Chapter 67 Cheating Death – Decisions (Part 3)

Chapter 67 Cheating Death – Decisions (Part 3)


Daichi knew he couldn’t save her. Hannah was going to die.

As he came to that realization, Daichi finally understood that Tael had driven him into a corner.

If this was all one big game to him. Why not just kill me? Why do all this? What’s the point?

Wondering what Tael’s motives could possibly be, Daichi finally stopped trying to think of the why of it all and tried to come up with a solution.

The feeling of being trapped in a corner started to spread through Daichi as he began to lose the will to act like something he wasn’t. Finally casting aside the effort he was putting into trying to be something he wasn’t, he cast Hannah a cold look.

Daichi’s gaze bore into her as he came to the only conclusion he had at his disposal.

Choosing to focus his mind on the present.

Daichi looked towards the future as he tried to calculate the possibilities of what his actions in the next few minutes could result in. Calculating his chances of survival, Daichi made up his mind to follow through with what he’d decided.

After making up his mind, he walked over to Ava and tried to scoop her up under her neck and knees as his knuckles scraped across the ground in an effort to lift her weight gently.

Daichi lifted her up and then slowly carried her over to place her beside Hannah.

He cast her one last glance before staring at Kaden’s back for a second. Then leaned down and whispered to Hannah, “I’m going to bring Kaden over. Once I do, I am going to pull the daggers out and let you say your goodbyes. Be quick about it.”

Pulling back so that she could look right at him, Daichi tried to convey his the seriousness of his words with a look, as he moved away from her toward Kaden.

Kaden had returned to being oblivious to his surroundings but as he felt fingertips coming into contact with his shoulders, Kaden trembled and jumped away as if shocked at that slight touch.

Staring up at Daichi in horror, Kaden looked like his mind had been broken.

Instead of trying to bring him back, Daichi just said what he thought Kaden needed to hear, “I think I can save Hannah, so stop moving.”

Kaden’s whole body trembled at those words as disbelief and hope crossed his eyes and expression simultaneously.

Ignoring Kaden’s expression, Daichi reached forward to place his hand on Kaden’s shoulder again. Daichi waited for him to pull back but was pleasantly surprised when Kaden sat stock still.

Closing his eyes, Daichi willed his mind to try and sense the mana in Kaden’s body. Something he had never tried to do to someone else before.

Shockingly without putting much effort in, he felt something so strong that it seemed to repel his mind. Forcing his eyes open and hand away from Kaden. Daichi felt a huge current run through his hand as if he’d been forcefully shocked, but that pain paled in comparison to his throbbing head.

Daichi’s mind felt as if it had been shocked in much the same way as his hand, except it had been completely defenseless when it happened. Struggling to stop himself from staggering. Daichi gritted his teeth as he sat down and tried to calm his mind from reeling.

Coming to state of calm, the throbbing pain in his head came down to a barely pain.

Daichi had tried to look for whatever seal Tael had placed on Kaden to try and see where he stood. He had never imagined that even trying to do that would nearly get him killed.

Considering the amount of energy that seal had within Kaden, Daichi shuddered to think about the amount of mana Tael must have coursing through his body. The very thought made Daichi involuntarily shudder.

Kaden merely continued to look at him, as the hope in his eyes faltered and flickered faintly.

Staring at Kaden right in the eyes, Daichi finally spoke “I can save her.”

Kaden eyes widened as tears threatened to make their way out again as Daichi stopped him in his tracks, “But…” turning around and glancing at Hannah. Daichi stood up and moved forwards and bent over to whisper in Kaden’s ear as Kaden’s eyes flickered with a slew of emotions before settling on what looked like relief.

Daichi straightened up and walked back to Hannah. Kaden stayed still as he looked at Hannah with a look of happiness that seemed to be coming from every bit of his soul.

Kaden knew he could never wash away the shame, disgust and pain for what he’d done. Even if he didn’t mean to do it, even if he didn’t have a choice. In Kaden’s mind it didn’t matter. It was *his* hands, he did it. He wasn’t strong enough to stop that guy from controlling him, from turning him into a puppet and from making him hurt his sister. Over and over again.

Instead of trying to forget those thoughts, Kaden’s mind focused on the memory of every scratch, cut, scrape, he’d inflicted on Hannah. The most important person still in his life, his last bit of family and the person he owed the most.

Kaden thought back to how much Hannah had taken care of him before their parents had passed. Then how much more she had to do after they died. She’d been the rock he’d needed, and he’d never thanked her. Never the way he would have wanted too someday.

Instead today, the closest they’d come to death and it was at his hands.

I will never forgive myself for what I’ve done. It’s inexcusable.

I will never let you forgive me Hannah. I don’t deserve it.

