GT Chapter 153 & 154 Releases!

Good Evening, haaaah… Super late lol I know, but still at least it’s finally out.

Two chapters of God’s Trials… FEAST!

<Chapter 153 – Marcos’s Predicament (Part 1)>


<Chapter 154 – Marcos’s Predicament (Part 2)>

I think I may still be a chapter behind or on par, so I’ll try to get one more out by the weekend. 🙂

BD: Chapter 31 Release & GT Update

Good Afternoon All!

Fourth BD Release of the week: BD: Chapter 31 – Sight Seeing Training (Part 4)

PS: I know a lot of GT fans are fuming about the lack of steady releases. I do apologize, but even one chapter a week has been tough with the other facets of my life going on, and what little writing focus I normally have gets focused on the BD chapters.

I’m sure plenty of fans that can stick through both stories will enjoy the cross over portions though 🙂

I will release 2 chapters of GT today. Already finished the first and the second is being hashed out, I’m planning on releasing both at the same time.

BD Chapters 26 & 27 Releases

Special good afternoon!

So here’s the sitch. I left for a trip on Weds directly after work. I just got home from a layover but I’m leaving again (not work related so not taking my laptop). I will be back around Thurs.

Therefore I am going to post a double release today! I planned on doing it last Weds but didn’t get the chance.

Expect radio-silence from me until Thurs-Fri, and then look forward to awesomeness in written-form!

Enjoy (and see you in a week)!

<BD: Chapter 26 – Grief>

<BD: Chapter 27 – Promises>