might be some type of genius.’

Suddenly Linlin was reconsidering the opinion he’d already formed of Haru.

‘He has a worthless bloodline, and his spirit power wasn’t even worth ranking… But if his meditation is spirit based… Then perhaps he has some hope of becoming someone of note.’

From Linlin’s perspective, what Haru had just achieved was monumental. Even if it was a fluke, it would be enough for him to pay attention to Haru but if it wasn’t…

Linlin had to admit that if it wasn’t a fluke and he could do it again, then not only did it mean he might be able to catch up to some of the others in terms of spirit power. As he truly did have a pitiful amount… It meant that his perception was likely monstrous, enough so that breaking through to the following spirit realms would be far easier and more realistic for him.

“Haru…” Linlin held his breath as he steadied his breathing “What did you see when you meditated?”

Haru’s eyes sparkled but he was reluctant to answer. He was once again thinking about the possibility of what had happening being out of the ordinary. Most children in his situation would also normally be afraid of getting in trouble, so he stayed quiet.

Linlin took his quiet lack of response completely differently. ‘Perhaps he doesn’t want to say? Does he want to keep it a secret?’

“Haru, there are only two things that people experience when they first meditate. When you were meditating, did you enter a world where you saw everything from a different perspective? As if you were living the life of another creature?” Linlin asked carefully.

The method he had just described would be what people would experience when they had entered a bloodline meditative state. Regardless of how Haru answered, if he could enter another meditative state at will he could be considered as gifted or even a genius in terms of perception…

Haru hestitated for a moment and then shook his head.

Linlin’s eyes sparkled and he tried to keep his voice calm as he asked his following question “When you were in meditation, were you in a strange world with little else in it. Everything clear and transparent? Floating without any sensation?”

The worlds resonated a familiarity but clearly what Haru had experienced was only similar… ‘He just said there are only 2 ways so why was what I felt so different?’

Just as he was about to tell the truth and honestly tell Linlin what he had seen and experienced, he felt a deep sense of apprehension. He himself didn’t understand what that feeling signified but it was an instinctive reaction to danger. Before he could even think about that sudden feeling his mouth had already spoke for him “Yes.”

Linlin took a deep breath. When Haru had answered ‘no’ before he had already come to the conclusion that Haru was indeed a genius, but having him acknowledge suddenly made his assumptions a reality.

‘This child will bring me great merits! I have to make sure he doesn’t get taken away too early…’

“There are two forms of experiences when meditating because there are two types of meditation. One type is a form of merging and ‘syncing’ up with one’s own bloodline. Experiencing slight glimpses with what an ancestor of that bloodline once experienced. Although most of the time they’ll just feel a resonating throbbing, as if they were feeling something outside of their own range of thoughts and emotions”

“The other type… Is the type that is harder to learn. Once learnt, for some it becomes second nature, for others it takes a while to get accustomed too. It is a resonance with mana. It is the type of meditation that those with Spirit power need to learn in order to grow. This is the type of meditation you just entered. You must work hard to try and remember that feeling and enter that state again as soon as you can.”

Haru was nodding his head with a surprised but serious expression.

“Also… Do not tell anyone about this for a while. You may tell your parents but no one else. Otherwise some people may cause a fuss which will be detrimental to your growth. You are still far behind the students here. You must work extra hard if you want to catch up to them, understood?”

“Yes teacher!” Linlin’s young and high pitched voice cut through the air.

Although he was young, there was a faint seriousness that most children his age lacked that suddenly seemed to appeal to Linlin making him think that the child before might bring him many more surprises.

“Very well, run along.”

With his first day over, Haru’s eyes shinned bright. The day had brought him many unexpected surprises. He had gained far more knowledge that interested him in this one day then he had in the past year of classes at his former school. He’d received a huge shock and let down once he gained a better understanding of his bloodline, only to be surprised that he have already understood how meditation might possibly work. Although Linlin didn’t explicitly tell Haru how big of an accomplishment it was, he’d already paid enough attention in class to know it would normally take them at least 6 months to 1 year if they were talented.

His father and Lily were already waiting for him outside the gates to pick him up. He was once again quiet on the way back, but Dillan didn’t push him into conversation. He was worried that perhaps he’d had the set back he had been expected since he’d found out about Haru’s bloodline, but Haru’s eyes weren’t out of focus and forlorn, there was a spark that gave him a look of self-determination that forced Dillan into a contemplative state.

