Chapter 45 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 5)

Chapter 45 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 5)

As the others slept, Daichi entered into a light meditative state not wanting to succumb to boredom.

He was awoken from that state when Kaden switched turns with him and the taller mare.

Instead of going to sleep, Daichi walked away from the group slightly into the forest. He knew that if something got close the mare would warn Kaden in time. Probably.

Daichi had plans to learn tonight, he had gone far too many days helping his group become stronger that he had reached a point of impatience.

Yesterday’s encounter with the mare had given him a new idea to try. Walking over 20 meters away from the camp. Daichi sat down on the ground and entered into his meditative state.

Unlike every occasion before though. Daichi actively tried to focus his thoughts unto one thing. Sensing not only the mana around him, but gaps or mana fluctuations in the air.

Yesterday he had been able to notice the mare taking mana from Kaden and that had allowed him to act in time. If he could learn to sense mana in the air in a more effective way, perhaps he could learn a skill of similar use to what the mare had.

Daichi was constantly thinking of how to make use of his companions, considering their limited use at the moment. Daichi decided to make use of their skills. He would try to replicate anything they could do but in his own way. He would use the creativity they had in creating anything original for themselves and make it his own.

Trying to get a feel for mana in a different way did not come easy to Daichi, but luckily he knew where the others were. Using them as a starting point, he focused on sensing the mana differences in their locations and possibly their mana as well.

Daichi focused like this until sunrise as a bird chirping on his shoulder awoke him from his meditative state.

Daichi felt frustrated, he’d made little progress despite an entire nights effort!

Of course, if the mare had known what Daichi was thinking. They would throw a fit in anger and cough blood at the very notion of it. Their ability was not only inborn, but it took most mare 50 years to develop and activate and then decades of practice to expand their range.

If the mare knew Daichi was upset he couldn’t replicate their ability over night, they would kill him right then and there.

Daichi got up and shook himself off, he cracked his neck and knuckles as he walked towards the group.

Using his regular routine, he activated his analyze skill as they came into view.

Human Named: Hannah Guresu Level: 19
Description: Death hovers around her.
Human Named: Ava Kajiya Level: 15
Description: None
Human Named: Kaden Guresu Level: 14
Description: Mana weakened state. Lucky.

Daichi was amused by Kaden’s description. It seemed the mare had eaten their fill once again, leaving the poor guy looking exhausted without any of the fun. Daichi faintly wondered what kind of nightmare he’d had this time around.

Perhaps they had heard the conversation and chosen to take a more tactful approach.

Daichi had left the group with the slight hope that the mare would kill the others or vice versa.

That would have been mildly interesting, it would have certainly made his days during his travels less noisy. Oh well he thought.

Coming into their view, Daichi spoke up “Okay you two, today we have two goals. We find monsters, as many and as often as possible. Secondly, keep an eye out for another cave like the one from yesterday.”

Daichi didn’t elaborate and began walking over to pick up his pack and take a snack out as he readied himself for another hike.

The mare began walking into the woods and they followed.

Hannah noted that Kaden looked just as bad if not worse than yesterday. He looked pale and he was sweating a lot, seemingly taking a lot of effort to do the things that normally didn’t bother him.

Finding it strange, Hannah kept an eye on him. Maybe he simply didn’t sleep well, but maybe there was more to it than that.

Unlike the day before, without trying to walk in a specific direction. The mare happened to find monsters quickly.

Within an hour the mare was leading them to a group of Trolls. Daichi had a suspicion as to where they were headed.

Unsurprisingly, they ended up walking towards a a large creek.

Surrounding the creek were about 16 trolls.

Looking at their large numbers spread out through the entire area. The group felt like they were coming down with a headache.

Daichi used his analyze skill as he walked out into the open and walked towards them slowly.

Noticing his actions, the others hesitated but walked right behind him.

“What’s the plan?” Kaden asked from in front of Hannah.

“Same as always. I’ll get as many as possible to charge at us, and then we go with the usual.” Daichi said

“Mare, you two take care to distract any stragglers” Daichi said while looking forward and getting within range of his analyze skill.

Greedy Troll Level: 27
Description: One of the many inhabitants of the nearby river. Greedy Trolls only leave their river dwellings to hunt for treasure and food.
Greedy Troll Level: 28
Description: One of the many inhabitants of the nearby river. Greedy Trolls only leave their river dwellings to hunt for treasure and food.
Greedy Troll Level: 28
Description: One of the many inhabitants of the nearby river. Greedy Trolls only leave their river dwellings to hunt for treasure and food.

Three normal trolls grouped together. All these trolls were likely around the same level.

While looking around, Daichi realized all of the trolls were grouped together except for one troll. Laying down in grass with his feet in the water. It looked like the most casual troll in the world, not a care in the world.

It’s skin was a deep shade of purple unlike the others. Nothing about it stood out, in fact it was slightly smaller than the others, equally muscular but smaller.

Daichi couldn’t make it’s face out but it probably looked as ugly as it’s friends.

The trolls had begun to take notice of the intruders who were casually advancing.

3 groups of 3 gathered together and approached from the right as two groups of 3 approached from the left.

