GT Release & Update

Good Evening!

As promised, the weekly GT release: Chapter 152 – Four Months

Promotion Update: Thank you to all of the fans who’ve taken the time to go to and vote for GT 🙂 It means a lot to me, it’s more than just one click (It’s a few). The votes are up to 80! It needs to hit 100 for an additional free chap, so get on it people! 🙂

God’s Trials – Extra Chapters Promotion

Similar to the promotion I set up when I first started my site, I mentioned this in an earlier post but thought it best to dedicate a specific post to the “Promotion”.

Support GT by voting for God’s Trials on <TopWebFiction>

I’d very much appreciate the votes, and I’ll make the effort to reciprocate to my fans.

Every week GT’s votes hit/pass 100, I’ll include an extra weekly chapter. On top of the regular chapter(s) for the week.