Chapter 29 Cheating Death – Necessity (Part 1)

Chapter 29 Cheating Death – Necessity (Part 1)

Last night after the group agreed on leaving town, a thick almost palpable silence induced anxiety had set in for every body.

Daichi was ecstatic to leave his home town and finally see the world. He was feeling excitement instead of the danger that would be involved. He was beginning to think about dying while adventuring and realizing, he wasn’t afraid of death. Or at the very least not the concept of it…

Daichi’s thought process being “I’m not fearless, definitely not fearless. I just know what I’m scared of, it’s not death but what it implies. I fear dying before learning more about this universe, before seeing the rest of this world, before experiencing something that’ll make my heart beat faster than it ever has. I’m afraid that what I’ve seen and done so far would be the sum of my life’s experiences, but not death itself.”

Thinking this far Daichi realized that was one of the main he reasons he had been able to so fearlessly attack and kill monsters much stronger than him. How he was able to get past the numbness of his body and react almost instinctively during battle. Daichi had subconsciously found a reason to push past the fear of death and focus on his reason for living.

Watching everyone just kind of wallow in their anxiety while coming to terms with the consequences of leaving their home town and thinking about what they may experience wasn’t amusing at all for anybody. Causing everyone to want some space but not having anywhere to really go. Breaking apart from one another into their own little spaces.

The atmosphere was too heavy, and Daichi didn’t want to waste his time like them. They were all taking too much time acknowledging what had to be done and coming to terms with it, so instead Daichi just went back to his corner checked his status screen.

| -Status- |
| Name: | Daichi Seishin |
| Level: | 22 |
| Race: | Human | Evolutionary Path: | ??? |
| Title(s): | Psychopath, Touched by Chaos |
| Divine Protection: | None | Attribute(s): | Chaos |
| Health: | 100/100 |
| Mana: | 660/660 |
| Strength: | 25 | Agility: | 25 |
| Vitality: | 13 | Spirit: | 10 |
| Intelligence: | 66 | Wisdom: | 63 |—————————————————————————————————————
| Aptitude: | 21(+50) | Ability: | 22/500 |
| Skill(s): |
| Analyze, Perception, Meditative State |
| Chaos Erupts, Chaotic Eruption, Chaotic Erupted Sphere |
| Ability: |
| Touch of Chaos, Bloodlust: Aura, Life Release: Aura |
| Inheritance: |
| Sealed |

Looking at his status screen Daichi considered how weak he was.

“Basically just yesterday I was giggling about my stats, but now thinking about some of the enemies I’ve seen and met. I’m too weak. In a one on one fight I may stand a chance against stronger enemies but that won’t always be the case, and against groups all it takes is one mistake.

I need to become stronger, not just my offense but my defense as well. I just have no idea how to do that for now, but maybe later on I can think of a way to use mana to increase my survivability. “

Finally focusing on his skills, Daichi took a look at the changes.

Skill Name: Meditative State
Skill Rank: Common
Skill Level: 1
Active Skill: Mana Cost: 0
Enters a state of Meditation. Effects: Mana Regeneration and Growth and Understanding of Mana increases.

Skill Name: Chaotic Eruption
Skill Rank: Special
Skill Level: 2
Active Skill: Mana Cost: 200
This skill creates a wave that travels in a specific direction emitted from the user. The wave infuses the mana it passes through with the Chaos Attribute. Effect: All living organisms that possess Mana will be temporarily stunned for 4 seconds. Range of Wave: 6 meters.

Skill Name: Chaotic Erupted Sphere
Skill Rank: Special
Skill Level: 1
Active Skill: Mana Cost: 300
This skill creates a sphere that travels in all directions emitted from the user. The sphere infuses the mana it passes through with the Chaos Attribute. Effect: All living organisms that possess Mana will be temporarily stunned for 4 seconds. Range of Wave: 2 meters.

Staring at his skills Daichi lost himself in thought.

So when I was thinking of using my energy differently I all but basically created a new way to use the same skill. Now I have the same skill but for different applications…

I’m definitely going to have to try this with my other skills. I want to figure out how analyze works.

This is probably the skill that bothers me the most, how do I get information I don’t know. That wouldn’t make sense to me unless it’s an outside influence giving me information in which case I could try to strengthen it in order to get even more information.

If it’s just my own subconscious processing information that I should know, then I could try to figure out to further delve into my subconscious. That wouldn’t explain how I would know names of other demons or monsters though. That puts a big strain on that idea.

The reality is I know too little about everything. It’s hard to even put my finger on where to start. I also have a feeling that the only one who has information that could be truly useful to me is Ava but getting her to cooperate and teach me what she knows feels like an uphill task.

She’s arrogant, thinks very highly of herself, cares about her position and prioritizes herself first…

Thinking about those traits Daichi came up with a simple idea.

I have something she wants, and she has something I want… There’s no reason why she would turn something down that benefits her if it puts her in a better position than myself. Especially if she thinks that what I gain won’t be as useful.

Smirking at his newly thought out plan, Daichi began to think about when to put it into action.

Tomorrow once we’re out of town. I’ll show her the dangers we’ll be facing before putting my proposal before her.

When everyone was finally trying to fall asleep. Daichi wondered whether they were thinking about how this was likely the last time they’ll be sleeping somewhere safe, somewhere moderately comfortable. Those thoughts suddenly going through his mind, he begin to smirk again.

Sleep is for the weak. I’ll never sleep again when I can meditate.

Hehe… Definitely a big gain.

