Chapter 43 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 3)

Chapter 43 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 3)

Feeling anxious and stiff inside the cave, they made their way out one by one, with the guys going first this time around. Breathing in the fresh air, they all felt rejuvenated. It wasn’t every day that they would find such a convenient form of shelter to sleep in.

Ava even considered asking the others if they wanted to stay in the area and hunt while making this their base for a while. She was terrified of having to go back to sleeping in trees. She’d barely slept a wink that night.

Sitting back down on the ground near the cave, they all began to eat some of their food, while being cautious to ration it out properly. Every except the mare who stood off to the side and talked to one another out loud so as to not seem suspicious to the others.

Now that they were experiencing some emotions again, they felt it necessary to display a smidgin of courtesy to them. Especially since they had entered into a mutually beneficial relationship with this group last night.

Thinking about the events of last night, both of the mare blushed at the thought. The shorter mare out of mild annoyance and excitement.

The taller mare out of fright and discontent. Unlike her sister, not a bit of her enjoyed what had happened last night. She was too surprised to act at the time but she did not find Kaden attractive in the slightest. She found his advances crude and unbecoming of her, she had stayed pure for centuries only to have a man try to sully her against her will.

Moreover, the man looked far older than her, despite her actual age. His skin was bright and fresh, but his beard made him look far older than her. It made him look aged and his eyes looked wise, despite what she had later learned.

Shivering at the memory, the taller mare clenched her teeth in annoyance but let it go. It had only happened because she had invaded his dreams with her sister. The mare fed on others, it was in their nature and a necessity to them, but they were also beings of higher reasoning. As such they had often pondered the concept of right and wrong.

Although in their world, it meant far less than in the humans.

In their world, right and wrong were merely the premise for allowing grievances to pass whenever it was inconvenient to use violence. Violence was the answer, and the premise of “rights” were secondary, only to be discussed among equals.

Finishing their food, the humans walked back over to the mare and spoke to them in refreshed voices.

“We’ve decided to stick to the plan from last night! Straight line!” Hannah spoke up, unusually cheery

Even though Kaden had woken up a little worse for wear, there had been no further argument between Kaden and Daichi. Hannah considered this a good sign for them.

In Hannah’s mind it meant that they had put yesterdays matter behind them. Possibly even that Kaden had acquiesced to the groups way of thinking in this case, which would be marvelous!

“We can do that, we shall warn you should we be within range of an opponent” the shorter mare spoke while not looking at anyone in particular and walking forward with her sister ahead of the group.

“How can you tell how strong someone is from a distance?” Daichi inquired

“We can’t without visual confirmation. What we can do is tell when there is a living being with mana in an area, and how strong that mana is. Normally most beings with a lot of mana are very powerful. Although a being with little to no mana isn’t necessarily weak.” the shorter mare responded and she moved through the forest.

The mare avoiding branches and disrupting the forest as much as they could. They were surprisingly lithe for girls their size.

Daichi figured that both girls seemed to be about 5’8 and 5’7 each. The taller one seemed to be the same height as him, and the shorter one seemed only slightly shorter than both of them.

Taking that into account, Daichi began wondering what they would run into today.

Unfortunately for Daichi, the group managed to walk at a brisk pace the entire morning and afternoon without a single encounter with anything.

The majority of the group was feeling pleased. It was hard enough to walk for such a long distance, but fighting while tired was quite a hassle to add that to the list.

Daichi seemed to be the only one in a slightly impatient mood after an entire day of walking without seeing blood once.

Finally late into the afternoon, the mare stopped walking and held their hands to the side.

“We didn’t notice them sooner because they don’t seem to have much mana at all. There seems to be a medium sized group of creatures about 50 meters away from us. What would you like to do?” the taller mare asked the group.

Daichi immediately asked “How many? How strong?”

“Hard to say when they are grouped together like that, more than 10. Based on mana alone, I would say they aren’t very strong.” the shorter mare replied.

“Hmm… It could be the case… Also from what we’ve seen… It seems like the stronger monsters are usually out in smaller numbers or by themselves. Only the weaker ones travel in large groups.” Daichi voiced his thoughts.

“Okay, well we agreed. Let’s prepare and get to it.” Hannah spoke up

Ava and Kaden nodded, while Kaden and Daichi put their packs down and left them on the ground.

They readied their weapons and began moving forward closer to the group up ahead.

Getting close enough was quite difficult without a clearing, but the forestry also hid their position as well, so it was a double-edged sword.

Finally getting in close enough, Daichi climbed higher on a tree and utilized his <analyze> skill.

Teething Almas Level: 20
Description: Human-like Bi-pedal Beasts. They use their physical strength in groups to overpower their enemies.
Teething Almas Level: 20
Description: Human-like Bi-pedal Beasts. They use their physical strength in groups to overpower their enemies.
Teething Almas Level: 20
Description: Human-like Bi-pedal Beasts. They use their physical strength in groups to overpower their enemies.
Teething Almas Level: 20
Description: Human-like Bi-pedal Beasts. They use their physical strength in groups to overpower their enemies.
… x8

Daichi looked at his screen and then looked back at these beasts that resembled humans. Although they didn’t resemble humans that much more than the trolls of goblins.

These beasts had blueish fur covering the majority of their bodies except for their hands and faces. Their lower bodies looked like that of wolves of some sort of dog while the from the navel up their bodies still covered in fur looked human in appearance.

