Chapter 161 & 162 Release

Good Evening all!

I bet you all thought I wouldn’t release my scheduled chapter today eh…?

Wrong! 🙂 Anyways, lame not really joking aside I would like to say; Thank you to Jon. H. (I shortened the name for privacy) for donating & subscribing to my patreon 🙂

Due to his donation… I felt a little extra motivated today… And so instead of ending my chapter on a cliff which you fans are soooo keen on having more of…. I decided to post an additional chapter to bring the this set of chapters to a head.

<Chapter 161 – Details & Deals (Part 2)> & <Chapter 162 – Details & Deals (Part 3)>

Those keeping up will know, we’re in full plot swing at this point and I will be bringing a lot of small details to fruition 🙂

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