Chapter 118 Release

I was away, didn’t mean for it to happen but sometimes that’s just how it goes. Priorities and all ya know?

Apologies to the fans that do like my story and read daily 😦

Chapter 118 Arrival (Part 2) Here’s a chapter

I’m behind and I read a post that I agree with. I’ve been so focused on getting this and that done that I’m not too happy with the quality of my writing and the story itself. I am likely going to re-outline to try and connect what I had in mind (that’s good) with where I currently am this week. I think I might come out with less chapters but make them better. I don’t want to turn into one of those online writers that write this and that solely to hit a word count.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 118 Release

  1. take your time, just next time leave a little note or so if possible ^^ and dont let your own schedule hold you down, we just want to know that the story continues (atleast i want to xD)
    Epic work so far!!!

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  2. No worries man, just don’t let it die. It’s too good a story and I’ll continue to check regularly for releases. Don’t mind less chapters either if they continue to be as good.

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