Chapter 47 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 7)

Chapter 47 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 7)

Daichi had run towards the woods in the hope that they would slow the troll down. It was far larger than he was and less lithe and able to move in between the smaller trees with the same ease.

Unfortunately Daichi didn’t take into account that the troll was dying and it realized it. The troll swung with reckless abandon destroying everything in it’s path. Its only goal being to kill Daichi painfully before its own death.

Running forward a thick branch from over head came into Daichi’s view. Immediately thinking of using it to his advantage he kept running with the same speed with the troll hot on his tail until just a meter before reaching it he dove underneath.

Not able to react in time the Troll lord ran into the thick branch cracking it off the tree with his momentum but being knocked back onto the ground as well.

Daichi rolled over and got back on his feet and pounced on the troll stabbing both swords into his chest where it’s heart should be.

The troll’s thick muscle stopped the blades from going in too thick, more than a few inches as it realized the audacity this little being had at trying to attack him even now.

Realizing the Troll lord was smaller but had thicker muscles than the other trolls he’d encountered up to this point, Daichi pulled one of his blades out and grabbing it with both hands stabbed it into the troll’s left eye with all the force he could muster. Jamming it through it’s eye socked and into it’s skull.

The troll stopped twitching as it’s life energy continued to pour almost instantly like an ocean instead of slowly like before. Daichi felt that glorious feeling he’d felt after killing his first demon. Wrapped around this energy, he could feel some of his mana regenerating and his life being replenished.

Looking down at the dead troll, Daichi took a moment to admire his work. Then thinking about how he had not been particularly hurt to this point… Daichi wondered whether when he killed something with his Life Aura ability, and he had no injuries to heal whether there were other effects that happened instead. Since he wouldn’t have to regenerate cell damage, did his life expectancy increase?

Wondering that for a second, Daichi eyes widened as he felt a crippling pain running down his fine as he collapsed onto the ground into a seizure. His entire body convulsing out of his control for almost a full minute.

When Daichi finally regained control of his body, he cold feel cold sweat all over his forehead and back as he gasped for air. He felt both refreshed and terrified for a second. He could physically tell his body was slightly different, which must have meant that he’d undergone some serious increases after killing this creature… At the same time came to a realization. If he killed and took in the essence of a monster or beast so far above him that he couldn’t handle the change in his body… It was possible he could die… Or at very least be forcibly changed from a human into something else…

Still on top the troll, Daichi stayed put without moving until all of the troll’s aura had dissipated into the air.

Embracing the feeling of being refreshed, Daichi noticed that even all of the small cuts and bruises he’d gained from walking in the forest these past few days were gone with a hint of ever being there.

Feeling very rewarded, Daichi walked forward considering the benefits of his previous choice.

Daichi had known that in order for the group to continue to be useful they would need to improve themselves, especially since he had far surpassed them due to his extra battles and learned skills.

When they had entered into the forest. Daichi had decided that helping them become stronger was a necessity but that it should not be more important than his own progress. Struggling with what decision to make, they had stumbled upon two trolls very early on.

Those trolls gave Daichi an idea. He would become strong without leveling up. Daichi would help the others increase their levels and kill monsters while staying as low leveled as possible. In doing so, Daichi could benefit from killing other lower leveled monsters that were still 10 levels stronger (with the assistance) of the group and gain stat bonuses along the way.

On top of which, if he allowed the others to kill most of the monsters and helped in the process, he would be able to claim any kill. Especially with their soft hearted demeanor.

If he could could gain an additional 5 or 10 stats at every level. Every level increase for him would be the same as 10 levels for the others. He could make them stronger while increasing is own strength exponentially while leaving the largest room for growth.

Getting off the troll, Daichi began walking back to the group with casual even steps.

I don’t want to cut myself on all these branches after finally healing all these annoying little cuts Daichi thought.

Just a few meters away from the troll’s body and Daichi felt completely cold. His body froze and his senses were heightened to the point of feeling numbed by the air touching his skin.

That feeling instantly went away as Daichi’s eyes opened wide as he turned to look in every direction around him, completely on guard again.

Something had just been there!

Something had been watching him, and whatever it was. The feeling Daichi had just gotten, made him feel cold knowing that it could probably have killed him.

Feeling detached from the moment as he realized he was likely no longer in danger… Daichi took a few moments to calm himself down.

Whatever it had been, it had left. Feeling unable to do anything about it as Daichi glanced around himself making sure there was nothing around.

Feeling less secure about his surroundings, Daichi began walking while opening his status window. Daichi made the snap decision to increase his stats now just in case.

