Chapter 66 Cheating Death – Decisions (Part 2)

Chapter 66 Cheating Death – Decisions (Part 2)

Stepping forward and out of the woods Daichi stared at Hannah.

Daichi could barely recognize her face. Her entire body was dyed red from the cuts all over her. Her face half peeled off as she lay on the floor with both of Kaden’s daggers stabbed through her chest and sticking out through her back.

If it weren’t for Kaden kneeling right beside her weeping profusely he wouldn’t have even guessed. Kaden sat kneeling beside Hannah with his hands covering his face as he sobbed his entire body trembling.

Kaden looked lost in grief as Daichi looked around and saw Ava, completely pale in a pool of her own blood.

Not sure in how to proceed, Daichi just stared at the scene before him before things clicked into place.

Obviously Tael had planned everything, and if Hannah and Ava died there was probably no way for him to save Kaden.

His entire body stiff, Daichi realized this was a trap after all. The second the others died, Tael would kill him next.

Moving forward no longer held back by hesitation Daichi moved towards Ava. As he placed two fingers on his wrists, he tried to find a pulse but found nothing. Realizing her blood loss may have just made her pulse too weak to feel at her wrists, he was about to try her neck as he looked closer at the blood.

She’d used her own melt skill to cauterize the wound completely burning through her entire neck. The sight of it made Daichi stop mid-motion. He would never have imagined Ava had the will to do something like this. Pushing past the moment of shock, he felt around her neck and stifled an immediate discomfort at the feel of her burnt skin as his fingers moved about the dried blood on her neck trying to find a vein.

Finally finding something, Daichi realized she wasn’t dead.

She’s not dead! What the hell! She’s still alive!? Damn it Ava, this is crazy. How are you still alive?

Amazed by her will to live, Daichi felt some hope welling up inside of him before he began to wonder how he was possibly going to save her.

Shit. If she dies, then it doesn’t matter that she made it this far!

Trying to think of something but coming up short and empty, Daichi looked at Ava and settled on her hand. Seeing the ring on her finger, Daichi slipped it off using some of the blood that hadn’t dried as a lubricant.

Pulling it off and slipping it onto his pinky, Daichi looked through it’s contents trying to find something, anything that might help. Finding nothing, Daichi let out a snort of frustration. Even he knew that aside from another healing potion, the only thing that would bring her out of this slump was blood but he didn’t even know if they were compatible.

Taking his eyes off Ava and getting up, Daichi moved towards Kaden and Hannah.

Kaden barely noticed his presence as he approached. It was only as he knelt down beside Hannah and was about to touch her that Kaden snapped out of his grief and roared at Daichi and pushed him backwards onto the ground.

Daichi did nothing to stop him and laid in the grass looking up at Kaden’s fierce expression.

“I’m trying to help. So why don’t you tell me what happened while I try to help her Kaden.” Daichi spoke calmly but with a very serious tone, ordering instead of asking.

At the very mention of how Hannah had ended up that way. Kaden’s expression turned into one of horror as he fell back onto his behind and crawled away from them a little. Kaden’s already reddened eyes, just stared at Daichi with disgust which Daichi couldn’t understand.

Kaden’s tears just streamed down his face as he clenched his hands into fists in the grass and continued to look at him with a look of repulsion before he brought his own hands up into his line of sight.

Seeing his own hands seemed to set off a trigger within Kaden as he turned to side and threw up. Emptying his entire stomach, Kaden’s face was a mixture of tears, puke and snot. Kneeling over the grass with his hands holding him up, Kaden just continued to cry, unable to look back.

Daichi stared confused and unable to understand. Until Hannah spoke out of softly with blood possibly pouring out of the sides of her mouth.

Daichi couldn’t tell based on the amount of blood everywhere, that it was hard to tell where the blood was coming from anymore.

“It wasn’t… your fault… He.. made… you… do it. It wasn’t… your fault…” Hannah could barely make the words out in a whisper as her throat welled up with blood, stopping her from doing anything but choking.

A lightbulb lit up over Daichi as realization struck him.

Staring at them with a mixture of awe and disgust. Daichi was shocked.

How did he do this? How did he get Kaden to do this? What kind of ability allows you to do this to someone?

Why would he even go through all of this trouble? What the hell is he playing at?

Daichi’s mind was reeling as he tried to tear himself away from his thoughts. Daichi simply didn’t understand Tael at all. Nothing he did or had done seemed to make any rational sense to him.

Turning his head to gaze at Hannah. Her wounds were extensive but most of them were superficial. Even superficial, there were so many that the blood loss alone would have been an issue… But with the knives embedding into her so deeply…

Daichi knew he couldn’t save her. Hannah was going to die.

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