Their faces looked like archaic humans and their speech to one another was only growls and grunts.

Considering their actions, it was hard for Daichi to classify them as higher thinking beings. They definitely resembled beasts more closely in his mind. There seemed to be 12 of them. Considering their levels and the number… Daichi decided this was a fight they could handle.

Climbing back down, Daichi described what he saw to the others and told him the plan he’d concocted while coming down.

“They have a lot of numbers which seems to be the only issue. They are likely strong from what I can ‘tell’. So I’ll stop their movements while Ava and Hannah get in as many kills as possible. I will back them up and continue to help so they can maximize their opportunities. Kaden and the mare, you three move in as a group and try to distract at least three of them, possibly more, ideally the mare can help Kaden distract, stop and kill as many in that same amount of time.” Daichi said

Then looking at their hesitation, Daichi added “Should anyone get in trouble, we regroup at their position if possible”.

Seeing a light relief passing through the three of them, Daichi spoke up with more enthusiasm “Great! Let’s move out!”

Getting a sword out in his right hand, Daichi advanced with the others behind him. Mentally preparing for the battle to come, Daichi was getting more and more excited.

Daichi could tell his bloodlust ability was definitely what had been slowly affecting him. Perhaps the affects weren’t as noticeable until now, because he had refrained from killing for a few days in order to help Hannah and Ava.

Thinking about the likelihood of that, Daichi decided to satiate his need for blood by at least killing one of these beasts.

Finally within their sights, Daichi began rushing at a fast jog. There was little cover and the Almas would notice him if he advanced too slowly.

Getting in within range with no one noticing until he was meters away from a group of them, Daichi activated his <Chaotic Eruption> at the majority of the group and then moved in without waiting for the girls.

Daichi moved past the first few and and then swung his sword with both hands cutting off the leg of one of the Almas as their dark red blood sprayed all over the ground and his shirt. Moving onto the next one he slashed at the them like a madman.

Daichi wanted to incapacitate as many as possible within these first four seconds.

Not stopping until the he noticed movement, he stepped stepped forward and trigged another <Chaotic Eruption> freezing another four that were towards the back, while slashing at their legs and arms with reckless abandon.

He could feel his eyes turning bloodshot as he saw more and more blood.

The blood was affecting him and he couldn’t stop himself from cutting at more of them.

“Daichi! HELP!” Mid-way through a swing he heard the scream and turned around. He’d cut his way through the majority of them but one of them had grabbed Hannah’s legs and was pulling her towards it.

Daichi leaped forwards avoiding the Almas who could still take swipes at and reaching Hannah he slashed down with both hands decapitating the Almas. It’s angered expression frozen as the blood gushed out of it’s neck.

The impact of the sword cutting through it’s neck and hitting the ground shook Daichi stirring him out of his frenzied state.

Looking at Hannah she was looking up at Daichi with an expression of fear.

“I am sorry. I lost myself there for a bit thinking it was going to hurt you.” Daichi quickly said while turning away from her and taking note of his surroundings.

Hannah quickly came to her senses and tried not to think about the look Daichi just had or that comment which made her forget where she was for a moment.

Ignoring the slight stir of confusion in her chest. Hannah looked around. She had already killed three of the Almas along with Ava taking one out before the others stated moving.

Two had been distracted by the Mare and Kaden, and were currently engaging them.

Six had been sliced to pieces by Daichi. Hannah looked at the bloodshed on the ground and her gulped.

Hannah would have thought she would find the sight of so much blood repulsive, but she didn’t mind it as much as she thought.

Moving closer to them, Daichi swung his sword cutting at their hands as she shrieked and growled at him in anger and pain and Hannah merely placed a hand on their backs and utilized her Death Follows skill.

With Daichi assisting them. Hannah killed another two and Ava another three.

They watched as the mare dodged the two Almas with ease leaving little work for Kaden.

The shorter mare waited for the Alas to lose it’s patience and take a wide swipe at it, as she moved in closer ducked under the swipe and gave it a full force punch to the solar plexus.

The taller mare didn’t use the same patience and just grabbed at the Almas as it swung at her and then threw it against a three nearly knocking it out with the impact.

Stopping the movement of both Almas, they waited for Kaden to reluctantly plunge his knives into their throats and take the kills.

Feeling unsatisfied Daichi frowned despite the growth for the group.

Using his analyze skill again, he noted the progress.

Human Named: Hannah Guresu Level: 19
Description: Death hovers around her.
Human Named: Ava Kajiya Level: 15
Description: The last of the Kajiya bloodline.
Human Named: Kaden Guresu Level: 14
Description: Mana weakened state. Lucky.

All of them gained some levels. That would help them all. Daichi would have preferred stronger enemies but that worked in everybody’s favor.

The mare were also very helpful, they dealed with two of those Almas barehanded and with ease. Leaving Daichi to wonder exactly how strong their physical stats must be for them to do that.

“Tch” Clicking his tongue, Daichi called it a win and stopped over thinking about his displeasure. He felt unsatisfied but it was likely not him, but the effect of his ability.

Killing that one Almas had not little to change Daichi’s disposition.

“Good job everybody. That was a good battle” Daichi said

“What did you do” the shorter mare asked with a curious expression that the others noticed and were a little surprised by

“I can temporarily slow my opponents down. That’s all. It’s handy on occasion” Daichi said while playing it off as if it was nothing special.

Gazing at him, the taller mare further strengthened her belief that Daichi was a dangerous being.

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