Opening his status, he took a look his current stats and then decided to add the majority of it to his intelligence. There was a clear correlation between his intelligence and mana pool. He needed to gain the ability to use it more mana. Just in case something happened to the others. Putting 11 points into intelligence, Daichi hesitated, and then added another 2 points to Vitality.

He hadn’t needed to increase vitality yet, but Daichi figured he would hate being in a position where he should have when he could have.

| -Status- |
| Name: | Daichi Seishin |
| Level: | 23 |
| Race: | Human | Evolutionary Path: | ??? |
| Title(s): | Psychopath, Touched by Chaos |
| Divine Protection: | None | Attribute(s): | Chaos |
| Health: | 100/100 |
| Mana: | 345/800 |
| Strength: | 25 | Agility: | 25 |
| Vitality: | 15 | Spirit: | 10 |
| Intelligence: | 80 | Wisdom: | 66 |—————————————————————————————————————
| Aptitude: | 21(+50) | Ability: | 23/500 |
| Skill(s): |
| Analyze, Perception, Meditative State |
| Chaos Erupts, Chaotic Eruption, Chaotic Erupted Sphere |
| Ability: |
| Touch of Chaos, Bloodlust: Aura, Life Release: Aura |
| Inheritance: |
| Sealed |

When Daichi finished, he felt more confident in dealing with whatever came his way today. If the others were alive, then this would likely end in a success.

Taking his time, Daichi finally ventured back to the clearing with the creek in sight.

Looking at the sight, Ava and Hannah were rushing away. The group of 9 trolls were dead.

Kaden was running in their direction with two trolls giving chase, who looked as angry as their lord had been with Daichi.

Watching in amazement. The girls handled the trolls one each and survived the endeavor with little consequence. Daichi was impressed they had managed to do this well. He had been expecting more injury, possibly a death.

Daichi had hoped this would be a wake up call for them. The dangers of the monsters in these forests. He wanted to motivate them to understand that agreeing to hunt these monsters was not enough, they needed to want too. It didn’t matter why, they just each needed a reason to want to get stronger. Without that need, they would become useless before too long.

Daichi noticed only one of the mare in a battle with three trolls and not faring particularly well.

Counting the trolls, Daichi realized that 11 were dead. 3 were battling the one mare, so the other mare must have run off with one following it.

Daichi only needed one mare as a guide, deciding to watch instead of helping. Daichi stood his ground, while triggering his Meditative State skill.

If he actively tried to move or do anything else the skill would be deactivated, but if all he did was stand watch, he realized he could keep it up while not having to close his eyes.

He cleared his mind and just focused on the battle, watching but not intervening physically or with opinions.

The mare was struggling, and after dodging who knows how many hits one of the trolls who had been knocked down by a punch from one of the other trolls, grabbed her leg stopping her movement altogether. At that moment another swung his fist with all of it’s strength aiming to crush her chest.

Feeling trapped and left with no other option. The mare triggered one of her innate skills. She focused the mana she had eaten within the past few days and covered her fists with it. Then striking out at the troll at the same time, their fists collided.

A crunching sound could be heard as the impact resounded in the air. The troll’s fist with crumpled, fingers pointing in the strong directions and bone poking through the back of it’s hand.

A moment of confusion followed before the troll realized what had happened and it’s brain converted the shock to pain. It turned its head to the sky and bellowed. The mare looked at the arm grabbing her leg and directed a punch down at it’s arm breaking it’s forearm and crushing the bone into multiple pieces at the point of impact.

Jumping forwards, the mare attacked one of the incoming trolls in the chest pushing it back a meters as its feet scrapped against the ground before falling backwards, it’s ribs shattered.

Observing and appreciating the opportunity. Daichi stepped forward ending his Meditative State as he began to make his way to the mare. Not rushing but not walking as slowly as before, Daichi made his way over as the others were also walking over.

The others looked worried and shocked but ready to finish the battle. Daichi realized they had probably not noticed what the mare had done with mana to her hands.

As he walked forward, Daichi realized the taller mare had likely done this same thing in her battle with Kaden. When she had thought he was not taking her seriously. She must have used this skill on the last attack, up until the last second where she must have completely held back in order not to kill him.

Daichi smiled inwardly in amusement. He’d learned something else about them. They weren’t as helpless as they had previously claimed against the trolls.

Daichi wondered whether they had kept this secret because they were simply being cautious or whether there was something more to it.

Noticing the group looked a bit… Worse for wear. Daichi pointed at the two trolls whose arms had been damaged by the mare. “Hannah, Ava, You two take those two down!”

