Chapter 3 Prologue – The Gods (Part 1 of 2)

Prologue – The Gods (Part 1)

I am God. Not a God, I am God.

This is what I wanted. This is what I worked for, waited for, killed for. I gave up everything, including my feelings and emotions. I let myself be whittled away until I had nothing left except a sole desire. That desire allowed me to be recreated, reshaped and I began my quest. My goal on attaining power and domain over everything in existence.

A little while ago, I achieved my life’s purpose. I attained more than a godhood, I reached the peak of the gods and became the one known as God. The title given to the god that possesses the divinity of the beginning. The highest form of god, no longer named, no longer limited to abilities, skills, this realm, or even tethered to any existence or need.

I’m so bored.

I thought I would find happiness after everything I went through, after living the life I had and then finding a purpose to attain strength. I lied to myself, I knew I couldn’t be happy. I knew I took the wrong path. I knew what I did wasn’t going to lead me to “happiness”. I can’t happy, I never had that chance to begin with. I knew once I gave everything up the best chance I had was attaining solace in reaching the top, which I did. Solace only helped the first few hundred thousand years though.

I never expected I’d reach my goal. I reached for the top of the top, the highest peak that gods can’t even see and that mortals don’t even know about, and I got here.

Now I’m set adrift and am purposeless and feel daunted by the realization that I’m back to where I started. I can’t even remember when I reached this realm. I think I stopped existing or caring and just became. I forgot my own self-awareness and now, I know there’s nothing more.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, or maybe I haven’t. It’s hard to tell. I think I have. I think… I’m going to stir things up.

I haven’t felt this feeling in a long time. Even as I reach out I can feel it with my mind, something so young and pure. Something so similar to me.

This feeling, this means opportunity… And all I have to do is destroy everything.

Without so much as a thought I emit my voice to every god in existence “Hear me gods.”

(In the lower god’s domain.)


“Idiot, who else would it be? Who else can directly influence nature and manipulate the mana in God’s World and influence the windows directly?”(???)

“You’re right. He’s back. This is serious.”(???

“It’s God!”(???)

“What do you think this is about?”(???)

“It can’t be good.”(???)

“Why not? Maybe he’s going to share some of that almighty-ness with all of us haha”(???)

“I want to play a game. I am going release my divinity. My essence, my power, I am going to release it all. If you can stop the aftereffects, you have a chance at power, at survival. If you can’t, then everything can just cease to exist. You all know what this means. You all know what will happen, this is your chance! Best of luck.” I always wish everyone the best of luck. I always do it when I know they’re going to need it, when I can see their futures and know exactly what’s going to happen and how much they’ll need it.

(In the upper god’s domain)

“Is he serious Acheron?”(Lucifer)

“He’s a psychopath. He must mean what he’s saying. There’s no question he’s serious. He’s going to try to kill us all.”(Acheron)

“You don’t look concerned…”(Lucifer)

“He’s not trying to kill us all. He’s going to kill himself. Killing us is but an aftereffect of him ending himself. We can survive.” Acheron looked stoic, not a single expression shown on his face, not a single wrinkle on his forehead or in-between his eyebrows, you’d think he was talking about what he plans to have for dinner.

“Hmm… Even if we survive. We’ll no longer be us. We’ll be less…” Lucifer looked no different except with the inkling of mild amusement showing on the smile pulling at the edge of his lips.

“Hah. You know what this means. No risk and no reward. If we survive we’ll be less, we’ll be shadows of our former selves, but that means the power of God will be up for grabs once again. We failed last time, we were some of the few gods who knew of the possibility of reaching that realm and still we failed to some newcomer new-godhood lower being. This is our second chance. Last time it took a millennium, this time it can’t. Not if he does it like this.” Acheron finally cracked a smile even though it didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“Hahaha oh wow. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe this is going to happen. I’ll give him this. It’s a first. This crazy freak is really one-upping us old timers eh” Lucifer smiling the same smile, they looked the same. Identically the same. After all they shared the same physical appearance. Once upon a time they were twins. They were brothers. God-brothers. They attained their lower form of divinity at the same time, at the exact same moment which was nearly impossible by the laws of the universe. They were a first, and as such nature decided to grant them a special gift. A gift of likeness, a gift of closeness.

The weary of time is the greatest foe for the stronger gods. As time goes by, a god doesn’t age, doesn’t change, once he reaches his peak. They all stop having ambition, eventually entertaining themselves among other gods, or the mortals but even that grows tiring, loses its joy. Time is the worst enemy of the gods, but Acheron and Lucifer were given the greatest gift a god could receive by the universe. They received a closeness, a brotherhood that allowed them to maintain one another over time, and reach the realm of High Gods, Unique High Gods at that. The very peak of existence for the gods, not on par with God but as close as possible. They weren’t the only ones, but they were certainly the oldest ones.

Lucifer looked around one last time all the while thinking of the many things that are about to change. He lightly thought “Status” and looked ahead of himself thinking “I’m going to miss this beautiful screen. Such a shame. I’m really incredible… Too bad I can’t show this off…”

Acheron took one look at the creepy grin tugging at Lucifer’s lips and let out a low exasperated chuckle…
“Checking out your status screen one last time Lucy?”

Lucifer’s eyes snapped up “Don’t call me that.” with his smile gone and an annoyed expression left, but that annoyed look lasted only a second before his eyes drifted back to his own status screen eyeing it with supreme pride. Still looking at the screen he abjectly called out “Aren’t you going to do the same?”.

Acheron took one last look at the Lucifer, recognizing the pride he was so obviously wearing on his face from his own stats, the reflection of himself thinking, “No. Why would I? I’ve already made my peace, whatever I am right now, I’ll best it in my next life.”

Not answering his question, his left hand whipped out to the side and made a tearing noise as a slash in the fabric of reality appeared and he simply entered it.

Lucifer taking one last look at his window, closed it, and followed. “Time for a new adventure.”

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