Chapter 14 The Beginning – Goblins (Part 2)

Chapter 14 The Beginning – Goblins (Part 2)

“Ava do you need a weapon?” Kaden asked while following right behind her “If I needed a weapon I’d have a weapon out. My skill is my most useful tool right now so that’s what I’ll use.”

Daichi started to walk closer to them and finally checked his <Status>

| -Status- |
| Name: | Daichi Seishin |
| Level: | 10 |
| Race: | Human | Evolutionary Path: | ??? |
| Title(s): | Psychopath, Touched by Chaos |
| Divine Protection: | None | Attribute(s): | Chaos |
| Health: | 80/100 |
| Mana: | 400 |
| Strength: | 13 | Agility: | 10 |
| Vitality: | 10 | Spirit: | 1 |
| Intelligence: | 40 | Wisdom: | 43 |—————————————————————————————————————
| Aptitude: | 21(+50) | Ability: | 10/500 |
| Skill(s): |
| Analyze |
| Ability: |
| Touch of Chaos |
| Inheritance: |
| Sealed |

“The battles must have increased my stats into things other than intelligence for once. Pretty useful. I can finally check these Titles too… Eh?? Even an ability???” was thinking before immediately checking it.

The information appeared in his brain and his eyes opened wide.

Ability Name: Touch of Chaos
Ability Rank: Unique
Ability Level: (Max)
Active Ability: Mana Cost: 2500 | 5000
Instantly seal an opponents skill. Instantly steal an opponents ability. Requirement: Must make physical contact.

Daichi stopped walking. “This could be tremendous!” he thought before noticing the mana cost…

“It would take me forever to even get the necessary mana to use the ability once!!! Tch!!Worthless.” a sigh escaped his lips as he thought about how useful his new ability would be IF he could use it. Which he was far from being able to do so. In the long term this could be extremely powerful he thought while picking up the pace and catching up to the others.

Giggling a bit under his breath he noticed the others staring at him but he ignored them anyways.

Daichi then checked his Analyze skill.

Skill Name: Analyze
Skill Rank: Rare
Skill Level: 1
Active Skill: Mana Cost: 0
This skill will give you a basic description of living beings. Can be upgraded through reaching a greater understanding of how the skill works. In order to analyze higher level beings & obtain more information.

Daichi’s giggling grew even louder. This was the perfect skill at the perfect time. “Maybe I’ve got some amazing luck after all.” he thought unable to stop himself from smiling.

“I better not get carried away while we’re walking in the open, Tch, there might be monsters around.” he finally determined and with a sigh of frustration he closed his status window.

“Hey… Why is he smiling such a genuine smile of happiness…*shiver* It feels so wrong” Ava was feeling uncomfortable staring at Daichi that she even asked Kaden.

“He got that last kill, maybe he unlocked something?” Kaden pointed out.

“Oy, did you?” Ava poked Daichi in the ribs as hard as she could.

Ugh.. Yeah. “Yeah. I got something that’ll help us discern how strong a monster is before we fight it.” as he grinned at them.

“Oooooh! Not bad bro! Man! I can’t wait to reach level 10 now! I’m definitely going to get a skill!” Kaden said with enthusiasm as the others ignored him.

Walking forwards and finally out of the residential neighborhood they all spotted a group of goblins walking down the streets, “Get down.” Daichi whispered and pulled them down.

“Hey! This is what we’ve been looking for! Why’re we hiding!?” Kaden replied in what could barely pass as whispering.

“We don’t know how many there are, I say we go around and find as many groups as possible. Let’s get a feel for how many there are and if they have a leader. We don’t want to get surrounded. So let’s let them pass and I’ll check each and everyone of them okay?”

“Che… Yeah okay” Kaden crossed his arms in front of him and sat down on the floor giving up completely.

Ava stayed exactly as she was but smacking by hand away. Glancing at me and then back at the goblins she’s stayed alert.

As they got near, I noticed this was a similar sized goblin group to the one that attacked us before.

Goblin Scout: Level 5
Goblin Scout: Level 5
Goblin Scout: Level 9
Goblin Warrior: Level 8
Goblin Warrior: Level 9
Goblin Warrior: Level 9
Goblin Scout: Level 7
Goblin Scout: Level 5
Goblin Scout: Level 7

Finally taking the opportunity to use the skill, Daichi used his <Analyze> skill on each one of the goblins within his sight.

“Eh… So these are the goblins we fought before. No wonder we won. They were of similar level except we have a physical advantage to them as humans. Most likely that holds true for most races. That’s why the orc seems so strong even though he probably wasn’t that much of a higher level monster compared to these goblins. On top of which, no matter how many times I’ve leveled in my life, my health points have never changed. My dad who once told me when I was a child that he was level 16 and his health points were also 100. I think that regardless of our level, unless we do something to increase our resistance to damage we’re all at the most basic health points for our race. I know that if someone stabbed me through the heart at level 5 or level 10 I’d probably die all the same… So what the body is made out of must make a huge different. It’s not all about levels.” Daichi ran through a slew of thoughts before beginning to wonder something simple.