“I can’t…. I don’t have enough mana” Hannah spoke while grimacing.

“Hmm.. Okay, Ava take that one and Kaden help her out!” Daichi pointed at one while he started taking quicker steps until he was in a jog running at the other troll.

“Get it’s legs!” Daichi yelled at the mare.

Moving towards the troll. The troll backed up in fear. All the trolls respected physical prowess. Any being that could physically best it was strong in their eyes.

Not giving it a chance to to flee the moved forward and grabbed it’s unhurt arm and lifted it over her shoulder throwing it down onto the ground.

On the floor Daichi arrived and stabbed both of his swords into it’s chest. Still writing on the floor the Troll was still alive and scared. Struggling to get away from these monsters!

With Kaden’s help as a distraction the other troll could only attack with one hand. While focused on Kaden, Ava snuck in from behind and attempted to attack but the troll was swinging his arm and moving too fast for her to move in unscathed.

Noticing the other troll being defeated, the troll caught onto the fact that these other beings were strong. Too strong for it to handle. Choosing to run away instead it ran at Kaden and when Kaden avoided it, it just kept running into the woods.

Not knowing what to do Ava and Kaden turned to Daichi and Hannah.

Daichi simply shrugged, “Nothing we can do. One gets way, so be it. Kaden come over here and kill this one.”

Kaden inhaled, and simply walked over and without Daichi having to say anything. Kaden stabbed his daggers through the troll’s eyes into it’s skull. It didn’t die and instead shouted in pain so close to Kaden’s face that it startled him for a second.

Committing to his choice. Kaden pulled his blades out with more than just blood on the blades as he plunged them back into it’s skull repeatedly until the troll stopped wailing.

Kaden said nothing as he looked down at the dead troll. He got up and walked over to Hannah. He’ felt disgusted. He hated the feel of taking that trolls life. The sensation of plunging his knife into the flesh of another living being.

He hated that sensation, and hated that he had ended a life but no longer questioned himself. He had been useless to help Hannah.

He would do whatever it took to protect her and every one else.

Looking at Kaden with approval, Daichi was pretty pleased with how things had gone so far.

“Okay everybody, mare included. I have a treat for you all.” Daichi said in a cheerful voice that felt so out of place that everybody’s chests sank.

Daichi walked over to the troll that had it’s chest caved in by the mare, and motioned for everyone to gather around him.

Slowly walking over, all of the encircled the troll. Daichi leaned down, and with the mana he had recuperated, trigged his Life Release: Aura ability once again.

As the troll was already incapacitated, it didn’t struggle, it didn’t do anything. It laid there as it’s life flowed out of every pore on it’s skin. It’s entire body enshrouded by an aura created from it’s own life as everyone of them felt that aura enter them and refresh them.

“What the hell is this.” Kaden spoke up with wide eyes

Hannah was confused as she felt the pain in her shoulder easing even as she heard her bone pop back into place with no pain.

Ava felt all the cuts and bruises, all of the pain wash away. Even her mind that was in turmoil was set at ease by the warm calming feeling that was surrounding her.

The shorter mare, almost giddy with delight instantly realized what it was as she basked in the scarce mana flowing from the dying body of the troll.

Delight turned to dread as the shorter mare realized what Daichi had done.

Daichi had touched this troll and with that alone, the troll had willingly released it’s life force. It’s life poured out from it.

Gazing at Daichi with a look of appreciation and apprehension. The shorter mare realized what her sister had meant. This was a very dangerous human. She had greatly underestimated him.

Just as the aura faded the taller mare came out of the forest walking towards them.

Glancing at her, Daichi asked “What happened?”

The shorter mare answered for her “She left to try and distract some of the trolls. Unfortunately only one of them followed her.”

Daichi smiled, “And what happened?”

Realizing what had just happened. The shorter mare gave her sister a look and stayed silent.

The taller mare, for a change of pace opened her mouth and answered the question “I managed to hold my own, I could not kill it but it chose to run away instead and I let it.”

“Oh okay” was Daichi’s only response.

Glancing at everyone looking a lot better than just a few minutes ago. Daichi took a breath, “Let’s go find some shelter. Mare, lead the way.”

The mare glanced at one another and began leading them. No one was saying anything as they walked. They were all thinking about what had just happened.

Daichi realized that they must have been doing as much, and said nothing. This was the perfect time for them to process this experience and learn something from it. They had killed, they had likely nearly died, they had to improve. They had to want to improve.

That is how they would survive.

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