Chapter 63 Cheating Death – Consequences (Part 7)

Chapter 63 Cheating Death – Consequences (Part 7)

Hannah could only stare in terror as Kaden stood unflinchingly rigid. Unmoving and unwavering after having killed the girl he’d called his future “wife” since he’d first seen her at school when they were kids.

Her eyes glazing over as tears pooled in her eyes, Hannah gritted her teeth in pain. Seeing her brother standing there, like a puppet. She felt the pain and indignation he should be feeling for him.

Finally tearing her gaze away from the last remaining family member left to her, she stared at the young man with a look so torn and angry that he looked back slightly surprised.

“Whoa. That made you angry eh?” Staring at her, merely amused by the seeping hatred in her eyes.

“Your friend is bleeding out… But it seems she’s fairly smart. She’s using her mana to staunch the blood flow. She’s likely just going to die slower… But kudos to her for making an effort.” Giving her a second to process what he’d just said, the young man continued

“So why don’t we see if you want to make an effort?” His left eyebrow tilted upwards wondering whether she’d sink into despair based on his words alone.

Instead he noticed her looking at him, unwavering with a look of defiance he wasn’t used to seeing after a lesser being had felt his presence.

Most being quaked in their skin when they saw him use even a touch of power, and under the threat of death they all begged for forgiveness, for leniency.

The look Hannah was giving him, made him all but certain she would do no such thing. She would rather die than beg for her life. Seeing the tears of hated still flowing down her cheeks though, his mind formed a new plan.

“Now now, don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t mean it’s your turn. Not yet anyways, I mean you’re still alive… This fellow is still alive… Would you like it to stay that way? No problem, just tell me what I want to know. Tell me who the other person who tried to hurt my cute little pets was. Tell me his name, tell me where he went. Tell me what I want to know.” his facial expression returning to one of nonchalance, as if her answer was all but a certainty that was of no consequence to him.

Hannah wanted to tell him to go to hell… But thinking about Ava struggling her hardest for a chance to live, doing her best. There was hope for her…

Kaden… I can’t let him die.

“My name is Hannah. This is Kaden. That is Ava. Our other friend’s name is Daichi. He ran off with another mare like you guessed. In fact, it’s more accurate to say that we left him behind. He attacked those bulls and when we realized what he’d done, how strong they were. We left with him sitting in front of them at their mercy.” Hannah spoke quickly, wanting to get the words out of her mouth as they left a sour taste the more she spoke

“He’s gone though. He is a rational person. He’ll leave and you won’t find him.” Hannah couldn’t help but throw those words in. She refused to simply be this person’s toy.

Merely looking at her with that same expression, the young man seemed to be considering her words.

After a few minutes of what seemed like casual deliberation…

“Okay! No problem. We’ll find out if he’s still in the area. My problem was with him… But maybe this can do as well. After all my pets just wanted some light retribution. Okay! So since he tried to hurt two of my pets then I will request two of your lives. Whether more die will depend on him hehe…” the young man said giving a light chuckle that seemed out of place with his unchanging expression.

“Two!? He only attacked one of them! One!” Hannah screamed at him realizing he wasn’t just going to let them go.

“Semantics.” the young man merely waved his hand at her while closing his eyes and turning around.

Seeing his actions, Hannah immediately considered trying to move forward and using her skill… One touch and perhaps she could end this and save them all..

Just as she was gathering her courage and about to make a move, she’d only moved a muscle but Kaden had already sprang forward appearing behind her as he brought his daggers to meet her neck holding her in place.

Hannah clenched her teeth, unable to do anything.


Now I can’t do anything! I can let Kaden kill me… And then he would never forgive himself… Or I can… No. That’s not even an option.

Damn it!!!!

Hannah could only let the stream of tears continue to drip down her cheek as her feeling of hatred towards this man could only coalesce into something she’d never forget. This feeling of helplessness was something she vowed at that second, that if she lived through this, she would never feel again.

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