Surprising Daichi completely. He thought they would spread out and cover all of their sides. Instead they just did all of the work for him. Trolls really didn’t seem that bright after all, he’d always just thought that was a joke.

As the group of 9 came around the right they were far behind the other group giving Daichi enough time to get within range of the purple troll.

Troll Lord Named: Jakarov Level: 32
Description: The greediest of the greedy trolls. Instead of hunting prey it hunted its own. It became the greediest troll. It became a lord of the clearest creek making it the envy of all other trolls.

Daichi stopped walking as he was stunned by what he read. Description aside, Daichi was struck in awe by it’s level. If it’s strength and speed was on a completely different level than them…

“Tch.” Daichi clicked his tongue doing the math. He wouldn’t be able to kill it with this many trolls.

“Mare, how much mana does the purple troll in the middle possess?” Daichi spoke with urgency.

“A lot more than the others, but far less than all of you” the shorter mare responded.

Those words were a delightful surprise to Daichi. Worst case scenario and Hannah would still be able to kill it is what he thought.

“New plan. Mare you take the six trolls approaching us with Kaden. You don’t have to kill them just hinder them as long as possible. Hannah and Ava you two come with me.”

Instantly Daichi started running towards the large group of trolls causing them to slow down and ready themselves for the trespassers.

As he got closer, Daichi made an abrupt turn and started running towards the purple troll. Daichi had closed most of the distance, and now that he had turned in the direction of the troll, it had finally taken notice of him from the corner of it’s eye but didn’t consider the human a threat. It sat up and waited as if confused as to why this trespasser was running to it’s death.

Hannah and Ava stopped their steps as they had also been confused by Daichi’s movement. Stopping and unsure as to what to do, they watched him run towards the purple troll.

Instead of being cautious, he waited until he was only two or so meters from this troll lord as he activated his Chaotic Eruption skill freezing it where it sat.

The troll so confused by it’s movements did not even realize he had been stunned, as he had yet to even try to move.

Reaching it a second later, Daichi smiled so hard his face hurt as he put he patted the trolls shoulder with his left hand saying “You’re it!” as he triggered his <Life Release: Aura ability>.

Daichi had only used this skill once before, even triggering the ability it took more than a second which felt like an eternity before it fully activated.

The trolls confusion had only gotten stronger as it suddenly realized the danger it was in, but it was too late. This mighty troll lord had been confused until the very last moment.

Slowing feeling it’s energy, it’s essence leaving it’s body. The troll felt confused and sad as it regained the ability to move it took a swipe at Daichi with it’s muscular arm only to have Daichi jump backwards onto the ground with his back avoiding it altogether but basking in the troll’s life energy.

The troll now laying down flat on it’s stomach could do little as it’ he could feel itself dying.

Finally feeling anger at this small little being that had come to take it’s precious creek. The troll shrieked in rage and got to it’s feet. Daichi still smiling, got to his feet at the same time, turned around and started running at the large group of trolls.

“Run at them NOW!” Daichi screamed at Hannah and Ava, as he ran towards the trolls.

Even further away he advanced faster than them and caught up to them in seconds. The purple troll shrieking in anger and taking haphazard swings of it’s arms at Daichi motivated him further to run like he’d never run before.

Taking a wide swing the troll tripped on itself stumbling forward and crashing into the ground with a troll.

Daichi didn’t even look back as he heard the sound of the huge troll hitting the ground like a giant rock.

Lifting that same hand as before, the trolls who had been frightened by their lord’s shriek became even more frightened of this small little human.

As Daichi approached the trolls, they considered backing away, but ended up holding their ground out of instinct.

Getting within range, Daichi triggered one more <Chaotic Eruption> as he felt his mana getting lower than he felt comfortable with.

Stunning them in place as he was a few feet from them. Daichi screamed at Hannah and Ava as he ran past the first few “Run to the back of the group and take those out first!”.

Hannah and Ava had already begun to ready their skills as they heard Daichi shout in time, for them to run right with him.

They moved forward and reached the last two in seconds as Hannah and Ava split up and took out a troll each just as the the purple troll had reached their ranks and began to smack his subordinates out of the way.

Even though these other trolls were noticeably larger, one swing of the purple troll’s arm and they would go flying into the air as if they were nothing.

Daichi had reached the back and pulled his second sword out as he watched the purple troll make it’s way towards them. Daichi knew all they had to do was hold out long enough for it to die, but that was easier said than done.

As the trolls were smacked away one at the time, none even got a chance to move out of the way as they were in confusion and fear of their lord.

“Hannah! Ava! Go after the hurt ones as this one chases me!” Daichi said as he pointed his swords left and right.

Getting the idea of thinking they had, Hannah went left and Ava right to completely avoid the purple troll on it’s warpath.

Noticing the plan was going more or less as he’d planned it thus far, Daichi turned waited a bit longer until he felt uncomfortable and then began running away from the purple troll.

Daichi ran as he could feel one of the trolls swing’s barely pass by his back and wind it generated propelled him slightly forward.

Sweat running down his back, Daichi felt pressured like he never had before.

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