Chapter 13 The Beginning – Goblins (Part 1)

Chapter 13 The Beginning – Goblins (Part 1)

The doors open and the late afternoon sun shined in, Along with a pair of eyes.

Looking down at Daichi was a curious looking rabbit. A normal ubiquitous rabbit. Daichi finally let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding before breaking out into a grin. Feeling the tension ease around him, he thought everyone was expecting the worse for a second.

Taking a look behind him “See no prob-“

“Eeep!” Swinging his head forward Daichi saw the rabbit being pierced through the head with a barbaric looking spear, and above it a huge bloody Orc.

“Damn!” Not wanting to get stuck with the Orc having the higher ground, Daichi rushed forward and up the last few stairs pulling out two daggers and jumping at the Orc hoping to catch him by surprise.

The Orc pulled the spear out of the rabbit’s head with a yank and just as Daichi was past the spear he lifted his leg up and kicked him which sent Daichi flying a few meters into a wall of rubble like he weighed nothing at all.

Coughing up a mouthful of blood while he looked up at the Orc. Daichi saw as Kaden and Ava rushed him right behind after he had. Kaden threw one of his knives at the Orc, but with seemingly no experience the knife hit him handle first in the chest not fazing the Orc at all.

Ava right next to him jumped past him and rolled on the ground to a stop in a crouching position trying to flank him as Kaden jumped forward to pierce the Orc’s left hand with his knife before being smacked away by the same hand.

Ava used that moment when the Orc was stabbed to run in behind him, both hands glowing hoping to use her Melt skill.

Sensing danger but not moving in time both of her hands dug into his spine causing it to scream a horrible grotesque “Oiiiink” noise like a pig being slaughtered.

Before crumpling to the ground he took a few swipes at her his spear hitting her square on the shoulder *crack* “Ughhh!” breaking it and sending her to the floor at the same time as him.

Staggering back to his feet. Daichi held his breath and calmed down. Still holding his daggers he steadied himself and ran forward and around the orc. Getting into his blindspot before jumping on the Orc’s back and begging to stab it non stop.

Stab after stab after stab until it stopped moving altogether, not even twitching.

That strange muscle twitching sensation coursed through him once again as he felt his muscles contract and thicken while seemingly feeling refreshed immediately after. Daichi basked in that second of growth for a moment before regaining his wits.

“Not even out of the cellar and we almost died again. Just one orc and we’re almost dead. Damn! This a joke. Was it just that strong or are we just that weak?” Daichi wondered as he felt powerless at the effort they’d had to expend on one opponent.

Announcement by the Gods
Due to your high INT – You have now been granted the Skill: Analyze
Depending on growth, it can be turned into an ability.
“Eh.” Daichi felt a bubble of information pop into his mind. The information floated away as he came to terms with the luck he’d just received.

“Kaden, Ava are you okay?” Walking over to Ava he knew her arm was definitely done for. “This’ll take a while to heal unless she has healing potions stashed down in the cellar.” he thought. It was a reasonable thought to have considering all of the incredible items her family had.

“Ugh. Yeah man, I lost some hp that’s all.” Cracking his neck and shaking his head a bit Kaden walked over to Ava “Ava, what can I do to help?”

“Tch. It’s fine…” grimacing in pain she waved her right hand and a little green bottle appeared in her hand. Forming a twisted smile “The ring had a few heal potions, sorry for not mentioning it earlier. It just didn’t come up”

“Right. Didn’t come up because you didn’t bring it up.” Daichi thought as he realized she kept it to herself in case she ran into trouble. Not that he blamed her, in her position Daichi would have done the same thing.

Waving his hand like it was no problem “No problem, it’s been hectic. Who would blame you for forgetting something like that?” Definitely not Kaden he thought as he gazed at the utterly undisturbed expression on Kaden.

Popping the top and downing the entire thing in one go her body suddenly started to glow. Her arm popping in place but her face filled with a warm glow making the most serene expression as if she was having a warm bath in her most relaxed state.

Kaden wiped his mouth. “Didn’t want to get caught drooling eh.” Daichi was judging Kaden when the glow started to fade and Ava’s expression returning to mild disinterest.

“How do you feel now?” Kaden chimed in.