Lily on the other hand had been speaking to them the entire time about the candies she most wanted to eat. “I want the cherry one., the blueberry one, oh oh! I also want the green one! The green one is the bestest!”

None of them noticed that from the very start they had received a lot of strange stares from the people in their surroundings, with someone following from behind until they reached their home.

When they returned home, Haru immediately went to his room and quickly went over everything he’d learned in class today before deciding to give meditation a try again.

Haru sat straight up in his bed, with his legs crossed trying to calm his breathing and thoughts. Returning to tranquil state of thoughtlessness and focusing on only the memory and feeling of what he’d experienced that afternoon.

He subconsciously felt his heart beat slightly faster and faster, and this form of excitement would normally prevent a person from being able to meditate but he felt an instinctive feeling it was the exact opposite for him. The more excited his body seem to grow, his heart beating faster and faster the more at ease his mind became. He started feeling the minute changes in his body growing incredibly clearer until he felt himself being swallowed up by that sea of blood again.

When submerged in this sea of blood, Haru could only feel. It was only as he grew more accustomed to the ‘feeling’ of floating that he started to notice he couldn’t smell, he couldn’t really see, as his eyes were closed, with his head partially submerged into the blood as his body floated he wasn’t sure if he could barely hear his surroundings or whether there was nothing to hear at all. It became clear to him that the only sense that truly remained was his sense of touch. He could feel everything on his skin, and within his body.

The blood very gradually seemed to become thicker, heavier, as it pressed on his body.

He immersed himself in that feeling until he was stirred awake by something. He came to his senses to find Lily yelling in front of his face “Brother! Why couldn’t you hear me! I said the food is ready! It’s dinner! It’s dinner!”

Haru starred at her unmoving, not because he wasn’t shocked but because for a few moments after coming back, he felt his body, every single part including his tongue and lips so unbearably heavy he simply couldn’t react. It was a near suffocating feeling, that seemed to suddenly go away.

It left him a little breathless and anxious but in front of his smiling sister he could only smile back “Okay… I’m coming.”

At the corner of the room Dillan stared wide eyed at his son. When he’d heard Lily yelling nonstop he decided to come in and find out what was going on only to be caught jaw-agape as he realized his son had successfully entered a meditative state. From his very expression, it would seem clear to a knowledgeable person that he seemed to recognize the importance of such a deed.

“Haru. Did you just enter meditation?” Dillan wanted to confirm.

“That’s right dad! It’s the second time too, I more or less managed to do it once at the academy too. Even the teacher seemed a bit impressed. See! I’m definitely going to become a powerful bloodline warrior! You just wait and see.” Haru said with renewed vigor, pride clearly evident in his voice.

Dillan was startled as he considered Haru’s accomplishment ‘In only one day, my son managed to grasp the key to meditation? My son… He’s definitely talented in the area of perception. If only…’

Seeing his dad look at him with such surprise made up for the bit of disappointment Haru had felt from his dad a few days before.

“Hah. That’s great Ruru. It’s only natural that my son’s comprehension abilities would be top notch. Otherwise I’d wonder if you were really mine haha”

Haru smirked “Of course! I’m definitely of Seishin blood!”

Dillan patted his son on the head. He could tell he hadn’t praised his son enough these past few days. “Being talented is a good thing, but one needs to know when to be humble. Managing to meditate on the first day can be considered quite the accomplishment, but you cannot let it go to your head. If you begin bragging about this, it will only lead to trouble. Do you hear me?

“Of course dad! Teacher said something similar too.” Haru smiled at his father.

Soon after the entire family gathered to eat dinner. Haru’s appetite seemed to have grown after his awakening. It happened for most children who’d awakened their bloodline, but luckily for them Lily wasn’t a glutton. She was picky, and was only a bottomless hole when it came to treats and sweets.

After eating dinner and taking a bath, Haru said good night to his parents and began trying to meditate again. Although he felt apprehensive towards some of the feelings he had during and after meditation, he was determined to grow stronger. The only path open to him was to continue forwards and slowly gain insights into why he experienced a meditative state different than other people.

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