Chapter 17 The Beginning – Strength (Part 1)

Chapter 17 The Beginning – Strength (Part 1)

Unable to tell time inside of the cellar, the entire group slept like logs. Once they’d gotten past the anxiety of the day before and finally fell asleep, the emotional and physical exhaustion really showed the toll they’d paid. As Daichi was waking up, he felt his entire body felt light, reborn.He didn’t notice it yesterday when he’d woken up because he was so tense and unsure of all of the new changes but since waking up in this new world he’d been feeling things he hadn’t in so long if ever at all.

The world before was so peaceful and everyone loved their lives but Daichi didn’t. He’d felt stifled and bored. He didn’t value the peace everyone else did, he’d never known anything else enough to value it. He was constantly annoyed by how arrogant and weak everyone was, which seemed so… Unnatural. Based on everything he’d read, the human race had always strived towards progress in some way or another.

Whether intentionally or not they always moved forward. In strife they succeeded, and Daichi considered himself so unlucky for being born in the only era where he would never get to grow and find his limits. Then this suddenly happened, he felt as if his whole fate has changed.

Then for the first time since all these changes had occurred Daichi finally wondered whether his father was okay. He hadn’t thought about him until now, and wondered whether he was still alive. If he was, whether he’d thought about his son up until now… “He probably made it through. He left before me and even though the portal was further, I doubt he dallied. He definitely, maybe, made it out of town. Although I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean much of anything” Daichi reasoned.

Everyone else in the group was extremely excited to get to a town near here and meet up with other people.

Daichi kept wondering whether he should point out the obvious… The odds of other towns having done better than theirs wasn’t any better. Especially after taking the time to think about his Touched by Chaos title. It claimed that their reality was changed on some fundamental level, if that were the case then it was extremely unlikely that the damage done to their town was limited to just them. If that were the case it was entirely possible that this damage had spread across the entire continent.

What would be even worse was… If that was really the case, they would encounter even more danger once they found other people. If supplies were an issue they could be in danger. Even more as they were in possession of high tiered weapons which would attract a lot of unwanted attention from other humans unless they were able to protect themselves.

Daichi seemed doubtful that anyone else had even thought of that. The more he thought about it the less he wanted to be the one to point it out either after yesterday. So he decided to keep quiet. Making friends with them benefited them all. They would help one another and definitely stronger together especially they can grow to trust one another to some extent. Even if they got stronger, the only monsters they’d managed to kill and not even with relative ease had been monsters that hadn’t even reached the starting point for this new world…

He would help them get stronger as long as they helped him, and would go along with their plans as long as it was mutually beneficial. If down the line they decided to do something that put him in harm or he simply didn’t agree too, he would just leave. He wasn’t tied down to them and wouldn’t let himself become tied down to them.

“No point in thinking about it this way, nothing’s changed. If I want to live I have to get stronger, it’s simple so I should keep it simple.” he figured.

Sitting up and looking around, the others were finally waking up.

After a light meal with the others on the couches and talking strategy, they decided to leave their packs in the cellar. No one figured they’d be able to escape anytime soon so there was no point in taking them. After all, if for some reason they ran into a monster so much stronger than them that they had to flee out of the town, they might as well be dead. Grabbing their weapons and arming Hannah with her spear and two extra goblin knives, they headed off to the outside looking to hunt.

This time they were prepared as they were leaving and about to exit the cellar door. Prepared for another surprise but luckily there were no monsters barring their way.

In fact as they left the cellar and began wandering around town they found no monsters. The goblins and their regular scouting parties were no where to be found.

Daichi was getting a bad feeling about the seemingly missing goblins as they continued. No one was saying much of anything with everyone’s anxiety piling on. They decided to make their way to the center of town and if they didn’t find any monsters they would start going in a semi circle and slowly work their way outwards for safety.

At the center of town is where the portal used to be, finally taking a closer look they noticed the intricate carvings for the seals necessary to sustain the portal were on various pieces of rubble. It along with most things had been destroyed by the tremor.

Standing a top the rubble near the tower were the first signs of monsters they’d seen except it wasn’t what they expected to find.

Sitting in a circle was a group of Orcs.

Daichi stealthily moved closer, “I need to use my skill on them and figure out how strong they are.” he thought as he moved closer. As he ran from one from one piece of rubble to the next. He put in every once of speed into he had into every dash!

Finally within ear shot, he could hear them grunting at one another. Daichi thought that it could be their language as he moved just a bit closer and activated his <Analyze> skill.

Orc Chieftain: Level 22
Orc Warrior: Level 16
Orc Warrior: Level 16
Orc Warrior: Level 16

“Only a group of four Orcs… But if even I was enough to deal with small groups of goblins these orcs must be more than enough to handle the goblins with ease.” Daichi reasoned as he tried to calculate their strength. The levels wasn’t enough to truly gauge an opponents strength after all.

All three Orc Warriors looked exactly like the previous Orc. Just as ugly, with small tusks coming out of his underbite and dark pink skin with a midsize snout and disturbing yellow eyes. The chieftain looks different. His tusks are longer curving up midway to his face, and his skin is an even darker shade. “I wonder whether they are born that way or whether monsters have classes like humans…” Daichi thought as he stared at the orcs.

“This would be a tough battle… I don’t think we can take them without heavy damage…” Kaden thought as he was far enough to tell that the orcs would not be easy prey while reconsidering taking action as he took into account Hannah and Ava’s safety.