Flexing her arm a few times she then stood up ignoring Kaden’s hand of help “I’m fine, the potion was top notch, all my health has been fully restored. How are you two?” glancing at us in passing while still looking and touching her own arm.

“My health will be fine in a bit, but that was crazy. If he had gotten a few more hits in I would have died just like that.” Daichi said with a grimace

“Yeah no joke. Are orcs that strong or is it that humans are just that weak?” Kaden spoke and for once posed a valid question.

Ehhh…Hey wait up. Suddenly realizing Hannah wasn’t around them, Daichi asked “Where’s Hannah?” while looking around and wondering what happened to her.

“She’s down in the cellar. I could tell she wouldn’t have been able to handle the spear with any form of technique so I told her to pack multiple bags with food and any supplies she found to be useful while we did little recon mission of yours.” Ava said while using her now fully healed arm to play with one of her curls in a completely natural motion.

Getting a little annoyed that he was the only one who apparently didn’t know “Oh okay. Yeah that’s a good call. We should be ready to move at a moments notice.” Daichi let it go, as he realized that out of all of them Hannah had been the only one seemingly torn up emotionally by the events that had happened. Everyone else had handled them a lot better thus far.

“Hey Daichi. Why didn’t you use your swords? They’re really high quality you know.” Ava asked him with a raised eyebrow

“Eh. At that distance a sword would have been harder to swing, besides if we fought at mid-range while it had the advantage of height then his spear would have become even more effective. I choose to go with the knives go for full close combat hoping I could kill it or that at least one of you would follow immediately behind in case I failed. I actually didn’t expect both of you to react so quickly. It was kind of impressive actually” By the time he finished talking he realized he actually was impressed with their quick reactions. Had they been any slower and it could have led to all of them being killed.

As it is that could have ended badly just because they were missing one person. Cracking the knuckles on his right hand with his right fingers Daichi thought about the current scenario.

The orc should not have been so easily killed by them if it was that much stronger. Looking at its body carefully Daichi noticed that the damage that Ava and he had dealt was too extensive to tell much from his back. Instead he had to grab its shoulder and roll the orc over.

Not perturbed by his ugly appearance. The orc was bloody all over with two small tusks coming out from his underbite. His skin a dark pink all over, it looks like a human pig hybrid. The only features distinctly making it stick out and seem different from a human were it’s tusks, midsize snout in place of a nose, and disturbingly pale almost demonic yellow eyes.

His whole body is filled with cuts and wounds, he’d been in a fight prior to them battling it.

Looking around there were a few extra goblin corpses, all looking the same as the one before it. “Maybe more goblins came by looking for the friends that didn’t come back when this Orc wandered by and did battle with them before killing them.” Daichi commented while still feeling like it would have taken more than just a few goblins to hurt it.

While considering the possibilities, Ava spoke out loud a bit uncertainly “We’d better do something about the bodies then. Just in case.”

Looking amused Daichi took a look at Ava while trying to gauge her expression while expressing another theory “Perhaps those goblins were only scouts… Goblins live in groups and therefore it wouldn’t be strange if these few goblins were only scouting the area for a larger group.”

“Tch. Scouts? That means that there’s more goblins coming, stronger goblins coming. We should move out now.” Kaiden said while looking anxious and uncertain.

“I can tell these two fights have really gotten under his skin. Possibly even more than Ava.” Daichi thought as he gauged both of them.

“No this is a good thing. I think that this Orc probably did some damage to other scouts as well, and we know we didn’t let any leave alive. So they shouldn’t know about us. On the other hand if the goblins know that there are stronger creatures that themselves they might hesitate to come back this their base. They might continue to send scouts to observe the situation and that’s the perfect scenario for us to hunt.” Daichi thought out loud.

“So we hunt?” Kaiden asked while looking at Ava hesitantly.

“We should take advantage of whatever opportunities we can find… I still have more potions, so worst case scenario we run and heal and return to the cellar.” Ava finished agreeing with Daichi but looking almost as uncertain as Kaden.

“I don’t see why they aren’t excited about this. This is the best opportunity to get some exp and get stronger!” Daichi thought as he contemplated how to get stronger the quickest.

Without giving them the chance to change their minds “Okay let’s move out.” as he start walking ahead of them with a grin.

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