Chapter 41 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 1)

Chapter 41 Cheating Death – Beasts of all Sorts (Part 1)

Switching their consciousness from their own body to another being’s dream was a racial specialty of the mare. It was a sub ability that allowed them to understand their prey and find entertainment while eating their fill of mana.

Opening their eyes, a bright light came down, immediately causing both mare to use their hands as cover.

Opening their eyes again, slowly this time. They looked around to find themselves in a huge mansion in large room with no ceiling.

Looking down at themselves, they were no longer wearing rags but rather, they were both wearing simple white babydoll dresses with buttons down the middle of the front of the dress. From the bust to the bottom, it was a peculiar form of clothing to the mare.

Finding it strange what they were wearing had changed, they took note of their surroundings.

Inside of a sun room with decadency written all over the features of the home. A giant king-sized four-poster bed in the center of the room. White bed sheets, and a canopy hung cover the bed. A pool area about 2 meters wide, going around the room except for where the gold trimmed glass doors were. A room that could only exist in a mansion of the wealthy.

Looking around, they admired the creativity. Thinking it must be a memory.

Then they spotted Kaden sitting on the bed looking around on the confused.

Spotting them and making eye-contact. His eyes lifted and a wide smile covered his face.

“How’d you do that cutiepies? One second you were standing right in front of me and the next second -poof-!” He said as he stood up and beckoned them closer.

Glancing at one another, they were confused as to how he could see them.

Caught in the moment, they moved forward confused by this change of pace. Coming to stand before him they noticed the glint in his eyes, amusement.

“Now. Why are you two so stiff all of a sudden? Just a moment ago you two were giggling and begging for me to undress you two…” Kaden said with a charm he normally didn’t possess

“We did no such thing.” the shorter mare responded in confusion

“Now now, let’s not quibble over the specifics. If you’ve changed your minds, that’s fine. There’s no need for me to undress you when you two are perfectly capable of undressing each other. Go on” Kaden motioned to them while leaning back on one of the columns of the bed.

Staring at them deeply with anticipation, Kaden didn’t dare blink a single time.

Feeling utterly confused at the scenario. Both of the mare were even more surprised when they began to unbutton one another’s dresses. Staring at each other in confusion as they fumbled with the buttons.

They felt their usual connection gone.

“What is happening?” the taller mare asked.

“I don’t know… Are you moving your body?” the shorter mare replied

“No. I am not… Do you feel the mana flowing into you?” the taller mare asked her questioningly

“Yes. I still feel it. This should be normal. I don’t understand what’s happening at all” the shorter mare replied as she had finally gotten a hang of undoing the buttons.

Licking his lips, Kaden felt his fingers twitching.

The girls had opened the buttons down to their naval, and he could make out just enough to excite every bit of him.

He knew this is what he would be dreaming about since the moment he saw them earlier today. This fantasy had played out in his mind numerous times while they were walking and he’d been so angry that every second he got close to getting his way someone or something would interrupt him.

Not now though he thought.

Finishing the last button on one another’s dresses the mare turned to stare at him blankly.

Noticing their completion of the task. Kaden stared at them just a moment longer. Enjoying the anticipation before his meal.

Finally unable to stand it, he moved towards them taking slow and calm steps.

Utilizing self-control he didn’t possess, Kaden walked towards them like a lion stalking his prey. Confidence that his prey was cornered and unable to escape, but a single lunge and his teeth would pierce their flesh in a flash. Although in this instance it wouldn’t be his teeth plunging into their bodies.

Walking in front of the taller sister, Kaden placed his hand on the nape of her neck as he lowered his face until their lips met. The mare simply held her breath almost afraid or too confused to move.

This was her first kiss. She had never kissed a man or anything else before in her VERY long life. Despite knowing this was a dream, she felt uncertain and disarmed by his sudden actions, as his lips moved gently over hers.

Kaden’s lips moved over hers once, and then twice, and then a final time. The pressure growing with each pass until the mare felt his tongue slip out to nudge her lips apart.

She opened her mouth under the gently but domineering force of his tongue and let his mouth fill hers while experiencing something she never had before.

The shorter mare watched her sister with wide eyes unsure of what to do, and unable to will her body to move as she normally would. Forcing herself to try to regain control her exertion caused her to release a small gasp.

Bringing Kaden back from the point of no return to realize he’d left a pretty girl in waiting.

Brought to his senses by her seductive gasp, he realized she must want the same attention too.

Moving his other hand and placing it on her cheek, he guided her face closer making her take a step forward without meaning too.

Lowering his head he met her lips with the same attention as her sister. Kissing her with the same vigor and attention before pulling back.

The shorter mare’s eyes blinked, before she let out a soft “oh” of confusion from her throat. She’d been missing out on this for many years. It had been a lifetime or two since she had last experienced a kiss.

Noticing her expression and her mouth willingly open. Kaden smiled and dipped down for another kiss. This time focusing his full attention on her mouth and being more thorough than he’d ever been in a dream.

Pulling back, Kaden began to leave a trace of kisses down her cheek toward her collarbone leaving her skin hot as kissed his way down.

Suddenly caught unaware her hand moved towards his hair. Catching it in her fingers and pulling it up in an effort to bring his mouth back to hers, in the hopes of rekindling that same sensation again.

Kaden answered her request at once, pleased by her reaction. Raising his head back to claim her lips once more, as he devoured her mouth being rougher than before now that he had gained her consent.

Moving his arm from cheek to trace a line with his fingers down her neck to her shoulder. Kaden moved his arm to her back and slowly let it drop down her spine bit by bit until it had gone as far as her waist. His excitement mounting.

Kaden could feel her legs trembling as he kissed her, feeling his excitement swell and patience evaporating. Kaden pulled back slightly only to feel her dress slipping off as she moaned into his mouth.

Excited to the point of no return Kaden opened his eyes and pulling back from their kiss. Immediately looking down to see the bounty he was about to claim as his surroundings went dark.

Feeling something sharp and cold against her actual throat on her physical body. The taller mare came to her senses. Realizing they had lost their normal domain and control inside the realm of dreams of others. The taller mare released her consciousness from Kaden’s mind. Pulling her sister out along with her.

Opening her eyes, and inhaling a deep breath of air. She was stunned to see a sword at her neck, the tip pressed but with no pressure against her skin.

Looking up, she noticed Daichi, and the coldest feeling she’d ever experienced filled her entire body spreading from her chest.

Before even getting a chance to think about what had just happened, the look in Daichi’s eyes made her think she would die. It was a feeling of certainty she’d never experienced before about anything but nature.

The look he was giving her gave her a sense of certainty. The same certainty she had when she looked at the sun and knew it would rise in the morning and set at night.

At the same time Kaden clenched his mouth and feeling lost as both girls disappeared from his sight again. Kaden screamed at the top of his lungs in his dream. The most amazing, realistic dream Kaden had ever experienced had just turned into a nightmare as his playthings had disappeared right as he was about to see heaven.

This was a new form of torture for Kaden! Where were his girls! Looking around in confusion and pain, Kaden saw no one in sight.

Then finally feeling restricted in a strange way, Kaden looked down.

Looking down all Kaden saw, was an erection begging for help and at the end of his arms, his hands had disappeared.

Fear and depression consumed him in a single moment.

The shorter mare opened her eyes and let out a soft moan, and noticing Daichi’s eyes glance at her. She immediately looked away without realizing what she had done. A blush spreading on her cheeks as she bit her lower lip.

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