BD: Chapter 6 – Meditation

Chapter 6 – Meditation

Embryonic, Common, Rare, Variant, Legend, Myth, Unique

Linlin continued “Of course this much makes. What some of you may know, is that two you for example… Could both have common rank bloodlines but be valued with a difference of heaven and earth!”

The children who were highly succeptible to changes in tones much less these hard truths were instantly shocked.

“Let me give you an example…” Looking down at his list, he seemed to survey the information before continuing.

“If two of you had common rank bloodlines, but one of you had a wolf bloodline and one of you had a pig bloodline. Well there’s little that has to be said. Wolf bloodlines are highly respected and valued by the government. It’s not due to their voracity, or battle power… But one of their innate abilities that *all* wolf bloodlines have. Those with a wolf bloodline will easily unlock the ability to create or enter and then communicate mentally even across vast distances with any of those in their “Pack”

The children’s eyes were shining by this point and one of students even valiantly raised his hand.

The teacher gave him a quick glance, but due it being the first day and the child following his instruction he chose not to ignore him “I can only guess you want to know about special abilities?”

The child nodded while forgetting to put his hand down. This was something most people had a vague idea about, but without proper instruction could only speculate.

“I’ll get to that. Just as I’ve just described one of the abilities of a wolf. Let me tell you, not once in the history of our continent has someone been born with a pig bloodline that has turned out to possess a special ability. It is the equivalent of trash or worthless bloodline. In fact, I was once in school with another student with a pig bloodline and we used to have a running joke because he worked so hard to stay skinny ‘Keep putting weight, that way you’ll taste better once we roast you’ it was a little cruel… But I just want you all to understand the harsh truths of this world.”

Linlin was being cruel, but it was also his only form of mercy he had for these children. Looking at the list, he’d already found a student with what he considered a worthless bloodline. Instead of allowing this child to wallow in self-delusion and be inflicted emotional and physical torment Linlin thought it best to burst that bubble now. These children were still young, only 10. This was still the perfect age to pick the most suitable path for a child, resources could be wasted but time could not.

‘Time is the only thing these children will never get back once it’s gone.’ He thought to himself as he gazed at them.

“Now, the basics.

Embryonic bloodlines are those so weakened, that it can barely be considered a bloodline. A ‘bloodline’ is a peak existence hiding within your cells, waiting to intermingle in your blood. Once it fully awakens, your bodies will change into those that ordinary humans can never compare with. Whether in terms of speed, strength, endurance, agility, tenacity, these are all forms of superiority which a normal person at his peak will forever be at a disadvantage by. An embryonic bloodline is a bloodline not at its peak, at its infancy, watered down and weak. Even if it mixes and awakens completely, what you will gain will never truly surmount to much.”

Without realizing it he had already glanced at Haru as he finished his sentence. Linlin considered himself professional so once he did, he immediately glanced away and gave a few students a few long hard looks.

“A common bloodline can be good or bad, useful or not. It is only referred too as common because it can be seen quite often amongst those with bloodlines. It also means these are bloodlines from beasts that will likely have high numbers in the wild.

A rare bloodline is much the same, good or bad, possibly useful. It’s rare, less seen, less common. In some cases valued higher.

A variant bloodline is perhaps the type of bloodline with the most range. It can range from worthless to extremely powerful. It is a mix of different creatures creating something usually recognizable but unique in its own way. These are usually much more highly valued by the government and factions due to the worth they’ve shown in the past. Some of the greatest heroes of our country have been those with variant bloodlines!

Lastly, I won’t say much about legend and myth bloodlines. In your lifetimes you will likely never come across anybody with one of these. They are virtually never seen. I’ll leave it at that.”

The children were digesting this information as one of them remembered the previous words and whispered “What about Unique?”

Linlin’s ears pricked up but he did not berate the child. He hadn’t actually interrupted or yelled “That is not something you need to know about.”

The child’s eyes widened as he shut his mouth. Everyone in the class had a cold shiver passed through them as they instantly wondered just how good their teacher’s hearing was.

The rest of the day passed by quietly as Linlin explained to them how they would progress for the next three years and the type of information they would learn. He also explained to all that those with spirit power would have the option of focusing solely on training their spiritual power through meditation and had the option to skip bloodline physical courses, meant to strengthen their bodies and improve their speed and endurance. Spirit power is what dictated whether someone walking down that path would succeed, at such a pivotal point in these young children’s lives they would naturally be given the opportunity to focus on this one thing if that was their choice.

