Chapter 110 Release

Good Evening you guys (and yes, it’s not evening for most of you. It’s 4am for me, but this is the only time I have to write. So therefore it’s when I write lol)

First regular release of this week, more chapters coming later today.

110 Polite Conversations (Part 1)

The plan is to post 3 chapters by Mon morning. We’ll see how that goes lol

Best case scenario I do, worst case scenario I only knock out one more chapter. Most probable scenario is I manage to knock out two chapters and leave an extra meaning next week I would aim to post 7 total and therefore one a day.

I appreciate the readers who follow and take the time to keep up with the story, but please do keep in mind I do this for free and none of these chapters are sponsored. This is my free time that I use up to write and post. So try to bear that in mind and leave some room for leniency 🙂

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