Chapter 4 Prologue – The Gods (Chapter 2 of 2)

Prologue – The Gods (Part 2)

(In the lower god’s domain)

“Has God become suicidal?!!??”(???)

“What are we going to do!?”(???)

“What can we do? If we stay we die, if we leave we die, there’s nothing to do!”(???)

“I’m not letting that happen! I just attained my godhood 1000 years ago! I’m too young for this to happen, I’ve barely had time to enjoy my power! Why don’t we all put our power together and create a domain and ride it out!?”(???)

“Yeah! That’s a great idea! Maybe together we can survive like that!”(???)

“Okay! I’m in, let’s all join together!”(???)

“STOP!””A crack in space appeared and from the void the high gods all started to come out. The thundering voice of Ares rang out through the entire world.
Ares appeared before all of the gods who’d gathered in the lower realms high in the sky. His voice echoing in the ears of everyone. He stood there, in the sky all of his features indistinct but his poise undeniably regal

“Ares?!? The High God of Life!?”(Lesser God)

“EVERYONE! Listen to me closely! God is going to release his divinity, and once he does, that power will rip through time and space, from realm to realm and universe to universe. No matter who or what, it will all be ripped to shreds” Ares voice boomed once again, his statement destroying the hopes of all of the lower gods in an instant, his manner and power leaving no room for doubt or discussion.

Not even a full sentence finished when Lucifer and Acheron arrived through their own rift into the lower realm, just in time to catch the show about to begin.

“This is hope! Listen carefully!!!!! Once he begins, we must all join together and sacrifice our godhoods together in to stop the damage that his divinity will do in but a second. Together, the godhood of every god here will be able to limit the damage.” Ares finished his sentence expecting the very reaction he would soon receive.

“Are you crazy! Without our godhoods we’ll either turn mortal and die instantly in that aftermath or just simply die trying! Are you telling us all to commit suicide to stop this apocalypse just because God has decided to end his existence!?”(???)

“I WON’T DO IT!”(???)

“Is there any other choice??”(???)

Hundreds of lesser gods and the rest of the gods had gathered at this point. All of them together in one place at the same time, an occurrence that had rarely occurred in the entirely of time.

Nearly all of them had a solemn or forlorn expression. Except a few. Except a few who had stopped caring for their own lives and even fewer who realized what this meant, what it would mean for those who survived.

“Let me say this. This is the only choice. Some of us will indeed die. This is inevitable. The rest without their godhoods will not die. Our divinity will be kept in tact. As for what that means…. The ones that survive will find out. The laws of the universe will not allow for a universe without gods. Nature will ——”(Ares)

That last sentence was never finished, The tremor struck. A void filled with nothing erupted from the center of the universe. Not this world or this realm, but from the center of creation. This was the divinity of God being forcefully ripped to shreds and being destroyed by him in a fit of madness. He did not choose to do so at the center of the universe, but rather because he was God, was that the center of the universe.
As void spread in that single instant the very fabric of reality was ripped and twisted apart and everything every ceased to be the way it was.

Even as reality was being swallowed by the void, god’s are immortal and while even the absolute void being created in place of the universe would be enough to end them, their divinity (essence) and godhoods (containers) were part of nature, part of the universe in a fundamental way. The moment the tremor’s void erupted through space every single god understood their chances of serval has become nonexistent. Ares was right. There was only one way for some of them to survive, to risk everything they all had and fix the universe with their godhoods.
Not one of them held back, and in instant they all relinquished their godhoods, their power, their form, the culmination of their lives.

What the gods had done was paramount to trying to sweep a vase full of water and flowers that has fallen onto the floor back into a container.

The result was a universe that was stitched back together. Everything in creation dead and undead would now drastically change.

This was the beginning of something completely new. The worlds of man combined into the domain of the gods.

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