Later on after going through a basic introduction to their education. Linlin finally began showing the children how to meditate. What positions would normally work best, how to enter a meditative state, what to do afterwards, and most importantly. For those talented enough to enter into a meditative state within the next few weeks, how to then recreate the same sensation and do it again.

It wasn’t too uncommon for a student to get lucky, enter a meditative state, lose focus and not be able to do it again for a very long time. Thus it was important to cover all of this before letting them all try.

*sigh* ‘Talent is indeed truly rare’ Linlin thought to himself as he watched the children put their best effort into meditation, but some of them directly fell asleep, others were too anxious, no matter where he looked, everybody was just failing to live up to his expectations.

‘This kid isn’t even trying! Worthless is worthless.’ Linlin thought to himself as he passed Haru was staring at the ground while sitting down, deep in thought.

“That… That is most likely why the instructor dismissed me. It’s because I probably have an embryonic ranked bloodline… Does this mean I won’t be able to become a bloodline warrior after all?’ Haru’s mind was in turmoil. It was a far greater setback than it was initially. Now there was far less pressure on himself, and he also had a better understanding of his situation. In his heart, he couldn’t help but consider his options.

He even doubted himself for a moment before resolving his will ‘No! I’m going to become a bloodline warrior! So what if I don’t get as many benefits as others? I’ll still succeed! I’ll just work harder than anyone else!’

“Haru is it?? Focus. Someone in your position should be putting in more effort if he wants to have any hope of not failing.” Linlin passed by Haru and although he didn’t whisper, he kept his tone low. The classroom was pin-drop quiet and so, quite a few students heard his harsh words.

Haru’s gaze slowly lifted until he made eye contact with Linlin not a single shred of doubt in himself at that moment.

Linlin was the first to break their gaze. ‘Psh. Put up a strong front now then why don’t you.’

Shaking his head, he walked away.

Haru finally at peace with his thoughts paid no attention to his teacher’s words.

Closing his eyes, he let his mind wander. He wasn’t positive of what he should be doing, but unlike the other commoner students, he already had an idea in mind. He started trying to focus on the sensation from before, from his dream. Even though it had all but faded away, something about it has inevitably stirred strong feelings from within him.

After only a few minutes Haru felt a strange feeling overcoming him. It felt similar to something he’d experienced before. Being swallowed up, except it was happening to him willingly. He could himself floating in a sea of blood but his body was limp and his mind calm. Haru’s eyes were closed but he felt like he could see everything going on around him leaving him confused but at peace.

“Class is over. You may all go now.” Linlin said loudly, but the children had already sprung to their feet before he’d finished the words. ‘Enthusiastic about leaving?’

There was only one child still sitting down in a cross legged position looking utterly at peace.

‘Faker. But, at least he’s trying’ Linlin thought as he walked up to him and put his finger on Haru’s forehead ‘Let’s see what you do now’

Linlin pushed Haru with his finger and without even as so much as the slightest bit of effort Haru’s body crumbled backwards waking him up “Wha-What?” Haru was suddenly completely alert. His mind was even slightly disturbed at being recalled so suddenly.

Linlin’s eyes widened as for a brief moment he wondered whether Haru had truly been meditating.

“What did you just experience…?”

Haru hesitated for a moment as he thought about the sea of blood and whether that was normal or not. He already knew that if he said such a thing to his mother she would probably worry.

‘Plus… The teacher didn’t mention anything like that before…’ finally Haru made up his mind.

“I was floating in a sea, it felt really peaceful. I felt like I was at peace” he said intermingling the truth with a lie of omission.

Linlin’s eyes widened so large that they were as wide as saucers. Even his mouth was slightly agape.

“You… That’s successfully entering a superficial form of meditation.”

Haru’s eyes widened a bit but not by much. After experiencing it for himself, he’d already come to the conclusion that it must have been meditation. Moreover, he didn’t quite fully realize what an amazing feat it was to enter a state of meditation on his first try.

“Have you meditated before? Did you parents teach you anything”? Linlin hurriedly asked.

“No.” Haru shook his head.

Linlin’s expressions changed various times before turning stern again as he got his surprise under control ‘This kid… He might be some type of genius.’

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