Chapter 59 Cheating Death – Consequences (Part 3)

Chapter 59 Cheating Death – Consequences (Part 3)

Sitting in stupefaction Daichi comes to the realization that his mana just willed him out of his own space as if it possessed sentience.

Daichi only took a moment to realize that wasn’t possible… Coming to the only conclusion that made sense to him. Daichi realized there was definitely something within him, something that was now a part of him but that wasn’t before.

Feeling lost and disturbed by the knowledge and confirmation that he wasn’t himself anymore he sat in quiet thought without meditating for a few hours.

Deep in the dead of night, exhausted from his own train of thoughts as he wondered how he could make himself, himself again. Deciding to get a breath of fresh air, Daichi had worn himself out mentally as he’d sat in the stuffy cave with nothing but a corpse for company as he’d pondered whether he was who he was and who exactly it is that he was.

Walking out of the cave and as he glanced at the endless trees in the expanse of the forest Daichi stared up at the night sky. Unsure of himself and unable to trust his own judgment, Daichi was feeling a crisis of self.

Daichi was by all accounts still young, young enough to be considered a child by many. Yet… From an early age he had already possessed the self-confidence to decide for himself what his priorities were and it had given him a sense of self.

After the gods awakened, and the world changed for him. His goals, his decisiveness and his will to move forward replaced his previous sense of self as he had decided who he had wanted to be based on what he wanted to do.

Now Daichi was questioning all of this, unsure if his goals, his thoughts, his actions were not influenced by something else.

As he stared at the night sky he wondered how much was what he truly wanted, and whether he could really make that distinction anymore.

Feeling the night breeze gently pass him as his hair wavered a bit and his shirt rustled, Daichi couldn’t explain the almost instinctual feeling that made him look in the direction of a cliff to his right.

His gaze was almost pulled in that direction by some greater force, that knew better than him.

Standing on top of the cliff, so far that anyone without incredible eyesight would have missed her even if they were looking in her direction. Stood a girl so stunning that Daichi’s eyes opened wide as he all his previous worries and thoughts dissolved and melted away as he gazed upon her.

Suddenly Daichi had a thought. His mind telling him that the reason there were three moons instead of one was because of this creature before him. The universe was giving this beauty fairness and justice. Only by having more moonlight shine down on her could she really shine as she should.

Staring at her still in a daze, his eyes roamed about her features. Wandering from her porcelain-like skin to her straight nose and long lashes that drew attention to her already noteworthy light crimson eyes that seemed to glow in the moonlight. Perfectly framed by the bangs on her forehead whose ends met her eyes.

Wearing a simple black dress, with pieces of leather armor on her forearms, waist, and thighs she stood staring up at the sky. Taking her hand and tucking a long stand of her wavy, flowing white hair and tucking it behind her ear. Daichi’s focus was drawn to the blue ribbon in her big pony tail. Even with the pony tail her hair went down to the middle of her back as it gently wavered in the breeze.

She suddenly turned to the side to glance at Daichi. Daichi continued to stare unable to think clearly as his eyes were now solely focused on her full pink lips, she was his very picture of perfection.

Daichi stared at this woman-like painting of a goddess brought to life as she stared right back at him with an expression so forlorn that made him feel a twinge he’d never felt before in his chest.

She only glanced at him, but that one look, that one second was enough to make him feel as if she’d seen right through is soul and everything he’d ever been and would ever be.

They gazed at one another for what felt like an eternity, as Daichi memorized her face forever in his mind before she turned around and seemed to disappear with that one movement.

Daichi’s entire body shuddered as he felt emptiness. An emptiness had become familiar with that suddenly felt different than it ever had before.

Daichi took a step forward without even realizing. His instincts were telling him to go after that girl, to find her, that something about her was important.

Not important to anyone, but to him specifically.

After taking a few steps Daichi realizes he’d been moving forward and stops himself. His confusion having only grown, he feels even more lost than before he’d seen her.

Daichi had felt he was lost in an ocean before, now he felt as if he was lost in a world. An entire world with only himself and his thoughts and maybe someone else inside of him.

Clenching his teeth, frustration building up Daichi walked back to the cave walking past the the taller mare without so much as a glance as he plopped himself down into a cross legged position and entered a meditative state.

Many years later Daichi would come to realize how important this “chance” encounter had been, how pivotal this moment had been for his destiny and just how his life would change from merely glancing at this mysterious girl.

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