Chapter 24 The Beginning – The First Step Towards Evolution (Part 4)

Chapter 24 The Beginning – First Step towards Evolution (Part 4)

Daichi couldn’t stop himself from smiling as he began to focus on his new skills and abilities one at a time.

Unlike other people who had the information appear inside of their heads, Daichi physically manifested small little windows that appeared before him. These little windows were created and sustained by mana and were an extension of his Analyze skill.

Ability Name: Bloodlust: Aura
Ability Rank: Rare
Ability Level: 3
Active/Passive Ability: Mana Cost: Varies
Release mana with blood in mind. An invisible aura that smells and reeks of blood is released. Effect: All nearby living beings are struck with fear. Creatures weaker than user will be sent into a fear state. Creatures 10 Levels stronger will feel apprehension. Creatures twice as strong will be unaffected. Secondary Effect: User no longer passively leeks bloodlust. User has increased self-awareness while under Bloodlust State.

Ability Name: Life Release: Aura
Ability Rank: Rare
Ability Level: (Max)
Active Ability: 25% of Mana
Instantly infuse mana into a living creature through touch and force it’s cells and life to release themselves through a manifested Aura. Released life infuses into any/all living creatures within the Aura.

Skill Name: Chaos Erupts
Skill Rank: Special
Skill Level: (Max)
Active Skill: Mana Cost: 100
This skill will allow you to infuse Chaotic mana into another living being with a single touch. Effect: Disrupts cellular structure. All stats of being lowered by 75%. Health of being lowered by 75%.

Skill Name: Chaotic Eruption
Skill Rank: Special
Skill Level: 1
Active Skill: Mana Cost: 250
This skill creates a wave that travels in all directions emitted from the user. The wave infuses the mana it passes through with weakened Chaos Attribute. Effect: All living organisms that possess Mana will be temporarily stunned for 4 seconds. Range of Wave: 4 meters.

Skill Name: Analyze
Skill Rank: Special
Skill Level: 3
Active Skill: Mana Cost: 0
This skill will give you a basic description of living beings. Will show name, race, level, short description.

“Ah.. They look so beautiful hehe… Hmmm the Bloodlust Aura skill seems to have been dramatically changed and for the better. Although now that I’ve used it once… I can’t imagine letting myself use it again. Improved self-awareness might not be enough if I end up like I did before. I might have been weaker while under that state as well, I didn’t do anything strategic and just lashed out at the demon. If what happened before whatever it was didn’t happen I’d be dead right now…”

That thought quickly sobered Daichi to the reality of what could have happened tonight. Daichi lost all traces of the joy he’d previously been experiencing. Regardless of the benefits he had just gained, the reality of how close he’d come to death was daunting. “I need to be aware of my surroundings and not allow myself to make such an easy mistake again. The only enemies I will face from now on, are the ones I choose!”

Closing his eyes and shaking the anxiety off, Daichi opened them again and focused on the other skills.

“Surprisingly The Life Release: Aura uses up a lot of mana. There is no particular reason why it should though, the only thing I can think of is that it’s because what I’m trying to do with my chaotic mana is so complicated that the effort and focus must be extremely high. Even without actually leveling up the ability, I bet I can make the ability more mana cost-effective if I increase my mana control and focus.

The Chaotic Eruption skill is a bit different than I thought, mostly because I was wondering what using my mana in such a way would result in, I didn’t imagine it would result in a stun type effect. I also didn’t actually think about the range. Perhaps even though the skill doesn’t specify it, if I consciously use the skill without triggering it, then I can manipulate the amount of mana output and the range itself… Definitely something that will be worth a try later on.

Looking in shock, the Chaos Erupt skill seems overpowered. I can weaken and lessen health all at once… This is even better than Hannah’s current death skill! Her’s might result in instant death but there’s a necessity to have greater mana than her opponent, mine has no such restrictions! On top of that, since mine doesn’t kill, I can use it to farm opponents for other people… If I wanted too I could use it to make the others stronger…

As for my analyze skill it doesn’t seem very different. Pretty much exactly what happened with the lesser demon.”

Sitting on the floor with his arms on his knees Daichi thought about all of the new skills and abilities and came to a decision.

“I shouldn’t recklessly tell the others. Even though they have been useful thus far, Kaden and Ava still seem weary of me and Hannah is incredibly close to Kaden. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to survive but I can’t say the same for them. If I do something that they don’t agree with they could turn on me, I wouldn’t put it past them at this point. The smart call would be to keep these new changes to myself, at least for now.”

