Chapter 123 Release!

Good Morning fellow crazed-for-chapter people ^^

Releasing the new chapter of GT! WOO!

Chapter 123 – Acceptance & Rejection (Part 1)

Day off (sort-off) today compared to my regular routine and seeing as how I’ll be tied down with limited ability to do much else, I think I should be able to focus and get some recreational-writing done ^^

I’m planning to release another chapter later today (as this is one of those multiple-part chapters). So I want to write the second part that goes along with this chapter and release it asap. I will also hopefully write some of what I’ll be releasing later this week (should be possible). My aim is to write enough to be able to lay down the foundation to release a few chapters in the next few days despite limited time.

I’ve had some more fans ask about a schedule and about releases. I’ve previously addressed this as best as I can. I am doing a lot of things at the moment and a chapter a week is likely the best I can do (so around 1 chapter per 7 days) this week will likely be an exception to that. If you want me to say “I will release said chapter on Monday” or something like that then I can only disappoint you. I can either lie and say I will release a chapter on a specific day and then fail to meet that deadline knowingly (as I can only write when I find the time and the times I find to write are sporadic at the moment) or I can tell you what I’ve told you so far, I’ll aim to (even while swamped by a bunch of things) release a chapter every 7 or so days, whenever I can. If I do better, I will do better.

I can’t say at what times or what days for now, so check back whenever you can ^^



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