GT Chapter 83 Release & More

The 4th Chapter of the week:

Chapter 83 – Bull-Wind Forest (Part 3) Has now been released! Woo!

Multiple Announcements:

For those interested, I will likely be releasing another chapter of Slime Emperor later on today.

Also, I finally found a little extra inspiration to write a chapter for DSoF. Once I get on a roll and write a few chapters I will begin posting. I’m hoping to have a clear idea for where I want to go with that story by the end of the month. If I do I can begin posting chapters left and right and get the story off the ground!

I am also considering beginning to release 5 chapters a week. Originally I settled on three chapters but very quickly released it was demoralizing to slow down my pace so much from 7-8 chapters a week. I do feel like the writing is easier and to some degree better… I at least think I am correcting more of my typos at least (for the most part). Therefore I switched it to 4 chapters a week after just one week.

Now I’m beginning to think I should perhaps change it to 5 chapters a week. Increase the pace just a bit more…

What do you all think?

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