Daichi began to wonder how exactly his analyze skill had the ability to gauge the strength of another creature. It would be one thing if he had gained some insight in how to do so, but it was another thing altogether to be able to do without any insight. It wasn’t as if he gained the skill from a skill book or rune either. Unless he had knowledge before hand in how to do so, this should not have been a skill he should have gained so easily.

The notion of his conclusions left him a little sour. Instead he turned his attention back to the goblins.

“We could probably take this group out… Better to wait though…” he whispered under his breath but loud enough for Ava and Kaden to hear “3 level 5s, 2 level 7s, 1 level 8 and 3 level 9s, all scouts except for 3 warriors. The warriors are the ones with the knifes and the scouts are all unarmed.”

“Che. Are we really going to do nothing?” Kaden stared at Daichi challengingly

“We do nothing for now. This is clearly a scout party. What we can do is follow them, check where they are scouting and then see who they meet up with if anyone. If we do attack we have to make sure its away from the residential district to avoid attracting more attention to the area.” he pointed out. He’d already decided on this plan and therefore Daichi figured that they would either follow him or they could act of their own accord without him.

“Eh. Fine. That works.” Surprisingly Kaden agreed with no resistance, Ava just nodded.

They began to follow the goblins. They walked in a straight path, the warriors keeping the scouts from wandering too far, and they just walk, they look around but they don’t seem very vigilant. They really do come off as easy prey everyone thought.

After following them for about half an hour them come into contact with another group, one even smaller. As they got closer. Daichi kept trying to use the analyze skill from the furthest distance so he could get a feel for what its range was. When he can finally use it he could make out the distance it worked from was about 20 meters or so. It seemed to vary for some reason.

“Hopefully the range will increase as I keep leveling it up. Which is the other reason I don’t want to attack right off the bat. I want to use this opportunity to raise it’s level by analyzing as many monsters as possible.” Daichi thought to himself while continuously triggering the skill as more goblins were within range.

Goblin Scout: Level 5
Goblin Scout: Level 6
Goblin Scout: Level 7
Goblin Warrior: Level 9
Goblin Warrior: Level 9

Paying no particular mind to this group. They waited as they seemed to be communicating with one another. Then their groups passed each other by, one heading off back to the western part of town with the majority of the bigger structures while this group continues heading north. They followed and about an hour later they came across a smaller group of goblins. This group was a little strange. The bigger group just automatically moved out of their way and the small group just passed them by.

When they get close enough Daichi used his skill on them.

Goblin Scout: Level 6
Goblin Warrior: Level 9
Goblin Chief: Level 14

“Eh. Goblin chief. Could this be their leader?” Deciding not to get carried away they hid as these goblins passed and continued to follow the other goblin group for another hour as they passed one more set of goblins. This other group was even larger, with 14 members, all in the higher levels.

The group decided after talking it over that they’d already spent a few hours checking them out and it was time to make a move. Their health had recovered since they didn’t have any open wounds. So they started preparing to make their move.

While they were getting ready Daichi decided it was time to check the rest of his stats. He called up his status window and took a good long look. He knew his skills now. So therefore he tried checking his “inheritance” window earlier but nothing happened. “I guess even if I have full access I’m still too low leveled to even see that. Which makes no sense to me at all at the moment. Since I don’t have enough information to make a better deduction, I take a look at my titles instead.” Daichi figured.

Due to every decision being made through rational calculation the Gods have deemed you a Psychopath.
As such the universe has deemed you a likely survivor of the new world.

+1 Stat point to Intelligence for every level up
+1 Stat point to Wisdom for every level up
+5 Stat points to distribute every-time you kill an opponent 10 levels higher than you
(This title and benefits will only apply while unevolved)

Touched by Chaos:
You accomplished the impossible for a mortal.
As reality was eclipsed by chaos, you entered the void and returned unharmed.
Your body disintegrated in the void and was reformed by the chaos.
You now possess the first requirement.

Aptitude: +50
Chaos Attribute Gained
Ability Acquired
Inheritance Acquired

“Ahaha. I used to hate my status screen. The name thing over and over, and now. Now my status screen refuses to show me something boring! So I ceased to exist for a moment eh? Well I’m back now so who cares! I now possess the first requirement but of course it doesn’t tell me for what, naturally. Even the gods are stooping to name calling and have deemed me a psychopath eh? Well no biggie, those are some pretty awesome stat boosts. All in all, these are some sure fire wins.” Daichi felt some confidence swelling up with these new pieces of information.

After thinking about all these things instead of getting excited they’d calmed him down. This was the perfect motivation before a battle. This is exactly what Daichi needed to pump him up.

There was only one way to get stronger now, he just had to kill all of these goblins one by one.

Readying his daggers. “Are you two ready?” he waited to see a nod from both of them, “Okay let’s go!”

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