Beginning his process of entering a state of sensing the mana in his surroundings, Daichi tuned everything out and focused on the mana and nothing else. No additional purpose or thoughts Daichi just sensed the mana around him and let that feeling envelop him and then lost himself allowing his subconscious to the absorb his observations…

Not shortly after from his perspective his eyes snapped open at a new thought.

Looking around the others are still asleep.

I’m unsure how long I was in meditation, but the others are in deep sleep at the moment. It had to have been a while.

Taking a look at each one of them and confirming they were asleep, Daichi used his analyze skill on each of them for the first time.

Human Named: Hannah Guresu Level: 15
Description: Death hovers around her.

Human Named: Ava Kajiya Level: 12
Description: None

Human Named: Kaden Guresu Level: 13
Description: Lucky and fast.

Eh… Ava leveled up?

So these descriptions aren’t too useful… They aren’t telling me anything new, which is likely because the skill is still only level two.

On the other hand, if I were to use the skill on people I don’t know, it would still be helpful with name and level alone, the description may not be much to go on though.

They really are weak though.

Shaking his head with his eyes closed Daichi thought about how useful they’ll be once they leave…

Thus far Daichi had only helped so much because he didn’t want them to get stronger than himself when he didn’t quite trust them.

I still don’t know enough about Ava and I know that should something happen, Kaden and Hannah will definitely stick together.

Thinking about their low levels though… If I leave them this weak… They might end up only causing more problems by dragging me into more life-and-death situations instead of helping me out of them. More over, how useful will they really be like this…

Losing himself in these thoughts Daichi struggled to come to a decision about what to do but Daichi also knew that if he didn’t make a decision and then resolutely follow it, he would just continue to second guess himself.

We’ve already been through so much, and now our adventure will really begin.

If we manage to reach a town, then having others with me will be of huge advantage, especially if I gain their trust.

Thinking up to this point, he opened his eyes and stared at Hannah’s sleeping face before finally deciding; I need to help them get stronger.

I won’t tell them anything particular about mana, I feel too lacking in that regard to be of guidance. Even if I did I think it’s something that if I explained poorly I could lead them down a permanently wrong path and if I do a good job they still might not understand.

The only other choice is to stop killing monsters from now on and help each one of them take the kills, that’s the best i can do and gain experience faster.

Finally feeling comfortable with that decision Daichi also thought about the trust they mentioned earlier.

I’m not particularly good with people but considering our circumstances, I will try to associate with them more. I have to at least make sure two of them trust me, considering Kaden definitely has a dislike of me, I’ll focus on Ava and Hannah.

Finally feeling satisfied with all off his decisions Daichi tried to drift back into a meditative state and enjoy the rest of the time he had left.

Daichi was beginning to feel as if he had just entered meditation as Hannah pulled him out by placing a hand on his shoulder.

Opening his eyes instantly and feeling uncomfortable at the touch, he steadied himself and stopped himself from even twitching as he made eye contact with her.

“We’ve been calling you for about a minute, how can you even sleep sitting up like that?” Hannah looks at Daichi curiously seemingly unperturbed by his stare for once.

“Actually. I was meditating.” Daichi honestly told her and waited for a response trying to observe her every reaction

Her eyebrows furrowing together and looking a little surprised “Really? You’ve learned to gather mana?”

Not wanting to hold back but not wanting to say too much, Daichi followed up with an even expression “I’ve taught myself the basics. I’ve gained a deeper understanding of mana and how it works more or less, but I’m still very new to this.” Looking at the hand she still has placed on his shoulder, he raised his right eyebrow in curiosity.

Noticing his look and then looking at the direction of his gaze, she immediately moved her hand “Sorry! I forgot! You… Surprised me with the meditation comment” stepping back a few steps looking uncomfortable as if she had done something wrong Daichi felt a little more at ease now that she was out of his personal space

“Don’t worry about it. I didn’t mind” he lied.

Standing up and cracking his neck, Daichi stretched his arms and legs and asked about the others, and whether everyone was already ready.

“Yes, we’ve all got our bags and we got one ready for you. Extra clothes, as much food as we can each carry, some bandages from from some of the extra shirts we ripped up.” Hannah points at the bag next to the couch which apparently has my name on it.

Going over to the couch Daichi picked it up, it felt kind of heavy and then started to wonder how the girls were going to carry these.

If these are heavy for me, they must be super heavy for them.

Noticing his stare and guessing at his thoughts, Ava sitting on the couch opposite of him answered his unspoken question “Two of the backpacks are special, they have a spell placed by one of the wizards that my grandfather used to know. They reduce the mass of anything inside them. So actually Hannah and I will be carrying these two backpacks due to their weight, which will be carrying the heaviest things.” looking at Daichi a little smugly and no longer showing the signs of fear from last night.

Kaden was sitting on the stairs his backpack next to him “We got the short end of the sticks this time.” giving Daichi a nonchalant look and then looking away.

Seems I’ve woken up to less overall hostility from everyone. Super. Today might go a lot better than expected Daichi thought.

Hannah speaks up “We’ve already eaten our breakfast, if you’re okay with eating something as we walk, then if everybody is ready let’s head out now.” a little urgency in her tone.

Daichi considered that despite everyone seeming a lot more calm, they’ve only processed what they saw last night. They’re definitely still scared of the hoard of monsters coming this way.

Looking at them a bit amused, he grabbed the two cereal bars that Hannah was handing him and put them in his pocket grabbing his backpack “Let’s do it, let’s walk and talk.”

Not wasting words or time they began their adventure.

Although the others might not be thinking of it as optimistically as me Daichi thought.

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