Chapter 23 The Beginning – The First Step Towards Evolution (Part 3)

Chapter 23 The Beginning – First Step towards Evolution (Part 3)

Suddenly caught in a new train of thought a spark had suddenly engulfed Daichi, as if an answer for a question he did’t know he had asked had suddenly appeared!

His mind making a connection he didn’t know he’d subconsciously been skimming..

“If there is an attribute that does one thing and another that does the opposite, wouldn’t they both be doing the same thing just in the opposite way? To take life you have life, and to give life you must take life. This principle of equal exchange has always existed in the universe.

Isn’t my Chaos attribute the embodiment of every attribute to some extent? The reason why I can’t use it as such is because I don’t understand any of the attributes in any real way. If I did, it would likely mean that everything exists in chaos and nothing at all all at once.”

Once again the soul-stirring feeling enveloped him, except this time it was even stronger than before! It felt even more enveloping even if only for a second!

“My Chaos attribute changes and can disrupt cellular structures, resulting in a form of death to some extent. If I had the control I could possibly heal with my attribute. The question is how can I heal without having the control necessary to it? I could heal by not healing, but rather by doing the opposite…

I could heal by taking life. If I could create a skill that force something to ooze it’s own life, then I wouldn’t need to carefully use chaotic energy focused on myself. It wouldn’t even have to be carefully used on the target as long as I didn’t care about it releasing its life force until it died.

Our life is determined by our vitality to a small extent but mainly due to our life energy that can’t be specifically focused on as coming from any one place. Health points are just a simplification of how close we are to losing our life rather than a representation of our actual life. We simply work, like a set of cogs that move in a perfect way that equates to us being what we are, I can’t solve the mystery of life…

But thinking about vitality and health embodied as essence. I might not necessarily need to know the specific outline of how we function. I just need to focus all of my mana and thoughts into a state equal to bloodlust into taking life. I would have to focus on the chaotic mana not breaking apart and interrupting but just reversing and releasing.”

Realizing that this was easier said then done, the only way to test this theory is to actually do it.

“I have the method and execution, but not the application isn’t worked out because the theory and actually doing it are two different things. Being able to do something I myself don’t know if I am capable of doing limits me…

Still, I used my perception skill, that means that theoretically there’s no reason why I can’t try to create this skill…”

Focusing his entire being on channeling his mana into having the properties of reversing and releasing without expelling his mana, He thought about taking life. Daichi focused his entire being into fusing these two separate thoughts into one action.

He focused for minutes until his mind was exhausted. Daichi cleared his thoughts and his mind and instead of resting, he continued the same process. He would stop and continue. Stop and continue.

Until at some point he stopped focus on when he’d stopped taking a break, on when his breaks became part of this cycle, of stopping, and even when clearing his mind, his heart and mind are solely focused on the concept of taking life though reversing and releasing the process of life. It became a cycle of thought and his mind entered a revolving state of constant emphasis on these two things that are separate but one.

Daichi’s thought singular, his mana focused. He didn’t know when he reached this state but when he did the mana inadvertently began to release itself without him noticing.

Ability Created: Life Release: Aura
Created through the singular focused thought of forcing a living being to release it’s own life.

In-between these words and information popping into his head that soul-stirring feeling once again enveloped him making the words things he simply couldn’t focus on. Whenever this soul-stirring feeling enveloped it would both distract and focus him. It was as if part of him was being pulled in one direction and another part in the opposite direction. A strange contradictory sensation!

Spirit has reached maximum stat for Human Race
Reached the pinnacle of Spirit for Humanity.

Then Daichi’s mind began to wander for a while. Resting as he’d felt exhausted from focusing on simple thing until something that had bothered him for a while finally popped into his mind… The analyze skill he possessed… He’d long wondered how the skill worked and now that he was feeling enlightened he began pondering and a conclusion came to him quite easily. The skill was a skill, external factors were only limited… Therefore he was using information he already knew. The levels he gathered inadvertently from his body’s natural reaction to someone close in strength, allowing him to gauge an opponent. If this were the case, could he not trigger his mind to give him more information? Information that would allow him to instantly make deductions by initiating the skill, and therefore garnering information based on anything and everything he’d ever learned!

He could essentially turn the skill into an auto search feature, that would scan all of his knowledge, and then present relevant information… Even further than that he could have the skill make instant deductions that would other wise take him a lot longer to make as he tried to put pieces of relevant information together to come to a conclusion.