As he made up his mind, he glanced around his surroundings not noticing any changes. “Maybe this area was cleared out because this demon was in the area… In that case… I should leave. My original goal was the south side of town, I should head that way while I have the chance. Although this time around, I will actively look for opponents stronger than me. Time to test my new skills in an actual combat situation that hasn’t already played right into my hands.”

“Heh… I wonder whether I’ll meet any other demons… Heh… I hope I do.”

Getting up off the floor he began to carefully walk staying in the shadows. Even now the moonlight was brighter than it was before. The three moons shined down creating more light than Daichi had ever been accustomed too at night.

Looking around carefully Daichi finally noticed something. Inside the remains of a destroyed one floor building with no roof, there seemed to be a whole horde of Goblins.

Daichi figured they could even possibly be the batch if they were at all involved in the battle outside of town. It seemed unlikely they’d survive for longer than a second against any of the monsters out there.

Changing positions and trying to stealthily climb some of the rubble to get a better vantage point, Daichi climbed to the equivalent height of a third floor building. On top of a row of walls that had crumbled in on themselves. Daichi looked down on them from about and noticed about 26 goblins huddled around a small fire like refugees.

“Hmm…” Using his new analyze skill on what seemed to be their leader. The leader was seemingly sleeping while, sitting in a cross-legged position on top of a mount of small rubble.

Goblin Chieftain: Level 14
Description: The leader of a small group of Goblins. Small, green, violent. Fights with a short sword.

“Eh? What the hell kind of description is that? I’m starting to wonder how these descriptions are chosen. Perhaps I get information based on threat level, since it poses little threat to me then the skill gives me very little. Information based on necessity?”

Looking around the levels of all of the other goblins, Daichi seemed to average them all around 8-9. Thinking about it for a bit longer he decided not to waste his breath. “I’d be putting in more effort than it’s worth to kill these goblins, at best I’d level up once if not twice with just these many monsters. If I did though I’d be exhausted after… Not worth the hassle.”

Just as he was climbing back down, as his feet touched the ground. A goblin scout noticed him as they stared right back at one another and the second they did, Daichi flicked a knife at its throat. Instead the dagger hit him in the chest. Even so before the goblin could scream, Daichi jumped forward and pulled out his sword on his left and using his right arm swung wide and a full slash decapitated it in one go.

The goblin’s body hitting the ground barely made any noise, and not giving the others a chance to notice anything strange Daichi slinked away not wanting to bother with these goblins at all.

The further Daichi walked, the more time had to realize the goblins hadn’t given chase to whatever had killed their scout. “They’re likely very aware of what’s happening outside of town or they think there’s just as much to fear inside of town. Either way, it turned out to be quite convenient for me.”

He made it almost all the way to the very southern end of the town when he finally encountered a group of Orcs. They just happened to be sitting in the middle of what was left of a bath area holding their weapons attentively.

“Seems like they’re probably hunting and not hiding, taking a closer look at the group there’s only about 8.” Daichi wondered why the Orcs only hunt in such small groups. Using analyze on each one of them, he came across a new Orc.

Valgor Orc Champion: Level 24
Description: Unlike most Orcs, Valgor the named Orc is stronger and very capable at wielding the spear. He stands strong among the Orcs as one of it’s champions through combat.

The other orcs were all like warriors and were all around level 15-17. Daichi made a mental note that these orcs were stronger than the previous orcs he’d previously battled but not by much.

Looking at this perfect opportunity. Daichi took both of his swords out of their sheaths slowly and quietly, as he moved getting closer. The closer he moved towards the orcs the less rubble and random things appeared that he could hide behind. It slowly decreased and he was still quite a distance away.

Daichi began preparing his mana and skills as he rushed out of the cover of the rubble and dashed towards the orcs as fast as he was capable of! They noticed him within a few steps of his dash and stood to attention getting in position to battle him. Instead of fighting, Daichi ignored their formation and dodged past the first two who taken wide swings at him and as he rushed at their leader he brought both swords down on him with his full strength!

The Orc Champion put up his spear to block both swords and kicked Daichi in the chest but Daichi had anticipated as much as he pushed off the ground as he took the kick. Nullifying almost any of the damage he would have taken from that attack. As he readied his swords again the orcs had him surrounded…

They slowly all closed in on Daichi… Clearly they didn’t want to give him any room to escape their ensnarement.

