God’s Trials – Extra Chapters Promotion

Similar to the promotion I set up when I first started my site, I mentioned this in an earlier post but thought it best to dedicate a specific post to the “Promotion”.

Support GT by voting for God’s Trials on <TopWebFiction>

I’d very much appreciate the votes, and I’ll make the effort to reciprocate to my fans.

Every week GT’s votes hit/pass 100, I’ll include an extra weekly chapter. On top of the regular chapter(s) for the week.

9 thoughts on “God’s Trials – Extra Chapters Promotion

  1. Nice! I’m not sure if you were planing on doing it already or if my comment got you there but I’ll be sure to vote. Don’t forget to tell those at royal road as well. Gods trial is currently in the top ten most popular for the week.

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    • The regular schedule is fixed. If any fans wish to try and get additional chapters through supporting my works via any sponsoring or promotions I offer then that is fantastic. Otherwise it’s no big deal either.


  2. Again hiatus?
    It is hard to be motivated to vote for a story (even if it is one of my favourites) if there are no new releases without explanation…


    • No hiatus. I have posted why I am not around ans for how long in another post regarding BD.

      As for missed chaps, i’ve commented on that as well.

      No extra GT chaps thus far because we have still not hit 100 votes.


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