Daichi was preparing to get back to the group, but before he could turn around he looked straight into the eyes of the chieftain and noticed him staring right back.

“Damn! He sees me. Change of plans.” In that split second Daichi decided action was required. He’d been found out and getting away would be riskier than attacking while these orcs were still slightly off guard!

Not hesitating any longer he made a run for it ignoring all the cover and headed straight back to the group. “He saw me! GET READY!” Daichi yelled as loudly as possible as he heard the chieftain grunt loudly at the other orcs and began to give chase. Their footsteps were loud and they made a straight path for Daichi. As Daichi got closer to the group he rushed right past them as the orcs closed in behind him.

Kaden tried to rush one of the rushing Orcs only to get knocked back on his ass. Hannah speared that same Orc while his rush stopped only for a second and then was smacked away by the orc coming right beside him. Taking nominal damage to his shoulder the first orc just pulled the spear out and threw it to the side.

Meanwhile Ava was hiding behind a piece of rubble still biding her time. Daichi couldn’t tell whether she was scared or being meticulous being making a surprise attack.

It seems these orcs were all going to fight with their barehands. Which was the only saving grace to this battle Daichi could find. He pulled out both of his short swords and rushed at the closest orc. Daichi raised both swords and brought them downwards with a slash aimed at both it’s shoulders before getting tackled by an orc from the side.

Having the wind knocked out of him, Daichi was dazed for a second before realizing the orc has knocked both swords out of his hands and was trying to take a bite out of him with it’s misshapen mouth. He held it back with one hand at the neck and pulled out a knife with his right hand from his side scabbard and pierced it right through it’s left eye. The orc immediately started wailing and backed up off of Daichi while trying to grab the knife in it’s eye. Daichi scooted back at that moment, back still on the floor and reached out for one of his swords. As he got up off the ground go after the orc kneeling on the ground as it pulled out the knife and in the same moment Daichi swung his sword with both hands like a baseball bat and cleaved it’s head off.

There was no one around which was lucky for Daichi as his whole body convulsed for a second as every muscle contracted as he experienced the now almost familiar sensation of his muscles and body growing stronger.

Ignoring his small fit, Daichi looked over at Kaden who was now dodging his own orc while slashing at him every time it missed to hit him. The other orc was lying dead at Hannah’s feet.

“How did Hannah kill her orc?” Not getting a chance to follow that train of thought the Chieftain Orc finally made its move and started to walk towards them as it grunted at them angrily.

“If it’s so angry why didn’t it just attack with his warriors! Tch. Dumb orc.” Daichi thought as he stared the orc down.

The orc was walking towards Daichi as his speed increased with every step it took until he was at a full sprint running towards Daichi. With his one sword he stood his ground and dug in. At the last second as the orc went to tackle him Daichi jumped to the side and let him fly right past him into the ground right in front of Ava.

She finally made her move and jumped on top of the fallen orc her melt skill was works wonders as always as it was melting right through his back. It tried to move around while screaming in pain as the smell of his back being melted through created steam in the air. Just when Daichi thought that the fight was over. The orc despite the huge wounds on it’s back still turned over and smacked Ava away like a fly. Sending her flying a meter before skidding on the ground.

It was wailing but its eyes were still focused on Daichi. It was still shaky on it’s feet, as it was wobbling on the ground and Daichi used the opportunity and went right at him. Daichi got closer and he evaded the orcs random swings towards him as he waited for his chance and finally jumped into a roll on the ground and crouched right behind him while thrusting his sword as he pierced his heart from the already open wound on its back.

It didn’t move for a few moments making Daichi think he’d missed before he finally toppled forward face first into the ground.

This time the tremor running through Daichi’s body felt even stronger. His whole vision got hazy for a few moments as he almost felt he was going to pass out.

Without thinking too much about it Daichi opened his <status> window, as he gazed at the benefits from the battle.

| -Status- |
| Name: | Daichi Seishin |
| Level: | 13 |
| Race: | Human | Evolutionary Path: | ??? |
| Title(s): | Psychopath, Touched by Chaos |
| Divine Protection: | None | Attribute(s): | Chaos |
| Health: | 90/100 |
| Mana: | 430/430 |
| Strength: | 17 | Agility: | 22 |
| Vitality: | 10 | Spirit: | 1 |
| Intelligence: | 43 | Wisdom: | 46 |—————————————————————————————————————
| Aptitude: | 21(+50) | Ability: | 13/500 |
| Skill(s): |
| Analyze |
| Ability: |
| Touch of Chaos |
| Inheritance: |
| Sealed |

Ignoring his own wandering thoughts again Daichi noticed Ava healing and walked over to her “Thanks. I was a goner without your help on that one.” Daichi was speaking honestly. If not her for her there was no way he would have been able to deal enough damage to that one orc in a one on one battle.

As her healing glow finally diminished she looked up at him with an annoyed expression “Hmph. You stole my experience!”

Eh? “I didn’t mean too!” he immediately called back

“Hmph. Whatever. You owe me now.” Turning her head to the side with an irritated expression Daichi could only sigh in defeat.

Meanwhile it seemed Kaden’s Orc had also met it’s end, looking over it had slash wounds all over it’s front but nothing deep enough that would indicate a fatal wound. Looking at Hannah and Kaden a bit puzzled Hannah looked at Daichi, then glanced down and in a soft voice “I did it. It seems… I’ve developed a new Ability.”

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