Kaden stared as Daichi pulled the daggers out of her chest in quick succession as he came to his senses and mind his wandered from his memories to the now as he got off the ground and dashed forward throwing himself on the ground next to her as he lifted her up and pressed her body against his in a hug.

“I am so so sorry. I will never forgive myself for this. I didn’t want too, I was breaking with every single twitch of my fingers. I don’t expect you to ever forgive me. Actually I do, because you’re the amazing sister that has always been there for me. Every time I ever needed you whether I knew it or not, you were there for me. I know you would forgive me, maybe already forgive me. I won’t let you. I don’t deserve to be forgiven.” Kaden continued to speak not letting Hannah say a word until he finished.

“I forgive… you. You… know I … do. I … love you… It… wasn’t… your fault… Make… sure you… survive… Kaden.” Hannah choked out the words as the blood filled her lungs and throat as she struggled to breathe while speaking what she knew were her last words.

Daichi only stared at Kaden’s face and the back of Hannah’s head as he wondered what it would be like to love someone like that. Wondering what it would be like to feel anything like that.

A sliver of him even wondered what it would be like to be loved like that by someone.

Thinking back to his own childhood Daichi couldn’t think of anyone. He’d never had anyone. He’d had his father.

He’d only ever had his father, and because he was smart. So smart that had he ever tried or showed off what he could do, he would have been labeled a prodigy.

Daichi had come to understand when he was a very young child, that the look in his father’s eyes when he stared at him was blame, blame that had blossomed into hate. His father loathed him from the bottom of his heart. Blamed him for something he’d never meant to do, that could never have truly been his fault.

When he’d come to understand that, something had snapped inside of him.

Thinking back, that was perhaps the day he’d felt himself become so detached. It was that day that his mind began to wander and focus on the abstract rather than the things around him.

Perhaps he was just putting two-and-two together and the two were unrelated. Maybe he’d always been the way he was now and he was just looking for a reason. Something to make things make sense. Daichi wasn’t sure and it didn’t matter after then.

His father had tried afterwards, at least Daichi thinks he did. He’d certainly focused on teaching him so many things that he didn’t have too. Although after he’d come to that realization about his father, he’d no longer paid attention to him ever again. He stopped making eye contact with him, he had stopped randomly thinking about what his father thought or felt.

The only things related to his father that he’d ever thought about from that point forward were the words he spoke to him and the things he’d learned from him.

Thinking about this, Daichi felt as if he’d suddenly understood himself a lot better. He’d forgotten… He’d forgotten why he’d turned so cold and shut the world out.

Why he had tuned everybody and everything out and decided to live in his own mind.

Coming out of his own memories and realizations, Daichi stared at the tear stained face looking back up at him.

Looking at Kaden’s expression of pure grief and pain. Daichi felt his respect for Kaden grow if only a little.

Daichi understood one thing. Even if he didn’t have all the pieces of why he was the way that he was, he knew that he would never be able to do what Kaden was doing.

Taking a few steps forward, Daichi reached out and placed his hand on Kaden’s forehead as he activated his Life Release: Aura ability. Instantly Kaden’s entire body began to glow and light up. Visible waves of golden light emitting from his body in a way Daichi had never seen.

As he backed up with wide eyes, Daichi took a second to think about what this could be caused by. Either there was something special about Kaden or this was due to the mana and seal placed inside of him by Tael.

Steeling his mind, Daichi merely continued to watch.

I didn’t even tell him that he was going to die either way. A little part of me was hoping that I would need too, I didn’t know I was so petty. Instead I only had to whisper the words and he jumped at the opportunity. Even as I reached out to touch him slowly, his gaze never faltered.

Daichi stared straight at Kaden as a look of relief was evident in his expression as he mouthed the words at Daichi but didn’t make a noise.

Hannah’s whole body was filled a warm sensation as her cloudy mind slowly came to her senses. Slowly as her vision un-blurred. She began to feel her skin tingling and her entire body growing stronger, the weakness and pain fading away rapidly. Confused as to what was happening, she felt Kaden’s arms wrapped around her tighten even further into a bear hug.

Feeling something was desperately wrong. Hannah tried to wriggle free, and Kaden’s arms wouldn’t budge. Understanding dawning on her as she recalled the words Daichi muttered into her ears, “I’m going to bring Kaden over. Once I do, I am going to pull the daggers out and let you say your goodbyes. Be quick about it.”

Hannah’s entire mind was reeling as understanding finally dawned on her and a fury she hadn’t felt the entire time she was being tortured ignited in a part of her she normally kept buried deep within her.

Why the hell would he do this!? He should have just let me die! This wasn’t my choice! I didn’t chose this! If Daichi did this I am going to kill him I’ll kill him!

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