Suddenly Daichi’s mind became blank. Slowly his mind started feeling less distorted and he regained his focus and felt refreshed. Refreshed until his mind started spinning. Feeling as if he was actually moving, feeling again he realized he wasn’t feeling numb anymore. He felt myself and before he knew it he eyes opened.

Intense pain spread throughout Daichi’s back and every limb in his body! He felt like he was on the verge of death! “What the hell! What the hell is that… What’s with this pain!?”


In a second it all hit him in a single wave.

“I was beaten by a demon. He crushed my back. I was about to die.”

“Correction! I’m about to die! Wait! Trying to string my thoughts into cohesive useful ones past and in-between the pain I managed to piece together one thing, I didn’t just imagine those things, I still remember, I still remember!”

Feeling the foot still stepping on my back, his lips quivered and turned into an ugly deformed smile as his right eye tried to look up at the demon. The pain being held back by his desire to see it in just as much pain as him. Daichi finally invoked his <Chaos Erupts> skill through the foot stepping on my back.

“ARRGGGHHH!” Daichi heard the demon screams louder than his own as it’s foot trembled and felt it’s body fell to it’s knees on top of his back increasing his pain even more!

“UGH! THIS Bastard! Even when I hurt it, it friggin hurts me back!!!”

Not wasting a moment Daichi focused and utilized the <Life Release: Aura> skill as the demon’s body was on top of him.

It worked like a charm and in an instant, the demon’s screams started to get soft and then softer. Still screaming they became more like faint whispers and Daichi heard his own spine crack even worse than the first time, one, two multiple cracks coming one after another except instead of pain he felt an intense pleasure washing over him.

He felt enveloped in warmth and strength. He felt invigorated.

All of his muscles went into contractions and Daichi suddenly felt lost as and a slight panic as his whole body began convulsing! Daichi looked like he was having a seizure as his whole body was shaking for nearly a full minute before coming to a rest.

Exhausted… From every single event that had occurred, Daichi still thought to use his <Analyze> skill as he both saw and felt the demon breathe his last breath.

Lesser Named Demon: Gorath Level: 32
Description: Lowest evolution of Demon race. This demon is 6 feet tall, has budding wings sprouting from it’s back but is incapable of flight. This demon outer shell has not developed the trademark hardness and scales of higher class demons.

“Ah. Beautiful. How I adore you my precious little power ups! Come to me! Bring all of your friends!Make me stronger! Stronger than ever! Hehe…”

Realizing he wasn’t hurt any more Daichi started to get up and felt the weight of the demon as it happened to completely topple over onto him when it must have died.

Trying to get up onto his hands and knees, he then moved into a roll to the side and rolled out from underneath the demon.

Then turning to the side, Daichi saw a withered corpse looking like a mummy. Like it had been drained dry.

“Hehe… Serves you right….”

Daichi then opened his <Status>.

“Hehehe…. It was all worth it for this!!!” Daichi let loose a string of giggles.

“So much to think about. Enlightened state? Is that were I was? Was that why everything was weird? Hmm…” Daichi tried to be pensive but he was still giggling like a little school girl in a fit of excitement.

Closing his eyes and sensing the mana around him, he felt waves of mana flow over and around him. Gentle-like waves of water in the sea gentling washing over me. It felt incredible.

Opening his eyes not allowing myself to get absorbed in the feeling, that is mana.

| -Status- |
| Name: | Daichi Seishin |
| Level: | 20 |
| Race: | Human | Evolutionary Path: | ??? |
| Title(s): | Psychopath, Touched by Chaos |
| Divine Protection: | None | Attribute(s): | Chaos |
| Health: | 100/100 |
| Mana: | 385/610 |
| Strength: | 23 | Agility: | 25 |
| Vitality: | 10 | Spirit: | 10 |
| Intelligence: | 61 | Wisdom: | 61 |—————————————————————————————————————
| Aptitude: | 21(+50) | Ability: | 20/500 |
| Skill(s): |
| Analyze, Perception, Chaos Erupts, Chaotic Eruption |
| Ability: |
| Touch of Chaos, Bloodlust: Aura, Life Release: Aura |
| Inheritance: |
| Sealed |

Smiling, Daichi began to focus on his new skills and abilities one at a time.

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