100 Chapters and counting.

How many writers can say they’ve written 100 chapters or more? Apparently I can starting today.

Okay… First off we crossed 100 Followers (reached 109) so that’s pretty big, it’s the first benchmark of many to come I hope! 🙂

Secondly… Today marks a pretty big benchmark for myself as a writer. I actually didn’t know I had it in me to to write a story (with no gains thus far) and stick with it to 100 chapters. I’m pretty impressed with myself lol It brings me a strange sense of satisfaction and accomplishment 🙂

I now present you, the 100th Chapter!

Chapter 100 The Hundred Years – Seventeen Years (Part 6)

I’m pretty excited and I wanted to do something special, I had a few ideas but in the end I figured the thing readers would appreciate the most… Would be more content! So I’ll post an additional chapter this week to commemorate 100 chapters and counting. This one was also a chunk longer than the average chapter.

This will finally mark the last Hannah chapter for a bit, the focus will now be focused on resolving the last few conflicts left!

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