Chapter 82 Release!

Chapter 82 Release!!!

Third release of the week.

Chapter 82 Lumea City – Bull-Wind Forest (Part 2)

Also, in other news. I have another novel I will be releasing the first chapters of later in the week. I wanted to try my hand at writing something with a more light hearted feel to it. I started today and I’ll post some chapters once I’ve posted the regular four chapters of GT.

I’ve also removed the welcome post as a sticky. It seems it was too inconvenient for a lot of people. I’ll figure out what to do with it later on, as for now it’s just back to normal and at the bottom of the pile.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 82 Release!

  1. Can you make the sticky so to read it you have to expand it? Have to scroll through it when I refresh on mobile FeelsBadMan

    Also reminder that “Comment”, “Name”, “Email”, “Website” text is still overlapping with written text in those boxes. It’s the text that is supposed to dissappear when you start writing and it does but when you select a new box it reappears and overlap


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