Daichi was merely grinning wildly as he muttered without even realizing “Perfect”… As he realized his <Chaotic Eruption> skill!

Triggering the skill, Daichi felt a surge of mana flow outwards like a wave from his chest. The feeling was exciting for him and the second the mana left his body, he pounced forward! The orcs were all immediately stilled and not half a second from the moment Daichi used the skill he’d already slashed at the Orc Champion’s neck in a horizontal swing going right through his neck with some effort.

Lopping off his head Daichi didn’t hesitate and moved towards the next orc and instead of taking the time to decapitate it. Daichi pierced through it’s neck with a thrust leaving his sword behind while moving to the one next to it with another thrust at it’s neck with his remaining sword.

Pulling his sword out, Daichi moved towards the next closest orc counting in his head as he reached 4 seconds. The orc started to move as Daichi aimed at its heart instead (not wanting to miss) as he pushed off the ground while placing his left hand at the bottom of the hilt with an open palm. Daichi pierced into the orc’s chest all the way to the hilt. Pushing the orc backwards with his momentum until he hit the floor hard.

Daichi looked at the other orcs as he stood back up pulling his sword with him. As he stood over one of their fallen brothers bodies.

Even as he stared at them his muscles twitched and he could feel a slight burst of energy.

Three kills in four seconds and one more right after. Only four left, but they were looking at Daichi confused and unwilling to attack.

Daichi focused on his bloodlust skill and released a hint of his intent to kill towards them. Although it seemed as if he didn’t have much control as the orcs remained unmoving.

Not wanting to waste more time, Daichi charged at the orc right in front of him and instead of attacking Daichi the orc turned to run almost instantly. All of them began to scatter immediately. After all, they had just seen this human before them appear out of no where, and just as he’d been cornered he’d unleashed some sort of strange attack rendering them immobile.

In a matter of seconds he’d dispatched their leader and three of their companions with such ease that it instilled a certain amount of fright in all of them! After seeing their leader who was far stronger than all of them killed in such a pathetic way, none of them wanted to stick around and try to attack Daichi.

Daichi chased after the orc he’d tried to attack and as he caught up to him, he pierced him from behind in the back through the stomach. As he placed both hands on the hilt, he swept the sword to the right bisecting him from the would. The orc fell to his knees as Daichi took one final swing and completely decapitated him.

The other three orcs had long fled and Daichi was feeling pretty tired. Decapitating the orcs was no easy feat. Especially with these short swords. Thinking about their efficacy, he walked over to the other orc that was bleeding out and pulled out his other sword and then pierced him through his chest a few times until it stopped twitching.

Releasing a long breath, Daichi sat down next to the orc champion and took a small breather. “Killing the champion orc must have been a huge blow to the others. Especially with the ease I did it with. It seems orcs can show fear too… Doesn’t seem like there’s much of a difference in terms of instinct with any of these monsters and us. We all understand the concept of death and fear it.

Not that it matters, if I’d had more energy I would have chased the others down but they were too weak to make it worth it. It’s been a long day.”

Daichi opened his status screen and reviewed the benefits he’d reaped throughout the night.

| -Status- |
| Name: | Daichi Seishin |
| Level: | 21 |
| Race: | Human | Evolutionary Path: | ??? |
| Title(s): | Psychopath, Touched by Chaos |
| Divine Protection: | None | Attribute(s): | Chaos |
| Health: | 100/100 |
| Mana: | 135/620 |
| Strength: | 25 | Agility: | 25 |
| Vitality: | 13 | Spirit: | 10 |
| Intelligence: | 62 | Wisdom: | 62 |—————————————————————————————————————
| Aptitude: | 21(+50) | Ability: | 21/500 |
| Skill(s): |
| Analyze, Perception, Chaos Erupts, Chaotic Eruption |
| Ability: |
| Touch of Chaos, Bloodlust: Aura, Life Release: Aura |
| Inheritance: |
| Sealed |

Gazing at his status screen, Daichi realized his mana hadn’t increased at all since his previous battle leaving him a little confused. He’d always assumed that once a being had obtained mana, then whenever it decreased it would slowly fill itself back up… It now seemed obvious to Daichi that his previous logic had been wrong. “Perhaps the only way to recover my mana is to actively try and gather it back up. This is going to be problematic…”

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